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How long after you had sex did you get a positive HPT?

How long after you had sex did you get a positive HPT? When was this related to when your period was due?


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  • About 10 days after, was faint. Wasn’t due for another 4 days-1 week as I have long cycles Kylie
  • We moved in together on January 5th and it was that time of the month for the next week, found out I was baking on February 14, on February 20 had my first scan 5w6d due in 25 days time Betty
  • I had my last period on the 5th nov. Then we got married on the 10th, we started trying on our honeymoon. I tested on the 7th december & it was positive Jannell
  • 5 days after conceiving and confirmed by the doctor at 2 weeks pregnant. Digital came up positive straight away. Ashleigh
  • A had a positive result a few days before I was due. Our ttc was simply us having sex every day, so no idea of conception date lol Beth
  • The week my period was due with #2, #1 was assisted conception and i tested a week after period was due Nikki
  • Period 4th march, Ovulated 15 march Positive test with first response early response 26th march. 5 days before period was due. Alicia
  • Period 12th august Ovulation 19th august Positive test: 26th august Now 7 weeks preg Melissa
  • I got a positive 3days before my period was due- very very very faint line. Did a digital one and it came up straight away a positive! Best ones and worth the extra money! Meagan
  • 5 weeks… The week after my period was due. My period is smack bang on time, it was negative up until the 5th week. Jodie
  • 5 weeks lol Amanda
  • 9 days Katie
  • U can get test that work 7 days after sex Christine
  • With my second I had a positive test 5 days before my period was due, 3 weeks after sex Bec
  • Not until the day my period was due every time. Chantell
  • 6 days after my period was due about 3 weeks after having sex I got a positive Megan 5 days before my period was due. Joeanne
  • 15dpo and a week before my positive test Brooke
  • Dark blue line at 8 days. Woohoo twins Wendy
  • Bub #3 was 11 days before period was due!! But #1 & #2 were 5 & 3 days before period was due! Makes for reallly long pregnancies!! Lol Emma
  • #1 the day I was due so approx 20 days after, #2 6 days before I was due so approx 12 days after Tegan
  • 7 or 8 days after ovulation and I took the test a week before my period was due Jodie
  • Two weeks after (approximately) and one week after period was due Joshua #1 – 1-2 days before period ( day 29-30) #2 9DPO #3 9DPO and #4 7dpo ( I had 30-31day cycles, and usually ovulated around day 15) Suzette
  • Depends on which test you buy. Early detection tests are good. I think it was a few days before I was due for period. Julz
  • 14 days. I had longer cycles though so I wasn’t due for a week or so. Stacey
  • Within 10 days, but my cycle is only 21-23 days long. My tests were all done about a week before my period was expected Tracey
  • Didn’t get a pos until 5 weeks BUT I know when I conceived and it was 4 days after y last period… Renee
  • 10 days after, 4 days before due.. for 2 of my pregnancies! Karen
  • 10 days after sex, 3 days before period was due Tess
  • I got a visible, clear line 10 days past ovulation- a week before my due date (did one at 9dpo that I was positive I saw- but partner thought it was my eyes playing tricks!)- it got darker each day onwards. Keya
  • I was with my now husband for 10 year started trying after we got married and bought a house and were financially stable but it was 6 months after we started that I got a ovulation app that helped with falling and it was 6 weeks after that ,that we got a positive test Debbie

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