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planning the sex of your babyI’m planning on starting to try for a baby again soon (I’ve got a 1 year old DS) and would like to hear your stories if you used the Maybe Baby or ovulation test sticks etc to “choose” the sex of your baby! I would like to up my chances of getting a girl.

  • My MIL said that’s how she got her girl after having two boys ….that said science says it all comes down to your partner’s swimmers …but have fun trying!  I hope you have a girl though .
  • I havent used any of these products, but I’m sorry to tell you they are pretty much a load of crap. It is the sperm & the genes that it carries that choose the sex. It has nothing to do with timeing sorry.
The sperm is the “choser” if you will, as a male carries both “X” & “Y” chromozes. On the up side you can always joke that you partner is the one who gives/gave you a girl/boy this time around lol 🙂
  • Also some females are just prone to conceiving one sex more than the other because of acidity in the female etc.
  • I never used any of that with my 3, but found that chinese fertility calender was spot on with the sex of all 3 of them!
  • There is a group on FaceBook that sells supplements and vitamin etc to encourage a particular sex but can’t remember who they are. Will try to find out.
  • I believe it does have to do with timing. Female sperm swim slower but last longer (this is why you should try 2-3 days b4 ovulation) so when egg is released the male sperm would have died off (in theory) leaving only Y swimmers to fertilize. Good luck.
  • Google it, I think there is a diet you can try that encourages one sex over another, good luck.
  • I have used the maybe baby ovulation predictor… It worked for us first cycle with our second daughter. And never used it again.
  • Being a mum of two, soon to be 3 girls I believe the theory on concieving girls lol.
  • Perhaps had we have been “trying” for this last one I would have paid more attention to the day and perhaps would be expecting a boy???
  • I used the ovulation test not to chose sex, 4 other reasons, but I had sex the day of ovulation and fell pregnant and I got a boy! So good luck!
  • I have herd that it depends on the ph of your system, a system higher in acidty will support one gender and the other cannot thrive in that kind of environment. So you can go on a certain diet to try and adjust your ph, also for fun you can try the positions that are suppose to give a better chance on concieving a girl and have sex according to your ovulation, oh yeah also check out the chinese gender calender (first see if its right with your other children and you can use that for fun too) good luck sweety! Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy!!
  • I did ALL the ‘right’ methods for a girl last time and had a boy, lol…..so I tend to think (after a boy, girl, then two more boys) that its the luck of the draw!!
  • I am trying for a girl too and this is what I am trying at the moment that I researched. From the 1st day period stops have sex every day up until 24 hours before ovulation then stop until after next period. I am using the ovulation test kit as my days are irregular. Good luck.
  • There are things the father and mother can do to encourage the chances of having a boy or girl. E.G. My dad had cold showers and wore boxers rather then briefs for a week before conception and they had a boy, like they planned. Google it : )
  • Hi there, I am at the moment waiting for my next period and then will start my process in preparing for a girl (I have 2 boys already) I have done extensive research about this, brought books and gotten in contact with alot of people that have been through the process. I dont know if its just luck or it all really works but my opinion is that if I try everything and get another boy at least I can’t say I didnt try and means I was just meant to blessed with boys, but there is no harm in trying. There are many things that you can do and it just depends on how serious or how far your willing to go. If you like your more than welcome to private message me and I can let you know what I am doing to try for my girl. 🙂
  • I did the whole timing of ovulation thing with my last one, I had sex every second day in the week BEFORE ovulation (& avoided the day of ovulation) & I got my girl! But I if it’s super accurate or more luck of the draw, good luck, hope you get a healthy girl!
  • I have 6 kids, my first is a boy. We had sex about 4 times and fell pregnant with him. My next four are all girls and I admit we were always had sex day, night anytime possible, hence the reason we ended up with girls lol. Our 6th is a boy cos we hardly had time or energy for sex. So my theory is if you have lots of sex day and night ur bound to get a girl and if you have sex every now and then you’re likely to get a boy.

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