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Bumbo ReviewsCan I ask for some reviews on the bumbo please? I went to a baby group yesterday and was told I shouldn’t put my daughter in one because it’s not good for her spine or hips? Surely they wouldn’t be allowed to sell them if they weren’t good for babies development? Thanks

  • According to some people everything is bad for hips and spines.. Apparently walkers, jolly jumpers, carriers and now bumbos will ruin your childrens ability to walk normally, but I really think its all about moderation these items aren’t baby sitters if they are in them all day then yes they probably will do damage but for 20mins here and there your child will be fine Cassandra
  • There are loads of things companies sell that aren’t good for babies or people! Just bevause it’s in the shop doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy! Natalie
  • My physio told me to put my premmie daughter in one for short periods of time to help strengthen her neck. Surely a physio would not sugest it if it was not safe. Kaylee
  • it’s fine, just not for long periods of time and. Not when they can hold their own head up steadily. And those baby groups can be toxic so be careful Bianca
  • Unless the people in your baby group are professionals I would tell them politely where to go. Each child is different and has different strength etc. eg. My son held his head up the day he was born, insisted to be held standing at 2 and a half months and has been sitting up on his own since 4 months. You know the capability of your child and his/her strength. I’m sure you’re not sitting your child in there all day long. Like other mums have mentioned, it’s about moderation! Opinions are just opinions and many of them exist because someone heard off someone else who heard off someone else. You know your bub better than anyone. Go with your gut, mama! Xxx Elaine
  • I used one for both my kids, really helped with feeding solids when they still seemed too little for the highchair. They also loved having a play with toys on the tray. I believe they were designed by physio’s? Loved mine, highly recommend. Linda
  • I don’t have any evidence to back this up but I do know for a fact jolly jumpers are hideous for developing babies for the spines. I have always had the view bumbo’s can’t be much better. The common sense to me is if baby’s can’t sit up on their own then why put them in a seat that props them up vertical like the bumbo does. Lauren
  • Kids are in a bumbo for such a short time, I’d be surprised if it did lasting damage. By the time you have subsequent kids and cannot get a thing done bumbos are very handy while you have to quickly attend to other kids etc! Elizabeth
  • They sell plenty of things that aren’t good for baby development. Madison
  • Please read a book called “Baby Moves by Marianne Hermes-van Wanrooy”. It explains the reasons why you SHOULDNT put babies into positions they can’t get into on there own. Great book that was recommended by my husbands chiropractor. It explains about how a baby develops. They definitely are not fine for their development Rebecca
  • My boy was too big for one. I honestly don’t see the point. People want their kids to grow way too fast, your baby will sit when he is ready. Cin
  • trusting corporations to not sell something because it wouldn’t be safe is unfortunately not something we consumers have the luxury of. There are numerous baby items (let alone other things aimed at children and adults) that aren’t ‘unsafe’ but are unnecessary or not beneficial. And at times, not good for development or potentially damaging (like baby carriers where their legs hang straight down). I do my own research fully on everything!!! Bree
  • I use a bumbo for my 4 month old but I only use it once a day which is at dinner time. I just sit her up at the table with us and give her dinner while my partner and I have ours. Isabelle
  • Unfortunately they are allowed to sell anything for babies, regardless if it’s good for them or not! Just think about cot bumpers, baby Bjorn’s (also no good for spines/hips), wedges for the cot to stop rolling/baby food marketed at under 6 months old/jolly jumpers/ baby walkers… Oh so many. Bumbo chair doesn’t put them in an ideal position. Try a Fraser chair instead and talk to a physio. Lisa
  • A mat on the floor costs next to nothing. Save your money, as it’s just another plastic thing to store when they lose interest. Kristel
  • I had a physio tell me to use one for my boy to help develop the muscles in his neck and back getting him ready to sit unassisted Jasmin
  • in regard to the Bumbo seat they seem like a great plan and I am sure that most parents believe that a few minutes here and there are not a problem, however I disagree. You are obviously a parent who does research and something is making you question using one. We had one for our daughter due to her small size and high activity level we were never able to use it with her, a fact which I am grateful for now with the information being given on them. Be advised that even the State agencies are saying not to use them because of the damage they can cause to your child’s development. Also as hard as it is to let your child achieve milestones in their own time it is important that they do it that way. If you feel your child is behind your physician should be able to set you up with testing and/or therapy options . My advice is that you should do what you feel is best for your child. Shawnda
  • Went yesterday to my GP with the same question, and he said it was absolutely fine to use the Bumbo seat and Jolly Jumper. The bow legs are just old wife tales! Marieke
  • everything in moderation. If your baby is in their for long periods of time, obviously won’t be good for child. Short period of time however to feed, have a play or strengthen back is fine. Just need to use common sense Sylvia
