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Weight loss after pregnancy tips

Weightloss after pregnancyWhat have people done to successfully lose their baby weight?

  •  Breastfeed     Rebecca
  •  Walk, walk, and walk! And diet! But not as a weight loss diet. Make it a new lifestyle!     Kristy-Lee
  •  Eat healthy, watch your portion size and exercise     Sarah
  •  Walking and Weight Watchers.     Ambre
  •  Yes please share… I desperately want to get weight off but find it so hard with my 4 month old…     Jacinta
  •  Breastfeed definitely!!!     Tara
  •  Just watch what you eat     Cassie
  •  Breast feeding certainly helped me, but it took time. I would say 7-8 months, but everyone is different.     Sarah
  •  Sugar free! It’s helped me shed 4kgs in 8 weeks     Sarah
  •  Eat healthy, breast feed, go for a walk every day, and relax about it. It takes time     Stacey-Leigh
  •  Weight Watchers! The new program is so easy.     Jessica
  •  I found breastfeeding didn’t help me at all, in fact i put more weight while breastfeeding.     Aingel
  •  I started back at the gym when my daughter was 8 weeks and would put her in the gym crèche, I started with group fitness classes and did an hour class every morning, sometimes I would do an evening one to. I self taught myself the right foods to eat and ate well. I’m now 3kg above my pre preg weight but that’s ok I was quite thin before pregnancy and now that exercise is a regular part of my life I’m fit and healthy     Alana
  •  Breastfeeding worked for me, but everyone is different     Amy
  •  No sugar, exercise and watch what you eat. I lost 2 kg last week     Sandra
  •  No carbs and gym     Tamara
  •  It’s not rocket science – 80% diet, 20% exercise. Cut out the processed crap from cardboard boxes laden with sugar, salt and preservatives and additives. Eat fresh and as close to nature as possible. Don’t go on a diet, make it a lifestyle change and don’t fall for quick fix gimmicks and shakes that offer no nutritional value whatsoever it’s really not hard.     Jacinta
  • Bodytrim and having 2 kids in 15 months…stopped having time to eat haha     Carla
  •  Weight watchers and now Michelle bridges 12wbt!! Michelle’s is the best and even allows breastfeeding mothers to do it!! I’ve done better on that than WW and am now only 4 kg off pre baby weight!! Yay     Nicole
  •  Breastfeeding walking and weight watcher…. 12kg in 2 months     Chloe
  •  Lost 10kgs in 3 months just eating healthy and bike riding 3 times a week     Dani
  •  Breast feed, walk & a healthy iron rich diet did it for me     Donna
  •  Lose Baby Weight 28day breastfeeding friendly diet and exercise plan I swear by it. Taught me portion control and easy exercises to do with a baby     Sarah
  •  Our mothers group hired a trainer for once a week. It was a lot cheaper with all of us and we could bring our babies. Plus the exercise was catered for us to build strength after pregnancy.     Blaire
  •  Body trim! As I had my boys 16 months apart I gained a huge amount of weight and was able to lose 22kgs in total and have kept it off for 15 months now     Rachel
  •  Try not to put too much importance on it- you are a new Mum! I didn’t do much about it and was back into jeans a week after having my son- your body takes care of most of it!     Brooke
  •  The clean eating guidelines/diet plans seem to be very successful. Lots of success stories.     Emma
  •  I have been using it works wraps to shrink my left over mummy tummy because i had a c section and breastfeeding and weight loss didn’t help my floppy tummy and also used them on my thighs and was really happy! I’ve also recently become a distributor because I have been so happy with my own results. Visit my Face book page www.Facebook.com/beskinnybytomorrow Or website www.beskinnybytomorrow.myitworks.com     Rachael
  •  I’d love to know some things to do to lose my baby belly any ideas     Kasey
  •  Michelle bridges 12wbt I think my metabolism got faster because of it as now no matter how much I eat I don’t gain weight     Ashleigh
  •  9       weeks lite easy 6 months after birth and after I finished bf with 40 mins fast walking every day. Lost 1 kg per week on lite n easy.     Robin
  •  Duromine     Elise
  •  Michelle bridges 12wbt – you can do from home, be anywhere from pregnant, breast feeding up to advanced. Am nearly 10kgs smaller than when fell pregnant & my bub 5 months old? Would recommend to anyone as best weight loss program ever done & given me some great skills that will keep forever     Tiffany
  •  Have a baby with bad colic and you don’t get a chance to over eat lol     Rita
  •  I don’t think I even had time to eat some days in my daughters first 6 months of life which did it for me but I would not recommend this!!!     Teneille
  •  I breast feed my 5 month old. I went on a diet lost 4 kilos in 5 weeks however the consequence of that was due to portion control of protein my milk supply stopped! I now have to take motillium twice a day and also fenugreek. If there is another way to lose weight without my milk supply going I’d be interested!!!!     Kristie
