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Lose Weight with Quick Changes: No Fads Needed!

Wondering how to lose weight with quick changes? Want to make some subtle shifts that will also shift those pesky kgs? Here’s some practical, real and easy-to-achieve tips to get …

Weight loss smoothies for after pregnancy

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Weight Loss after Pregnancy – Suggestions for a Breastfeeding SAHM

Q&A: What is a good diet plan for me to follow, while breastfeeding and being a SAHM?

Healthy Mummy Journey – Week 3 COMPLETE!

WOW!  What a week, we’ve all seem some fabulous changes and we’re all feeling GREAT!  Just quietly we’re all so happy we’ve done it through December, it’s making us feel …

Healthy Mummy Journey – Week 2 COMPLETE!

Week 2 sees us all struggle. Whether it’s the Christmas period, surrounded by yummy sweet treats, Christmas parties, Carols, who knows but it was a struggle but you know what? …

Healthy Mummy Challenge – Week 1 Complete!

So with the first week complete of our Lose Baby Weight Challenge, between us we have seen in excess of 25cm’s & 9kg’s!  Want to read more about the challenge? …

Excercise whilst Pregnant

Q&A: I am pregnant and overweight . I am looking for helpful hints to keep my baby weight gain under control as don’t want to explode

Shifting Baby Weight

Q&A: What worked for you to shift the baby weight?