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Saving on School Supplies

Whether you’re preparing for the back-to-school rush, or you just need to replenish a few items, here is a list which will hopefully save you both time, and money!

School Supplies

Many of the larger retail stores like Big W, Target, Office Workds and Kmart have plenty of back to school items available year round. It’s often good to keep an eye out for specials during the year – you can never have enough pencils, rubbers, scissors etc.

Your local newsagent will also have supplies available too.

Many schools will provide a check list of items that you will need. It’s probably a good idea to wait until you have this but if you don’t get it before school starts, just purchase the basics including pens, pencils, textas or crayons, erasers, ruler and glue.  No one will need more than that for the first few days.

Online stores include Art Shed, Modern Teaching Aids, School Stuff and The Stationery Shop

Save time and money when shopping for school supplies

  • Have a list and stick to it.
  • Search at home first — you may already have a calculator or an atlas lying around.
  • Don’t go overboard — does your child really need that trendy pencil case?
  • Buy throughout the year when you see a good special.
  • Shop online to save time and have it delivered to your door.
  • Pay a local teenager some pocket money to contact and label the books for you, or get the kids to do it!
  • Reuse items from the year before — don’t order your next year’s book list until all the items have come home from school from the current year. There may be boxes of crayons or exercise books that have been untouched and can be reused.

Don’t forget to label! Label and label again. Not only is it expensive to keep losing unlabelled items, it can be very frustrating for both parent and child. Either invest in your own labeller or check out some of these on line label suppliers.

Best places to buy school labels online

Buying labels to stick on your school supplies will save you having to write on every single item. Here are some of the best label companies that sell online and deliver direct to your door. Make some comparisons to find the cutest labels and best prices.

Label-it Yours

Stuck on You

Bright Star Kids


Label Kingdom

My Name Label

Identity Direct




About the Author:

Lisa Evans is a Mum of two and has been involved in the education industry for over 20 years. She is passionate that every child has the right to a good education and that some of the best teachers are parents. She also wishes there was 30 hours in every day!

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