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Prepare for a c section

preparing for a c sectionI am due for a caesarean in 3 weeks and was wondering how other mums prepared themselves and any tips will be great

High waist undies

  • High waist big undies! Elspeth
  • High waist cotton underwear , Get some fibre to help u go to the toilet and don’t wait till 5 days after to start taking it 😲lol Sasha
  • Reiterate big bloomer undies – ones you don’t care if you throw away, soft button down shirts/breast feeding dresses as you won’t want waist bands around your waist. Light pads to keep on your wound (the hospital will give you gauze but this is what they recommend you do afterwards) betadine to wipe on the wound (once you leave hospital) try and move as soon as the doctors say you can, it hurts but gets better the more you do. Kerrin
  • A ) buy granny undies.. you need nothing rubbing the incision. . B ) buy yourself cheap nonstick coated thick sanitary pads… this is on top of what other ones you need… use these on your incision. .. best advice I was ever given..stops rubbing and absorbs excess moisture. .C) have everything at kitchen bench height..seriously you wont be able to stoop over…infact I gave up on the baby bath and used the kitchen sink..its the right height.
    I just put a folded towel in the bottom of it…with everything right next to us… theres a reason the baby baths in hospitals are in the benchtop..
    D ) I also had a clothes basket system. .as dirty clothes came off i tossed them in the basket in the lounge room. .its cold I wasnt going down the back of the house to change bubs… i just take the basket out at the end of the day…
    E) Cook up a bunch of easy defrost reheat meals now… the first two weeks is exhaustive. . Not only getting to know bubs..but also recovery from major surgery ..remember you physically CAN NOT do heavy house work… leave it to your partner if you can… after 2 weeks I started vacuuming.  But couldn’t mop the floor until a month after. Rosemary
  • Easy pj pants… size bigger undies..drink heaps of water..get the recovery shorts or velcro strap before u go into hospital.. dont be shy to ask for the strongest pain killers or even injections if need be…take it easy turning n getting in and out of bed..first movement is probably the worst pain you will feel..its ok to.cry….use a pillow to hold infront of your stomach if u cough or sneeze..when you eventually do leave hospital..makesure ypu have a few pillows on the car SEAT…so its el3vated.. dont hesistate to ask midwives to keep baby so u can sleep..i found it so hard to grab baby when in bed..so each time i had to call the nurse..sometimes i kept baby with me as long as possible until nurse said..have to put baby back..dont stretch and turn yourself..that’s what th4 midwives r for to help you..big nighties with buttons for easy feeding…prepare meals in freezer for hubby yourself and kids…last thing your gonna be able to do is cook etc..when u get home all your going to want to do is sleep..feed and sleep…also if your mixed feeding or bottle feeding have everything ready…HAVE ALL the babies clothes ready..singlets nappies wipes absolutely everything accessible for you..if u have a double storey house..try and sleep downstairs..for a month or so..as. going up.and down isnt too good..google exercises for muscles strengthening for c.section.. all the best. Aliyah
  • High waist underwear, slip on shoes and slippers and baggy high waisted pants. Kimberly
  • High waisted undies and check with the hospital to see if they have a post natal physio that does bedside visits to help with your movements Anne-Marie
  • I had an emergency c section, however, I have found the Bonds Cottontails (at least one size bigger Midwives recommend) are awesome! Also, take the meds.. don’t try and be superwoman by thinking you can push through – I made that mistake. You are highly recommended to take the tablets. They will help you get through the days. If you plan on breastfeeding, express a little milk and gently dab on your c section wound, it has fantastic healing properties and antibodies (same for bub cord stump and if a boy – for their swollen breasts from the hormones). As someone else said, the hairdryer is excellent to gently dry the wound on cool – medium setting. Remember, while needing to start gently moving about, that you also need to rest. I was up in under 24hrs, and I kept moving bout the maternity ward (to get coffee from floor kitchen, breaky, bath bub etc), this is where your pain meds come in. You will also receive several anti- coagulation needles to prevent clotting, it does hurt like a b&@#? Natalie.
  • Cotton high waist underwear (Kmart ones are cheap and do the job), relax and think of it as the birth of your child not a negative thing. Elia

Cover the scar

  • Buy normal sized pads to place over your scar so clothes don’t rub it! Elizabeth
  • Gauze pads from the nurses as they were lighter for covering the scar to prevent rubbing. Julie

