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How far along in your pregnancy were you before you shared your news?

When To Tell People You're PregnantHow far along were you in your pregnancy before you told your mum/dad/sister/brother?

  •  I told my family I was pregnant as soon as all my positive results came in!  Nychelle
  •  About 30 seconds after the second line appeared on the test.  Pia
  •  I found out when I was 5wks and told them the same day that I found out! Mum had just flown in from hawaii when I told her!! She had bought me a big bottle of vodka too lol!!!  Danielle
  •  Mum pretty much straight after I found out and the family the next far.  Ky
  •  My sister was the first to know, then I put the test in a Xmas bag and gave it to my mum half hour later, then pic MSG for the bf and brother… My dad was the last to know.. I was a little scared to tell him.  Smash
  •  Straight away, i cant keep secrets, especially not that exciting!  Toni
  •  Told them straight away! but aunties/uncles/cousins i told at 11 weeks!  Meg
  •  When I was like 4-5 weeks.  Naomi
  •  As soon as I found out.  Courtney
  •  I told a friend first due to organized event that I no longer could be apart of once id found out. Was around 8/9 wks when my family was told and 12 wks when my partners family was told.  Marcia
  •  First pregnancy. Went to tell mum and dad but they guessed before I got to say it, that was 6 weeks. Told rest family at 8 weeks, gave them a wrapped up dummy. Then told friends after family done. Second pregnancy MIL knew first as I had trouble that was 5 weeks then told rest family at 8 weeks.  Alison
  •  Told parents when the test was position and the rest of the family at Christmas with a Christmas card.  Mel
  •  Told family when we found out at 4 weeks, told everyone else at 9 weeks. I think when we fall pregnant again, we’ll tell family when doctor confirms and tel everyone else at 12 weeks.  Katiee
  •  I told my bros n mum n dad n partners sis n mum n dad the day we went to the docs ….. I was 5 weeks….. Then went thro at 12 weeks n told friends n rest of family. Funny times its really funny to see every1 reactions beat thing we did telling them face to face lol  Tash
  •  I was hesitant as I had miscarried before. I told family at 12 weeks and some close friends at 12 weeks and the rest of the world at 20 weeks.  Lorna
  •  I told my family straight away, dad over the phone both times but because I’m a wimp.  Jess
  •  With my 1st straight away, 2nd my family 8-9weeks, friends straight away and partners family Christmas day with a tshirt on my 3yo saying merry Christmas, guess what? Then im going to be a big sister on the back. They were suprised and that was at 14weeks.  Courtney
  •  We found out at 4 wks with all 3 and told close family same day. We then waited til 3mths to tell everyone else.  Renee
  •  Told best friend and mum at about 8 weeks and extended family at 14 weeks.  Cassie
  •  We told parents at 6 weeks n siblings at 8 weeks after a scan and every1 else at 12.  Melissa
  •  I did three test to be sure, then rang mum, dad & my sister (was just on 5 weeks). Everyone else I told between 10-12 weeks (my work I told at 7 weeks though as I was taking so much time off due to all day sickness). Really there is no right or wrong time to tell people, just to with what you feel comfortable CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Tegan
  •  Told my mum and dad at 4 weeks when we found out but didn’t tell the rest of the family until I was 12 weeks.  Jessica
  •  I told my boss before I told anyone else actually, including the dad lol! It was unplanned and I was in supervision and blurted it out cos I was freaking out a bit…she was great, made me get a docs appointment and everything and offered lots of support. I told my mum and brother about a week later (actually, mum guessed), then my dad found out when I was about 12 weeks and he hit the roof…was not happy at all. I was sooo scared to tell my dad, because I knew how angry he would be and I was right lol. I was 26 years old, but he still treated the situation like I was about 14 haha. Luckily now he’s gone the complete opposite way and absolutely adores his granddaughter haha.  Kate
  •  Told my parents and immediate family and best friend within a couple if days each time (took us 3 attempts to have our little girl) if things do go wrong you need the support of family around you. We held off from telling most other people until after our 12 week scan.  Dianne
  •  I was 8 weeks pregnant it was scary but alot of weight off my shoulders!  Megan
  •  I was about 19 weeks when we told my partners Dad and step Mum, and the day after we told my Mum. My partner then went around to my sisters and told her that same day.
  • We told my partners sister, Mum, and Grandad around 24-ish weeks, then we announced on Facebook around 26 weeks.My partner also had told a lot of his friends without my knowledge
    I didn’t have a doctors appointment til around 14 weeks, so I wanted to wait til after my 18 week scan before I told anyone (just to be safe, and make sure everything was ok)
    I’m 36+5 atm, and some people have only just found out lol.  Tiffany
  •  Told mum same day as hpt then went to doc for bloods which took 24 hours and then we told other immediate family. Tried to hold it in till ay least 12 weeks but it was a bad kept secret!!! To exciting!!!!  Sami
  •  6 weeks with both pregnancies.  Nicky
  •  I try to edit until 13 weeks, but by the third my mum and sister guessed and I’m terrible at lying.  Rebecca
  •  Told everyone at 10 weeks.  Laura
  •  I told my close family at 3 weeks and waited until 10 to tell everyone else.  Karla
  •  I told my mum and sisters at 10 weeks, my close friends at about 16 weeks, and everyone else not until I put pictures of my 20 week scan on Facebook. I was just scared of the negative reaction I knew I’d get (which was actually worse than I expected), but next pregnancy I’ll tell everyone a lot sooner.  Brooke

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