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Weight Loss after Pregnancy – Suggestions for a Breastfeeding SAHM

Mother and baby doing yogaI have a 11 month old and 3yr old. My question is what is a good diet plan for me to follow, while breastfeeding and being a sahm? Whether it be 5 or 20kgs how do you plan on doing it this year? I’m particularly interested in FREE ways of losing the weight

  • i dont spend any money and have lost 20 kilos in the past 15 weeks. I go for an hour walk every morning and i also have swapped all the junk for water and healthy snacks. Zoe
  • Im going to try AGAIN but i havent bn able to lose any yet. Gonna try n just walk more & eat bit better Amanda
  • The most effective way to lose weight & keep it off is a clean, unprocessed, low carb & high protein diet. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies, nuts & drink lots of water. Eat 5 small meals a day & never skip meals! This will keep you fuller for longer & keep your metabolism moving all the time. Crash diets, pills, shakes etc don’t work long term & you also don’t want to be doing those while breast feeding because they don’t have enough calories. Stacey
  • Eating healthy and as little/no processed food. Going walking with the kids every morning or evening for at least half an hour. I find changing my diet and cutting down portion sizes hard coz I feel hungry so first I change my diet and when I’m use to that food and how much lighter it sits in my belly then I cut down on the amount of it I eat coz my portion sizes are way to big. Alicia
  • im doing the same as zoe but i also got a yoga mat, hand weights, medicine ball, swiss ball and a skipping rope for christmas so i also do about half an hour once my daughter has gone to bed of stretching sit ups and weights to help tone up Meg
  • Last year I lost 50kg, my tips yours mums use your daily running around after them as your workout instead of bending over to help the kids squat, drink lots of water eat healthy snacks and I kept my meals the same as the normally would be but half the amount on the plate. Instead of taking the kids to play cafe as an outing, take them somewhere that involves lots of walking even just a big park with walking tracks and play on the play ground with them trust me climbing the ladder to the slide a dozen times can be a killer! My children are 4,2 and a now 1 yr old ( just turned one on the 29th of December) it was hard to start with and I’ve now slacked off a bit but haven’t put in back on yet I went from a size 26 to a size 16 and my plan this year is to get to a size 12-14. Good luck everyone! Kayley
  • I had my son 6 weeks ago and it is my new years resolution to lose all the baby weight and to get back to my pre-children body… so far Ive lost 6kilos… 12kgs more to go .. I walk walk walk walk, with 2 children in double pram, that extra weight walking up hills really works a treat Suzette
  • Eat healthy fruit and veg look up the super foods for breast feeding.. And if you cant get to a gym or get out to exercise.. get your kids involved make up exercise games at home jumping, doing squats around the house.. The kids will have fun copying mum and being silly.. walking up and down stairs… If you make it fun for the kids they will want to keep doing it with you.. Teagan
  • Use the myfitnesspal app to track your calorie intake, that’s really helping me Melissa
  • Everyone will tell you different things but it really is.finding what works for you. EXPERIMENT!! You dont have to eat.low carb high protein, you have to change the type of.carbs you eat. carbs from fruit and veg, not processed foods like paata and bread. Be happy, love yourself and do things you enjoy.for long term success. Katie
  • I had my baby girl also 6 and abit weeks ago and can’t wait to start exercising again and losing some weight. With my first i did light n easy which costs I think about the same as s shop or a tiny bit more. And 1 hour at the gym at least 40minutes on the treadmill running 5 times a week and the weight dropped off. All these could be don’t at home too and of course eating healthy is a start if light n easy meals arnt an option and instead of treadmill walk or run for an hour goodluck everyone Brittany
  • Walks b4 breakfast, cut out processed food & sugar! Just eat fresh food & only fruit in the morning Rebecca
  • I’m trying and my spin on it is get moving and eat as much veg as I want, eat regularly, fist sized meat and no sugar or as little as possible but fruit ok lol so much stuff out there I guess you have to work out what works for you but I do think you need to move more. One of my resolutions is to wean myself off tv and only watch one hour after all you burn more calories sleeping than watching tv lol plus I think the ads about food make you hungry and crave what puts on the hips and thighs. When I had to go without a tv I made much better choices Lisa
  • Have a look t losebabyweight they have a Facebook page and they offer plans for breast feeding mums Hannah
  • I found breast feeding and walking was awesome plus I had to cut out the fizzy stuff and alcohol and foods that irritated the lo so all together I lost weight lol Lisa
  • It will be mine when I have my baby mid thid year. I plan on just eating lits of fruit and veg, lean meats and cutting out most soft drinks/juices ect and sticking to water while cutting out most packet/tinned foods and going to fresh and from scratch. Along with a walk in the morning this will not only benefeit me in loosing baby weight and feeling better but also what I eat baby drinks so I know it will be getting good food and also getting out for half hour to an hour a day to see the world. Nicole
  • If you are interested in losing weight & have some fun, and not spending a fortune, my hubby is a personal trainer. He runs group classes every Monday & Wednesday evenings, 6pm to 7pm. Cost is $10 per class if you pre-pay for 10 classes in advance. Location is Griffin (northside Brisbane). First class is free! PM me if you are interested. Toni
  • Check out The Bikini Cookbook. She is a nutritionist and done the books to lose her own weight. The food is great, 300 calories or less per meal. I lost over 2 kilos in 2 weeks, struggled a bit over Chrissy but into it again now . Jo Jo
  • Swear by my fitness pal app it’s great Josie
  • Not a set number but I’m going to try to eat alot more healthier. Vanessa
  • Check out the 8 week challenge by Six Sisters Stuff. A group of friends and I did it last year. Camilla
  • Eat healthy, whole foods and don’t over eat. Drink water. Don’t eat after 5.00pm. Put the children in the pram early in the morning and walk briskly for at least 40 minutes every day. This worked for me 20 odd years ago! Jo
  • I put on 25 kg while preg and have 3kg left to lose to get back to pre preg weight. I just looked at what I was eating during the day and it was way too much so now eating less and what I do eat is healthy and a little exercise. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Danielle
  • Im going back to my weight watchers books and basics. Melanie
  • weight watchers helped me lose the last of my 63 kilos…. and those last 10 were stubborn…so i fully recommend. but during this pregnancy ive put ALOT back on and im keen to try cutting back carbs for a lifestyle change and going back to smaller meal sizes with more water water and im really considering some decent scheduled excercise. Elizabeth
  • Kayley and Elizabeth u r a legends! Message I have found high protien diets successful in the past, diet generally doesnt help my weight but excercise does, I go 2 Curves Gym and b4 my bub I went 2 Zumba classes (high impact and fast reaults) u can get the DVD’s 2 do at home, great music, dancing is good 4 your soul and motivating, and u can do it on your own time, and I love walking my bub and dog I have no baby weight 2 lose, I gained none in pregnancy just have all my pre-baby weight 2 lose, finding the time (I work full time as well) and motivation is difficult but it is my New Years resolution, good luck everyone Sam
  • Fitness pal app,, I just started using it,,very helpful… High protein and regular excersise. I too am in the middle of losing baby weight,,,so far 8 kilos in 4 mths,,,doing it a healthy way with indulgences along the way,,,7 more to go… Dee

What is your best weight loss method for breastfeeding mums?

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