Pain killers

  • I’ve had three.. Last one I had to mentally prepare myself and accept the fact I need pain killers,
    My advice: take the pain killers right on time and get up and moving as soon as you can.. Every day is better then the last. I was moving around properly and able to do everything my self with in 2-3 days.. Just hated seizing up over night being in bed (take a lambs wool to lay on under your back and butt and your own pillow & extension cord for your phone lol)
    Yes and big bloomer undies nothing around where your wound is. The difference with this one was amazing because I got the single continual stitch not staples glue or multiple stitches.. It was 500% better. Kate
  • Take all pain meds on schedule, don’t try and be brave and see how it goes, I guarantee you’ll regret it.  I actually preferred really low undies, I just kept wearing my maternity ones and they were perfect! No need for pads over the wound, lots of air helped the healing. Slip on slipper, you won’t want to bend to put them on, and make sure they aren’t too tight, my feet swelled up like big balloons for about 1 week after! Cook up some meals for freezing now, I didn’t and wished I had. Nicole
  • Take your meds religiously, don’t try and be a hero and go without as once you feel pain it can take a while for the next meds to kick in. Do nothing other than feed your baby and rest for the first two weeks, you will have had major surgery and fatigue on top of sleep deprivation will hamper your recovery. Getting in and out of bed or out of a chair, up stairs etc will take practice to work out how to avoid it hurting. After the first 4 weeks I gradually started walking short neighbourhood walks and just before 6 weeks felt strong enough to drive, but I held off because I didn’t want to risk damage to my scar. Be kind to yourself and you’ll be fine. Elana

Have faith in the medical team

  • I didn’t have time to prepare! Had an emergency caesarean, they came in and told me I would have to deliver, about an hour before it all happened. I think if I had had preparation time, I would have been more freaked out. The way things happened, I had no choice just to go with the flow. The only advice I can give you, is to have full confidence in your team, and don’t be overwhelmed by how many different doctors, midwives and nurses are in the room! Megan
  • I had 5mins to prepare not even that and after my birth I experienced a life threatening time but I pulled through and survived. Perhaps prepare and freeze foods? Book in a house cleaner for a few weeks? We live in a two story house and it was a struggle to walk up the stairs at times. Stock up on pain killers for your pain and pads. Michelle

Keep moving when you can

  • I had an emergency c-section and I found getting up out of bed & from sitting the hardest, I suggest prop yourself with pillows rather than lay flat both in bed & when sitting. I also moved around as much as possible (within means of course) I believe this has helped my recovery. Also on the car ride home you may find it hard to get in & out of the car and need to hold your belly over bumps for support. Megan
  • Try and walk or stand as soon as you able to and have the ok from the medical team. Paige

SRC recovery shorts

  • I found the SRC recovery shorts were great, from about day 3 I wore them as much as possible during the day (my physio said not to sleep in them) and felt supported and like everything was held together. I wore them for weeks. Expensive but I felt they were worth it.
    I also spoke to someone who had had a c section recently and she talked me through everything step by step and that helped me to mentally prepare too.
    Give your camera to the nurses in theatre too – they took some of the best pictures ever! Good luck! Charlotte
  • SRC shorts – I waited a few days first until some swelling went down, but it helped greatly to support stomach when bending and lifting bub so many times a day. Amy
  • I had my src shorts in hospital as my muscles were torn from bubs as well as surgery cut, plus I had weak back muscles because of it. The surgery itself was a walk!!! Shai

Prep your husband

  • Prep your husband/partner. I had a great c section experience. Up 6 hrs after, stitches out at 4 days…BUT I needed my husband!! I always get extremely sick with anaesthetic & same went with the spinal tap. The midwives kept pushing me to feed/cuddle…but I could not stop vomiting & was dizzy for the first 12 hrs..it was so important my husband was there to help me & we had talked about our plan first! he never left my side…knew the first night I’d be a write off & he was prepped to step in & care for me & Bub! Another minor thing I would suggest…make sure ur partner eats a good meal prior to u going in…cause after is such a blur! Oh & granny panties are a must! Hayley

Recovery exercises

  • Do not wait for weeks to pass before starting recovery exercises. Do what you are given by the physio from day 1 and progress from there. SRC recovered shorts are amazing too. Worth every penny they cost. Genevieve

Have someone stay the first night

  • Have someone stay the first night with you. Nothing worst then having your baby crying in the cot while waiting for the nurse and you can’t lift them out. Cassie

Wax or not?

  • Get a wax!! I had an emergency c-section and they shaved me. Itchy as hell!! Big, high waisted undies and buy the SRC recovery shorts so you can wear them shortly after. Makes you feel more secure Kristina
  • It’s actually recommended you don’t wax or shave prior to surgery as it’s there’s a high risk of infection. Midwives shave you in your room while prepping you to go to theatre.. Courtney
  • Make sure your clean and tidy down there! Make sure you have plenty of pillows to prop your self up in bed as laying down is difficult for the first week or so i also made sure that i had loads of nappies and wipes and cream stuff like that next to were ever i sat or laid so it made it easier for me to change baby nappy i would also invest into a breast feeding pillow even if your using bottle as it does hurt to sit holding baby for first few weeks and makes sure you’ve got plenty of big pants and loose trousers to wear that you can put over your belly. Bianca

Hospital bag

  • Have a super organised hospital bag where you know where everything is for husbands to get out when your stuck in bed that first day – and also for when you have your first shower / that is hard and you don’t want to be wandering around trying to find where you hid your shampoo! Rhiannon

