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Beginners Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies: All You Need to Know

Mention the words “modern cloth nappy” and most people will say “oh, really”, give you the look of confusion and almost instantaneously say “how do they work”?  The world of MCNs can be daunting and confusing, especially for 1sttime Mums, however, after a few more questions and education most people become instantaneously converted!

which cloth nappy at night

Cloth nappy at night

Which cloth nappy do you use at night? Baby Beehinds have a fantastic night nappy. Cassandra Double Inserts I use cloth nappies (mcn) and used a double insert at night …

Cloth nappies: getting started

Cloth Nappies: Getting Started

Five fantastic tips for getting started with modern cloth nappies.

cleaning cloth nappies

Considering Cloth Nappies? And the truth about poo!

Expert Tips: Learn about cleaning cloth nappies especially how to deal with poo

Dazed and Confused? Which Modern Cloth Nappies

There’s no doubt about it, information on the internet about modern cloth nappies can be lengthy and confusing! When I started my online shop one of my aims was to simplify cloth nappies for beginners. These 5 short descriptions will assist you in understanding the differing types of cloth nappy systems.

Are You Crazy?! You are thinking about using modern cloth nappies?

When most parents think of cloth nappies they imagine huge, old-school, terry towelling nappies soggily drooping from a baby’s behind. Thank goodness those days are over!

Introducing Modern Cloth Nappies

When Chris’ wife convinced him that they should swap to cloth nappies, he had no idea that there was a thriving MCN community out there. Or that nappies could be called ‘pretty’.

Modern Cloth Nappies

Q&A: Which modern cloth nappies have mcl nappy mums found the best? Did you use them from newborn? Any other helpful hints and tips for cloth nappy care?