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Review: Dettol Hand Wash Dispenser

by Sarah


This post is sponsored by Mission for Health, but all opinions are completely my own.

When the Dettol No-Touch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser first came on the market, my first thought was “Why would you worry about getting germs from the soap pump if you are about to wash them anyway?”. My second thought was, “Waste of money”. My third was, “Never buying one of those!” And my thinking stayed that way for the next few years.

Then, a few months ago I was chatting to a friend and saying how frustrating it was trying to get my four year old to wash his hands after going to the toilet (seriously, ewwwww!) and she said that the way she fixed that for her pre-teens was to “buy an automatic soap dispenser thingie which made hand washing fun” (direct quote). Suddenly they didn’t look so ridiculous after all.


When I received my Automatic Dispenser I was impressed by how easy it was to put together and use. Remove the insulation tab over the battery, remove the seal from the Hand Wash Refill, pop it in the dispenser and switch it to on. I did have to activate the sensor quite a few times to get the soap started but once that was done it was really easy to use.


Sitting pretty

The big test, however, would be my boys. Normally when Master 4 needs to wash his hands I have to be around to remind him, and when he gets into the bathroom he has trouble reaching the soap pump and then he normally uses a full pump which is WAY too much soap for his little hand and a waste of money for me.

Master 3, well Master 3 is my little whirlwind. The perfect test subject really.


So, how did the Dettol No-Touch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser weigh up?


– Very easy to use and set up. It even worked at night when we only have the toilet light on.
– The kids were able to use it with hardly any spills (less than we get with a traditional dispenser) and they no longer needed to move the dispenser to use it. They also used less soap so there was less waste.
– The dispenser takes half a pause to work so it stopped the kids from getting more than one dose because they didn’t keep their hand there long enough
– Five different refills to choose from, so there is one to suit everyone
– Sleek design that looked great on my vanity. I had the Stainless Steel Look but it also comes in white
– Much easier to refill than traditional dispensers – just click a new one in


– I would prefer to be able to adjust the amount of soap it dispenses. Although it dispenses less than what my kids use, it was more than what I normally use. But not by much.
– The refill that came with the dispenser dried out my skin, and with one bottom to wipe and two more with nappies to change I found myself going to the kitchen to use our normal soap, so I will need to buy a new one to replace it. Luckily, I know the Aloe Vera & Vitamin E soap is much gentler on my skin.
– It takes half a pause for the soap to come out, which is longer than with a manual pump. But really, what’s an extra second?
– The cost is more than for traditional dispensers and refills
– My three year old thought it was a great toy – I will have to keep an eye on him with it until he learns to only use it for hand washing, and only when his hands are dirty. On the plus side, our mirror and vanity and my son are now squeaky clean and my bathroom has a lovely citrus smell!


This was the bathroom after Master 3 ‘washed his hands’ unsupervised. Oh dear…

I also received a Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash in Rose and Cherry Blossom (mmmmmm!!). Now, I’ve also been known to wonder why anyone bothered with foam hand wash. Aerated soap. Really? As far as I’m concerned liquid hand wash in exotic fragrances is about how fancy soap should bother being. Yes, yes, I know how much of a Negative Nelly I sound like but fads seriously annoy me.


It is amazing how children can change your perspective though. Suddenly, foam = less soap being dispensed per full pump = less wastage. It is also much MUCH easier for kids to spread over their hands and to wash off. No more soapy sucking fingers is definitely a win for Master 3!

The different soap amounts from each dispenser. The standard dispenser is how much I usually use, which is much less than the full pump my boys use. The foam looks like a lot more but that's just all the air. It actually feels closer to how much is in the first picture.

The different soap amounts from each dispenser. The standard dispenser is how much I usually use, which is much less than the full pump my boys use. The foam looks like a lot more but that’s just all the air. It actually feels closer to how much is in the first picture.

So, how did the Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash weigh up?


– Dispenses less soap per pump than a standard hand wash AND the automatic hand wash
– The foam is easier for the kids to spread over their hands and to wash off
– Comes in three different fragrances, as well as refills. The Rose and Cherry in Bloom smells great (even if its name is a bit pretentious)
– Much cheaper than the automatic hand wash


– My boys still need to move it closer to them to use, which means I normally need to move it back to it’s spot
– The soap needs the special dispenser so you can’t use your pretty dispenser from Ikea

The Verdict:

The Automatic Dispenser still seems like a bit of a gimmick but it is growing on me. I do like how it is easier for my kids to use and it is definitely very popular in our house, but I don’t know that it is worth the extra cost. I think I will leave it in the bathroom for the kids to use for now and decide if it still seems to be working when we need a refill. If I am having to remind my son to wash his hands less and not needing to clean up so many soap messes in the bathroom I will definitely continue using it.

The Touch of Foam Hand Wash I am actually more excited about. I am going to pop it in my kitchen and use it while cooking. It will also be my go-to if/when we move on from the Automatic Dispenser for the kids because we will hopefully go through less soap but also have cleaner little hands.

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