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{REVIEW} Sinchies reusable pouches

sinchiessystem-500x500By Kristin

I have been trialling Sinchies pouches now for quite some time & I have to say I have really been impressed by their design.   So impressed in fact my 4 year old has now made it ‘her job’ to make (& eat) all the concoctions we come up with 🙂

Icy pole pouches

We started testing them out at the end of summer while the weather was still quite warm & the icy pole pouches were amazing, once I took note of the ‘do not fill past this line’ I was right haha!  Cue mess first few times from overfilling, but that was entirely my fault for not reading instructions (let’s not tell hubby that part or I’ll never hear the end of it).  In all seriousness, the pouches kept any excess frost off the icy poles, the zip locks on each one were perfect for what we wanted & although I was worried about squeezing them up out past the zip-lock part, it actually wasn’t a problem, in fact it was easier for miss 4 to squeeze the home-made watermelon icy-pole out of the Sinchies pouch than it normally is for her to squeeze a normal store bought icy pole out.

Yoghurt Pouches

The yoghurt pouches though are my favourite by far, they’re incredibly easy to use, once open properly on the bench they sit up so you can fill it without needing 4 sets of hands & an uncanny ability to hold a pouch at the same time as trying to fill it, the stand alone design has made it incredibly user friendly.  Using them out and about has been a success, at one point I opened the cooler bag & could only see the bottom of it & had that dreaded feeling that because there was so many heavy items placed on top of it, that the zip-lock would pop open & I would be cleaning up yoghurt for the next week, but alas, it was picture perfect, not a drip in sight, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the zip-lock was!


Cleaning was a breeze, I must admit I was a little worried these would be a one time thing and I’d be throwing them in the too hard basket from being too hard to clean but it was super easy, the materials it’s made out of somehow makes cleaning much more easy than first thought!

I have to say overall I am super pleased with these pouches and will be using them for as long as they last, we’ve been using them for 3 months straight & they’re still as new as the day we got them in the post.

If you’d like to view their entire range, check them out here, they have some amazing new products that I can’t wait to try.  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook too!


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