  • The royal children’s hospital recommend bumbos for babies who have developed a flat spot on their head, I know as my son was getting treatment there so if they were that bad they wouldn’t recommend it. Not for too long periods of time though mix things up. I bought one but was a waste for us my son was too big for it already by 6 months would be good to get second hand as they don’t use them long and they aren’t cheap. Diane
  • My daughter is 2 months old and has been trying to sit up on her own since 1 month. She’s a very strong baby. Started rolling over at 10days. Had great head control at birth. So she’s trying to grow up quick on her own. She loves her bumbo! She only sits in it for a few minutes at a time. But she gets angry if she can’t see me and m husband in front of her. Sometimes she doesn’t like us holding her to sit up but she can’t do it on her own so we love the bumbo! All of my siblings, myself, and cousins have used it while growing up and are all fine. As long as it’s not for a long time I think all should be fine. Trista
  • We loved the bumbo when my son was younger, I waited till bub was nearly sitting by himself before I started using it, we just used it in short periods of time, like in shower or for feeding. Was great when visiting fam etc Luanne
  • I was told by the nurses at the health clinic if we were going to use one don’t leave bub in it for any longer then 10min. Jenna
  • physios are devided -there are two lines of thought, one is that children should not be propped up eg by bumbos or activity centers as they should learn to sit up crawl eg in their own time meaning they only stay in the position as long as comfortably able to. others believe that it is ok. Just because something is sold doesn’t mean it meets health legislations or all health professionals will agree on it. I hope you get the information you need to make an informed decision Emmajane
  • There was one in the physio room I went to recently and agree with previous comments was recommended for short periods. My son is in a Pavlik brace for hip dysplasia and he will be ok in it as the hip position is similar to the brace hip position. We will be getting one very soon. Olivia
  • agreed totally with all the positive comments…. I used a bumbo for my little one and no worries at all…. Same with a jumperoo and he walks just perfectly fine…. It’s all about moderation… A bumbo is a nice support for a short time to get your bubs used to sitting up and handy for dinners just do what you feel is right for you and your bub, if other people don’t want to use them that’s their decision Sarah
  • I used one for my daughter (now 2) who short periods of time throughout the day (washing dishes, cooking dinner etc) and her hips and back are fine. Now using it for my second child in the same way. If you find bub is slouching, take them out. Sonja
  • Unfortunately there’s a lot of things on the market that aren’t great for babies development, but they are still able to sell them. The bumbo on the other hand is fine, if bubs has got good head control, my DS is under the care of physios etc… And his physio said that there great for “short periods” of time and only up to approx 7 months (I think, as it was a while ago) basically once they start showing signs of sitting independently it’s better to encourage sitting independently so they don’t become dependent on an aid to help them. My son benefited immensely from sitting in a bumbo Natasha
  • Don’t listen to them. Anything is fine in moderation. Obviously don’t sit bub in it all day long but that is just common sense. Most people of our generation had walkers, jolly jumpers, etc and we’re not all walking bow-legged and hunched over!!! If bub likes it and it helps you, use it! Linda
  • I wouldn’t know if Theyre safe or not but someone recenyly told me the same however I never had one for my children. I improvised. Using the couch with pillows, rockers, highchairs. They all have a sit up position especially highchairs. Unfortunately, they do sell things that are dangerous to our precious bundles, we as parents just have to make the best decision with what we know at the time Melissa
  • I used a bumbo and my daughter is fine! There are negative reviews about alot of baby accessories on the market. At the end of the day if things were “THAT” bad they wouldnt sell them. Its a personal choice! Sammy
  • They are believed to create a posterior pelvic tilt. I think small amounts of time wouldn’t be too bad. 10-15 mins isn’t too long. Lisa
  • My daughters physio recommended a bumbo to us. Long periods in anything is not good. I found the bumbo a great tool. We only used it 4-6 times a day for 10-15 mins at a time. Part of her at home therapy actually took place in it. Naomi
  • How about u ask a doctor before listening to over opinionated mothers who think they know best. In my opinion bumbos are great for little ones Ashleigh
  • my midwifes and osteopath advised me not to get a bumbo or a walker because of babies hips and spine. Christine
  • The bumbo is awesome. Our little girl used it from around 5 months and it really helped her to sit up. As long as they can hold up their head I dont see a problem. We often sat it in the middle of the (clean & cleared) kitchen bench so she could watch cooking & be part of whatever we were doing. She’s now 3.5 & loves cooking. We’re def going to use it for our next bub due any day! Hayley
  • I use a bumbo for feeding etc but I also have used it in moderation never left bub in to long or as a sitting aid Lissa
  • We have a bumbo and we love it. Its perfectly safe in moderation. Jodie
  • I use our bumbo with my dd..only once she was already supporting herself and almost sitting on her own..more to keep herself balanced..Also have quite a few friends and family that have used them and haven’t had any issues! Obviously don’t leave the little one in it all day. Deb
