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Bathroom cleaning routine

Have more time to play with your kids (or even have some time to yourself) with these quick bathroom cleaning tips:

bathroom cleaning routineDaily bathroom cleaning jobs

  • Dry shower and bath after last person uses it each day, keep a squeegy handy near the shower for this. Cloth nappies are also good.
  • Keep a cloth in the cupboard to dry down vanity top each night

Weekly bathroom cleaning jobs

  • Clean shower screen and mirror using spray bottle of undiluted vinegar, or use one of our homemade cleaning recipes.
  • Make sure all surfaces are dry after cleaning
  • REMEMBER to clean the cleanest surfaces first, finish with the toilet.
  • Allocate 15-20 minutes once a week to give the bathroom a good clean, this is plenty of time if you keep it clean
  • Finish with a quick mop of the floor

Maintenance bathroom cleaning jobs

  • Keep your bathroom vanity bench as empty possible
  • Declutter your vanity cupboard, find a home for all items and put everything back where they belong after each use. Keeping everything tidy as you go is much easier than tidying up later.
  • Tiles in the shower and bathroom can be sealed a few times a year, this helps protect the grout
  • Reminder to double check all silicone around the bath, basin, tiles etc to make sure all silicone is in tac.  If water is getting through cracks it may cause damage and end up very expensive.

Get the kids help clean the bathroom with some great ideas.
We haven’t forgotten your kitchen, we have tips to clean your kitchen too!

What are your best tips for cleaning your bathroom?


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