Positive mindset

  • It’s about mindset. Don’t be scared of it. Be informed. Know that whatever it takes for your baby to safely enter this world is best & have faith in your obstetrician! My c section was a beautiful experience. Do make sure you have bigger size cotton underwear that sit quite high so as to not irritate your wound. Best of luck! x Ashleigh
  • Firstly don’t let peoples bad stories scare you.. plenty if people have great experiences as well. My advice from mine is a couple of things – Firstly Be prepared to be overwhelmed and may cry a bit, just about all of us do, its one of the most amazing emotional experiences you will have.. so surreal.. Secondly – Get up as soon as your allowed,(Usually next morning) it helps with recovery.. Thirdly – Be prepared , the first shower is tough, your scared of your stitches and you have blood rushing through your body after not standing for so long.. take your time and get help.. Fourthly – Be careful if you buy SRC shorts.. My OB made me promise not to wear mine until at least 8 weeks post as they can affect the healing.. everyone has a diff opinion on these, go with what you think just beware.. mine were a waste if money as i healed and didn’t need them at all in no time.. You will be fine, enjoy your precious baby bundle 💕 Julie

Cleaner, prepare house

  • Planned c-section with 10 days notice. I organised a cleaner to come in once a week once I came home. Cooked meals and freeze them. Set a portacot up downstairs so I wasn’t hiking up and down them all day. My mum stayed with me and did the washing for me. Take your pain meds- even when you think you are okay, it’s the meds, keep taking them.
  • Clean your house, stock up on food for the pantry, and any other groceries you can. Cook and freeze lots of meals and snacks. Get some books or magazines to read. Buy some granny undies and loose tracky pants. If you have the support organize people to visit and clean or cook for you.
    Afterwards don’t push yourself. Wait six weeks at least before doing anything strenuous. Go for walks as you feel able. Linda

Protect your scar

  • If you need to cough or sneeze put a pillow over your belly after surgery. Something no one else told me before my first Caesar was – you still bleed after! I thought they just suctioned most of it out but you bleed normally for few weeks after. You’ll do great I’m sure x

Understand its the best option for your baby

  • I knew for about 2-3 months that I would have a caesarean. It wasn’t my first choice but, acknowledging that it was the first decision I could make as a mum that would be in the best interest of my bub.
  • Tips- as mentioned earlier- high waisted underwear. Maybe additional sanitary pads to put on your underwear infront of your incision- though you probably will be given something for this purpose. Have a think about and discussion with your care provider about what is important to you- SO cutting the cord, skin to skin asap, music you may want, photos you may want taken. Have someone (partner, parent, friend) to help give you baby and things. I hated not being able to just walk over to Bub until I could feel my legs, having hubby there to whisk him over to me (from whoever was giving him a cuddle) was brilliant. Lastly, don’t over do it. I felt great the next day and was just doing whatever I wanted- and was in so much pain that night and the following day. Kirralee


  • I can only say prepare yourself for the constipation! Natural coloxyl tablets are fine to take whilst breast feeding and you will need them! Don’t miss a dose! I didn’t poop right til day 12!! Not nice at all! Also get some hyperflex it is a stretchy material to put over your scar not all midwives send you home with some like mine, three weeks on and I still feel more secure just having it on! Teshaana

Be calm

  • Don’t freak out! My first was emergency and I didn’t freak out as bad as the 2nd planned c section as I didn’t have time and was in too much pain to and concerned for my baby to register my fear of surgery.
    The 2nd time I had months to freak myself out about it. As soon as my spinal block took effect I was nauseas (which is normal just tell the anesthesitist and they will put anti-nausea meds in your IV). I continued to freak myself out about not being in control until I thought there’s nothing you can do about it just breathe and relax and I did. I was laughing and joking with everyone while having the surgery and once bubs was born I was trying to hurry them up! Courtney
  • An elective c-section is a lot easier than an emergency. I’ve had 2 electives – just try and be calm and enjoy the process – if you want some photos bring a camera (Drs and nurses will be great) ask questions if your nervous and if you feel sick at all let them know they have drugs they can give you which work immediately. And lastly as soon as they say you can – get up and move around, you will recover a lot more quickly that way. Ask for pain killers if you need them – that’s what the nurses are for. Good luck!! Nikki

Take it easy

  • Know that you will be restricted for some time. Its no so easy to bounce back from a ceaser. You may also not be able to drive for a period of time. Take it easy ceasers are major surgery. Roz

Dry wound

  • Bring a hairdryer to dry your wound after showering. Just don’t have it on the highest heat setting. Angela

Skin to skin alternative

  • I was worried about not having skin to skin contact right away. So the night before I took a swaddle blanket to bed with me. When he was born I got the midwife to swaddle him in my blanket so he would have my scent as I was being stitched up. Jules

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