  • 2 different physios have told me not to buy a bumbo. Says it interferes with normal core muscle development. Said to just sit them up when they are ready with a bunch of pillows around them to protect their head for when they tip over. Fifi
  • Id say a baby will sit when they are ready and strong enough. We got given a bumbo as a gift, but I didn’t use it until he could sit unaided. He’s now over one and I use it as a seat/highchair for picnics etc. Elise
  • My chiropractor told me they were developed for children with disabilities (physical) or injuries that need assistance in sitting. She also said that able bodied children who can’t sit on their own are not ready to. Having said that I used with 1 of my 3 kids and I don’t think it harmed him in anyway! Ammie
  • I am personally completely against them. My view is that if a baby was meant to sit up by itself at that age, nature would have given it the ability to do so… Regardless of my views however, thre years ago I had a long discussion with a senior paediatric physiotherapist about them (I was seeing her about something else for my son) and she was very against them. She advised against using them. Ambre
  • There are plenty of things out there that shouldn’t be sold. My best friend’s a physio and a dr and she would not put her twin children near them so I’m not going to either. Each to their own though. Jane
  • Like all things they say in moderation anything that makes a baby do what they otherwise cannot physically isn’t suppose to be good for them jolly jumpers, walkers, activity centres & bumbos alike it doesn’t mean people don’t use them. I will say that each baby is different but they seem to develop strength for sitting alone much faster if they aren’t using a bumbo to do so. Chantelle
  • I don’t like them, I find them. I think they are restrictive and not developmentally supportive. However I know people who have used them with no obvious negative or positive outcomes. Here is a review worth reading http://mamaot.com/2013/07/16/beware-the-baby-bumbo-seat/ Katrina
  • My MCHN said that they are ok but you only use for short periods of time, babies need to learn to sit supported and unsupported and the bumbo doesn’t teach them that. Kylie
  • Think the only issue is overuse with babies that aren’t yet sitting up on their own. Otherwise, should be fine! Janelle
  • People are wayyyy to quick to tell you what’s bad for your kids. My boys both used a jolly jumper and a walker, a lot! They’re now both teenagers that represent the district in athletics, if a baby is born with the predisposition to have hip problems then they’re probably not great but in a healthy normal bubs they’re absolutely fine . They teach coordination and give the bubs a little bit of excercise which in turn helps with their sleep. Chrissy
  • I was told the same thing by doc n mcn. It forces them to sit possibly too early and can delay proper sitting. I used for quite a few months and my daughter didn’t end up siting unassisted until she was 8 months. She was always leaning to the side. I didn’t use one with my first and she sat at 6 months Michelle
  • My son loved the bumbo and we used it a lot, as well as the jolly jumper and walker. It has not effected his spine or hips. It all depends on your baby some like it and some don’t. I like bumbos it was a god send. Kellie
  • I spoke to my pediatrician and he aaid nothing is wrong with them. Bubbas inly fit in them for a short perios anyway Kim
  • only ok in short, infrequent use, but yes it can definitely damage the spine as it’s making them sit when they aren’t physically ready to Jenaya
  • Walkers and jumpers are not good for development. Just making a point Emily
  • I’m not a fan of bumbos! Have been told a friends bub tipped herself out of it. Not good for posture! I’ve always used a high chair when feeding bub. She watches me cook dinner etc whilst sitting in a high chair. No need to be sitting on a bench or table top. Nothing wrong with the good old fashion way of trying to get bub to sit up in between ur legs or pillows around them. Each to their own tho, If u use one be smart about it n always supervise bub in it especially if bub is on a bench etc. Sarah
  • My daughter’s been using a bumbo since she was 4mo and is now 7mo.. Can sit on her own now and I’ve never had any issues and same with her two cousins that used the chair before her.. Jennifer
  • There are quite a few products; bumbos, jolly jumpers, jumperoos, walkers and even some carriers that don’t give great support and if babies are put in them too early (ie; in a bumbo when they can’t sit or jumping things when they can’t hold themselves up) or are put in them for extended periods of time they can be damaging/ not help with development. Many of these products say on the packaging that children shouldn’t be in them for long. Umeka
  • Baby bjorns are awful too but they still sell those. Allie
  • No they are not good for bubs hips or spine development. You may not run into issues but you might. It is up to you. My daughter has hip issues not obvious until almost a year old. I would have felt hell guilty if I done anything to exasserbate her pain. Using a bumbo for a couple mins here and there I highly doubt done that. Amber
  • I was at the physio for my ex 26 weeker and she said they do not reccomend bumbos. They also say to stay away from jolly jumpers and walkers. Kelly
  • Bumbo’s are fine, they are fantastic and a lot of mums swear by them Kira
  • I thought the bumbo was fantastic and if anything helped her to sit up. You just have to make sure they’re ready for it and can hold themselves up properly. Roxanne

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