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Healthy Snacks When Breastfeeding

Healthy snacks when breastfeedingI am breast feeding and constantly hungry. After healthy snacks I can make and easy to grab

Grapes, nuts, carrot sticks and dip are all quick and easy. Just prepare them in advance and grab as needed. Marianne

i would just say veggie sticks, salads with no dressing, fruit, if you eat a big salad that can be very filling,also frozen mix veg would be easy. Mary

Make treats like healthy slices and fruit muffins, savory muffins like cheese and bacon muffins all ingredients can be varied to healthier options. If constantly hungry I’d go for foods that are packed with lots of Fibre an iron to help keep you fuller and more energy. In coles there’s rice cracker biscuits in the gluten free Isle they look like rice wheels, frugos are also in the same Isle gluten free. They are yoghurt balls with fruit in the middle. I’m not sure if allowed but go for mixed nuts as well like macadamia and dried fruit and mix and make your self. Dried banana chips and dip into your favorite yoghurt. Home made banana bread or fruit bread to eat on the run heated with non salted marg or butter. Kaitlyn

Oat muffins, hummus dip with carrot/ celery , peanut paste and lots of protein. Donna

Tuna patties, carmens muesli/nut bars. Tianne

Smoothies! Add banana, spinach etc. Lsa & chia seeds with coconut milk for good fats. Protein powder (like a vegan organic one or hemp if possible). I’m hearing you. Ella

I made vegetable muffins not long ago, quick and easy to prepare, use up leftovers and they’re delicious! Sophie

Make a grazing lunch box of dried fruit n nuts n healthy cut up fruit n salad veg etc. small yoghurts, low fat cheeses, rice cakes n crackers, beef jerky is even ok etc. I myself craved carbs all the time! But inhaled dried fruit n nuts. Also loved dates and salted macadamias, could eat them together til I die lol. Emmaline

Just want to add a comment to the baking suggestions- wow- my baby is nine weeks old and there hasn’t been a day where I had the time to bake a batch of muffins! I want one of those baby’s that leaves you time for baking! Grapes, bananas, nuts, trail mix, cookies are all great. Maegan

Boobie Bikies. Sandra

wraps full of meat and salad, make 2 and cut into 3 pieces each so you can just grab some out of the fridge. Cut up carrot, capsicum, celery & cucumber sticks with chive cottage cheese. Make up a batch of mini quiches, banana bran muffins, crumpets with honey & banana on top, Greek yogurt topped with muesli nuts and dried fruit. Kristel

Home made Bliss balls were good, and good protein boost. Soak some dried dates, then blitz them up with almond meal or some other nuts, some honey, cocoa/cacao. Roll them into balls and cover in coconut. Hit the sweet spot for me too! Jess

before bed my husband would make me a snack plate to grab out of fridge for late night snack. With Grapes, Strawberries, Carrot, A choc bikkie , A big water, A juice, And he would make me a hot drink in the early hours. This was pretty much every night time feed. Eat what u want when u want! Jessica

I would drink a low calorie protien shake which stopped me from gaining too much weight. Bree

Banana, shaved turkey breast and muesli bars. Olga

Lactation cookies! Sooo many versions. You can make them healthy or naughty!
I love cheese and crackers, milkshakes, apples and nuts. Danielle

What are your best ideas for healthy snacks when breastfeeding?

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