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Goolie goolie dummies – baby product review

The goolie goolie™ product range includes three iconic Australian animals, a Wombat named Bluey, a Kangaroo called Rusty and Banjo the Koala. Each animal has the Australian flag embroidered underfoot. Characters are approximately 12cm long and 38g in weight.

The plush is made of lightweight high quality material, which is soft to touch and easily handled by both baby and adult. The dummy is made of Medical Grade Silicone and BPA free. Recommended for 0-6mths.

Each  goolie goolie™ product is packaged and presented in a beautiful box.
A perfect gift to give as baby’s first friend. Something in the mouth and a little softie in their hands.

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Amanda’s Review

What did you like about the product? 

“My favourite features of the product were the ease of holding onto it and not losing it for the infant, especially at night this can make life a lot easier for both parent and baby. Also, the soft toy could/does act as a pacifier in itself, which if the dummy part did happen to fall out of babies mouth, could still soothe baby until a adult can put the dummy back in babies mouth (if they are still to young to do it themselves).”

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

“I would recommend this product to a friend, as I think that any issue (albeit a small issue) that I had with the product, would not apply to everyone who chose to use this product, and I think that the overall idea of the product is a really great one. The cost is reasonable, in my opinion, as the dummy/pacifier is not only a dummy but a soft toy. I think that the soft toy part of the dummy does in fact make it easier for the baby to hold onto/not lose the dummy.”

Was there anything you disliked about the product?

“I found that the round part of the dummy was quite large and very thick, and the part that goes into the babies mouth (not sure of the correct name) was maybe just a little too long, but that may have been because my baby was only about 14 weeks old when he used it. I found it a little hard to sterilize the dummy with out submerging part of the toy as well. Normally submersion of the toy would be okay, but having to make sure the toy was dry before giving the sterilised dummy to my son would have taken a long time which is not always practical with a baby.

“Other than that, I think that the dummy is great, and a really great idea.”

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