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Healthy mummies: our journey

We are jumping into this challenge with two feet to lose weight and be a better version of ourselves.  We are following the Lose baby Weight program which involves a meal plan with healthy food and exercise program.

We will share our progress and our after photos (in the same spot and same clothes for a genuine comparison). So follow along and support us. We have individual goals but we are in this together. GO GIRLS!

Make this your HEALTHIEST year yet!



Before shot (side)

Before shot (front)

Nikki:    Today I woke up feeling excited to be starting this. I am not only doing this for me, but for my son.
I am prepped, packed and planned for the day and week ahead. Can’t wait to get this started and to start seeing results!
before Nikki 2
LisaSo it’s Sunday. Rest of my life eve. I cant wait to start the challenge but I’m really scared of failing, of cheating myself and of falling short of my goal. At the end of 28 days I aim to be 115 kg. The exercise looks awesome and easy to get my head around. And the food! I am getting hungry thinking about it. Excited, nervous and empowered! Bring it on!before lisa 2before Lisa
AshI’m exited and nervous about this challenge. Exited to see the new ‘me’ in 28 days but nervous as i hope i can stick to the plan. Although i have not met the ladies doing this challenge with me i feel a lot of support and encouragement within the group.The meals look quite reasonable and easy to make. Preparation and organisation is definitely the key.The LBW website is easy to use and understandbefore Ash 2Before Ash
MelOk so I nearly died when I looked at the photos my husband took of me :(((((
I knew I had put on more and more and more weight but until I saw the photos- they were just disgusting numbers looking up at me on the scales. Wow.
I am looking forward to starting this challenge for several reasons- mostly to be a healthier and happier version of Micks wife and mum to my gorgeous 6 month old daughter.
I do not want my daughter growing up having a negative attitude towards her body so I need to set a good example NOW so I am happier in my own skin.
before Melissa 2before Melissa
TanyaI have been sleep deprived for quite a while and turning to sugar for a pick up. Time to take control and get healthy. I want to be a good role model for my three girls. For me that doesn’t mean having the perfect body but it means healthy eating and making exercise a part of my weekly routine.Yummy food, easy to prepare. I cant wait 🙂 Excuse the dopey looking photo, it was early in the morning.before tanyabefore tanya 2
KristinI consider myself quite healthy food wise but portion control is something I’m hoping to get a hold on during this challenge.  I tend to have a small breakfast, medium lunch & huge dinner and then snack at night so everything is backwards, my portion habits need a complete overhaul & I’m hoping this challenge will do just that. FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)


* Note we are sharing our genuine experience.

* We have an affiliate program with Lose Baby Weight

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