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Fathers Day Plans

With Fathers Day Plans Father’s Day fast approaching. What are you Fathers Day Plans? We want to know what your plans are.

1. Ideas for gifts for a new dad
2. Ideas for dads with numerous children
3. If you have more than one child do each child buy/make something for dad or is it done collectively?
4. Does dad get breakfast in bed? If so do the kids get to make it?

  • I’m making a small painting of a butterfly with her feet prints. Kristy
  •  We are doing some old style milk bottles filled with my dads and my husbands fav Chocs/lollies decorated by our son then a wooden photo frame each with a family maternity picture as we are expecting our second child. For my hubbies first Father’s Day we did a big wooden shadow box with several sections decorated with hand and foot prints then a hand and foot mold in one section (you can get the stuff off eBay) a foot mold of a bit older in another section some pictures of him and daddy when he was new and some a bit older and some paintings all in the different sections it now has some little hooks off the side and is the perfect key holder Marnie
  •  This will be my partners first Father’s Day, and our 5 month old is getting him a few things. 1: a subscription to one of his favourite magazines (in this case “Outback”) -my partner already knows about this as I didn’t want him going out and buying the magazine. 2: possibly a new tool bag for work. 3: something little, but sentimental (not writing what it is, as my partner will see this post as he’s a snoop ) 3: something for both of us. 4: he’ll get breakfast, but not in bed. The first Father’s Day is going to be the big one. All the next ones are gonna be filled with socks and undies haha. Tiffany
  • I always get my boys to paint or draw a picture for their dad that I use as a card, this year will also ask the eldest some questions like how olds daddy what’s you favourite thing to do with him etc and frame it. last year I did their footprints on canvas as turned them into racing cars as hubby is car mad. But you could do fish or anything their is lots of ideas on Pinterest for home made gifts Fiona
  •  Dad works away in our house and has missed one or two. but last fathers Day he was hear the bigger kids made things at school and helped the non school kids to make him a card we also all made breakfast in bed and a special roast dinner. and they spent all day with dad helping him and doing things with dad after all its his day to be with kids if he is around. everyhome is diffrent. Daina
  •  Well for us it will be making something for my dad her danga (grandad) and unless her father calls her we probably won’t have any contact. Which is unfortunate but the way things have turned out. Chloe

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