  •  I’m lucky and walking, eating well and breast feeding always worked for me.     Simone
  •  I am breast feeding my 11 weeks old son, don’t over eat yet don’t stress about what I eat, don’t really exercise and was 52kg before pregnant, 62kg when 38 weeks and now 48kgs     Heidi
  •  Breastfeeding didn’t help me. I got down to 60kg, then put on 4kgs     Louisa
  •  Lose baby weight is great for losing weight and breastfeeding Kristie. I’m breastfeeding my almost 10 month old while doing it, it’s really good!     Leah
  •  Lack of sleep! Was 92kgs the day after I gave birth, am now at 77kgs. Still got 15kgs to go. Have been doing the lose baby weight program which is incredible but became too expensive in the weekly grocery shop and cheaper substitutes really do not give the same results. Exercising when I can – get an old exercise bike and eating smaller portions.     Skye
  •  Losing your baby belly is all about diet…no sugar, processed foods, cut down on bread…try wraps instead. Swap potato for sweet potato. Fresh food, never skip meals as it slows down your metabolism causing you to burn less calories. Drink 3 liters of water a day, people who drink that much water lose weight quicker than people who don’t, and only drink water everything else can increase your calorie intake real quick and soda is really bad. Cardio will help you lose belly flab and core exercises will help you strengthen them. It takes 2 years of working on your core to get near back to what it was.     Alana
  •  Calorie counting and walk at least 5kms a day and its finally coming off     Miranda
  •  Duromine is a terrible tip! I must be one of these people who don’t lose weight while breastfeeding it is pretty simple, exercise and eat fresh foods, not processed as much as you can.     Carley
  •  Breast feeding and walking got me back to my pre pregnancy weight. But now I have finished BF I have put on 4kgs, motivation is a big thing!     Annette
  •  Don’t gain unnecessary weight while pregnant… walk everyday while pregs… after u get the clear to excersise after birth light excersise to tone tummy and butt – Tracy Anderson post pregnacy work out dvd it great!     HannahBreastfeeding and healthy snacks. No bread, have wraps. Exercise and just be mindful when you eat something whether you really need it or are you just snacking from boredom.     Tiffany
  •  I just tried to make life (eating and being active) the same as before bubs and loathe it all in a couple weeks     Kai
  •  I’ve seen bf work for others but it didn’t for me…having said that, I didn’t accompany it with healthy eating…
  • So a year ago my hubby and I made a big life style change (bub number 2 was 18months), we cut out portion size, cut carbs out of lunch and dinner (only cereal or toast at breakfast), ate fresh veggies and salad with meat…this alone has helped me to lose 19kgs since October 2011.
    But I am also considering joining Michelle Bridges 12WBT next year after bub number 3 is born in Feb, as I think to lose the last 10kgs requires exercise as well, and I used to be so sporty and really miss having that energy     Camilla
  •  I had a high risk pregnancy so exercise was a no no. I was 56kg when I fell pregnant and 83.5 kgs when I had him. He was 9pound 8 and I’m only 5 foot tall so I looked like I’d swallowed a beach ball!! 10 weeks on and I’m down to 66 kgs most of it went after I had him but the rest I’m moving from
  • Healthy eating and smaller portions. Hoping to start exercise soon!!     Michelle
  •  Good diet, lots of walking with pram, green tea and breast feeding!!! But I think it also has a lot to do with genetics how quickly you go back to pre pregnancy weight     Danielle
  •  Mothers we also need to be kind to ourselves and remember that yes we may have put on weight but also it will take time to come off. I’m 2 kilos heavier than my pre pregnancy weight now after my son is 7 months, def eating healthy and doing cardio 5 days a week when bubs naps. I’ve just started the MB12week but it’s also very important to know you should not be doing high impact cardio or running for at least 3 months post pregnancy due to the relaxing still playing a major part in your pelvic floor being weak. You can easily end up with a prolapsed from exerting yourself too soon after bubs, 50% of women can end up with them and a lot don’t realise. Be kind and be healthy and give yourself time to mend and relax     Rachel
  •  Breast feeding did it for me lol and didn’t put on weight after stopping I did have a pretty balanced diet though lol     Tiff
  •  Breastfeeding and walking and i ended up weighing 5kg less than before I was even pregnant! Eating fresh and healthy foods like I always have obviously helped a lot too. That was with my first. It may be a different story with the second, taking longer for everything to bounce back!     Debbie


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