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Weight Loss Green Road Sign Against Light Cloudscape SkyWe had the lovely Rhian from Lose Baby Weight with us to answer our readers’ questions.

“I’m 4 months postpartum and cannot lose weight. I have been working out 6 days a week – high intensity interval training as well as sculpt and toning workouts but nothing is happening! I’m eating lean and I know I’m doing all the right things. Writing down calories and staying within my allowance. It’s really stressing me out and do upsetting every time I get on the scale and nothing has come off. My doc has done some blood work as she thinks there maybe some hormonal imbalance. In ur experience could this be the case? I’m really working so hard – never miss a work out. I’m not slacking or cheating.”

The key point to note is that everyone loses weight differently and it depends on your genetics so please don’t be disappointed as you have a different body and metabolism then anyone else and this can mean weight loss can be tougher. Plus if you are doing a good amount of exercise and muscle weighs more than fat so you may be losing fat and gaining muscle – you can see about the scales here. You could also look at getting an allergy test as some people find it difficult to lose weight if they have an allergy to a certain food that they are not aware of – for eg eating dairy or wheat without realising you have an allergy which can hinder weight loss. Plus hormones can throw things out so I would get a test for that too with your Dr And make you sure you are snacking lots too – good snacks are great for weight loss too – you can see lots of ideas here. Also as we age weight loss is harder and we need to work harder to boost the metabolism and weight loss – here are some tips to boost your metabolism and here are some foods to help too.

“After two c sections. Last one was 7mths ago. What can I do to help regain my old body back with out hurting?”

Here are some exercises that really help.

“Can you ever lose the loose flabby belly after having a bub? Any tips on how to help?”

Flabby belly! Stomach fat is the most common area that mums want to work on – and it is also the hardest to shift! But we have created the most comprehensive guide with foods, videos and advice for you to follow on this page and it is all free!

“I bought the LBW pack, I haven’t been able to stick to it, although I did eat all the yummy protein Bars. I also don’t get enough sleep with a constantly waking baby so I don’t feel I have the energy to exercise, therefore I think I eat excess to compensate …. What can I do to stick to the program to get results?”

Even with the best healthy eating/weight loss plan, no one can truly succeed in weight loss without having the motivation to get to where they want to be. Motivation is what gets the ball rolling but we need to keep it going to get through the hard times. You need to sit down and be as honest as you can about why you want to lose weight and decide if you are infact ready to lose weight. We call it the tipping point and you can read more about it here, which may also help you decide if you are ready yet to start losing weight Also, here are some tips on finding the motivation to keep going and the number one point is really to see the plans as a healthy eating/lifestyle change as opposed to a DIET – which automatically sets you up to fail – you can see more on this here.

“I am breastfeeding my 4 mo and can’t seem to lose my tummy, in fact some days it looks bigger!! I am always hungry and eat pretty well, just wondering how many more extra calories should a bfing mummy consume than a non bfing mummy? I usually have 5 or 6 meals a day and still wake up hungry overnight.”

To determine how many cals you need, you need to work out your BMR which ic different for everyone – then add 300-500 cals a day to it if breastfeeding. And you can work out your BMR here. Plus if you are hungry all the time – eat more snacks and pre plan make them so you don’t eat junk food – here are some healthy snack ideas – all under 50 cals so you can have lots of them, plus there is a whole section on healthy snacking too.

“How would you suggest shifting the baby weight within a few weeks of giving birth? Im going to be a bridesmaid 3-6weeks (depending when bub arrives) after giving birth.”

We would suggest not trying to lose weight so quickly and not doing exercise until at least 6-8 weeks after you get your Dr’s ok – see more info here – but focus on healthy eating and resting your body

“I just got my shakes yesterday, doing the food shop tomorrow, can’t wait to start on the weekend. qq, i know you don’t calorie count per se, but should you reduce your calories if not BF? i know that it says to increase snacks if you ARE BF, so the plan and food ideas are ok for non BF mummas burning non BF calories?”

The plan is for all mums and we say if you are BF have an extra 2-3 snacks a day – so you are fine to follow the plan as it is x

“I am 71 kg and 26 years old. I had my baby 4 years ago and I still have big thighs, a flabby tummy and I’m a size 12-14. I have gotten down to like 65kg but i have to constantly eat less, healthy and exercise A LOT. Is it a fact that Ill never be skinnier than this?”

All depends on your BMR but you can change your shape and metabolism through healthy eating and exercise – here are some tips to boost your metabolism and some foods to help.  Here is where you can do you BMR and here are exercises for the tummy, thighs and bum.

“What are the best foods to give you energy?”

Top 10 natural energy foods here.

“Do you have a diet plan specifically for vegetarians? I am really keen to start a diet plan soon and have been looking around at good options for me as I’m vegetarian and breastfeeding. I have recently started my own business also, with that and running around after a toddler and a 4 month old I don’t have heaps of time to do exercise. Are your plans heavily reliant on lots of exercise?”

Our smoothies are suitable for Vegans and are also gluten and dairy free. The 28 Day plan has meat/fish on it but these can be substituted for vegetarian alternatives too – here is how the plan works and it isn’t heavily geared towards exercise – all the daily exercises are made for the busy mum to do at home with bubs and no gym or 1 hour work out sessions required.

“Do you do lactose free shakes?”

Our shakes are free of dairy, gluten, egg and lactose – you can see the full ingredient list here.

“What can you do to help tighten stomach skin after weight loss and get rid of that deflated crinkly skin look?”

Here are tips to prevent loose skin.

“If you don’t ‘do’ milk, can you use water?”

You can absolutely can use water or any type of rice/oat/soy/almond milk – if using water make sure you add in fruit so your calorie allowance stays at a decent number as you get cals from the milk

“Any tips to help with will power in the weight loss battle?”

Here are some will power and motivation tips.

“What exercises target losing the baby belly?? I’ve still got the little donut shape happening post bub thanks!”

Here are exercises for the stomach, core and busting the tummy fat.

“How much water should you drink whilst breast feeding?”

You should drink to thirst – and also make sure you are drinking regularly so your body stays hydrated. Here is some info on  weight loss when breastfeeding too.

“I’ve just finished up breastfeeding just over a week ago. I upped my portion size to continue feeding but now Im struggling to cut my portion size without feeling like Im starving. How do I cut the portion size without wanting to eat and eat? (Im also using appetite supressants but can’t break the habit of stacking my plate).”

I’m not a fan of appetite suppressants. They’re full of chemicals and are just not a healthy option. It takes 21 days to break a habit so start cutting your portion size down gradually and include more fibre and protein foods to fill you up – and here is advice on portion control.

“Can you make the smoothies without the milk, like just fruit, ice and the smoothie mix? Also, if I cook the same dinner time meals for my husband (who’s actually trying to gain weight,) will he lose weight? He works full time so just eats whatever he can during the day and walks abit, but doesn’t want to lose weight haha. So do you think he can eat the same dinner as me?”

Yep you can use the smoothies without milk, and hubby can definitely have the meals – just give him a bigger portion size.


Lose Baby Weight

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