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Teething can be horrible for Babies AND Parents!

TeethingTeething can be a horrible time for both babies and parents, what are some ways you have helped your bub through this? How have you helped them through the night, what products and other items have you used?

  •  Wedela teething powder, hylands tablets for the bad times. Cold face washers.  Simone
  •  I used to try not to use too much panadol or nurofen but to be honest that’s what works best here! We wear a teething necklace but teething has still been full on so not entirely convinced… Oh and SM33 gel works much better than Bonjella.  Zoe
  •  My nearly 11month old is getting 3 teeth at once (her 4-6th) and the only thing that calms her down is either a frozen spoon or a tiny little bit of ice cream to numb it.  Ashlee
  •  Amber teething necklaces.  Phoenix
  •  I usually give panadol before bed time and if she is teething she wakes once during the night i give her a bottle then if she starts crying again after that i go back into her room lay her on her belly
  • in the cot and gently pat her bottom she soon goes back to sleep after that…. but i only needed to do that when she was really little.  Rachel
  •  I use amber Teething bracelets on their ankles and Bruaers Teething solution. And sometimes panadol. Louisa
  •  Well I brought the amber teething necklace and to be honest it hasn’t worked its worked in reverse and made my son worse off, Panadol and sm33. Amanda
  •  Amber teethin necklace.  Simone
  •  My kid has 8 teeth and 2 just about to split the skin at 8 months… We have been teething FOREVER. lots of things have not worked us but proper pain relief really helps. My kid won’t put cold things in her mouth. It’s trial and error with each kid.  Zoe
  •  Swear my 7month old got 4 teeth at once at roughly 5.5months and didn’t bother him – lately his has temps runny nose etc. I noticed 4 more teeth coming through as soon as I put on necklace he was a happy boy again no temps or runny nose!! Oops meant to say swear by necklace!  Georgia
  •  The old teething rings/keys and some vegemite on their gums. No judgement please, It’s what worked best for me when I was little with tooth pain and ulcers so I figured it’d do the same for my Chn. After all we are Aussies!  Mellisa
  •  Both my kids wear amber necklaces and neither had a prob with their teeth just lotttssssss of dribble! My daughter had all of her teeth including all her molars before she was 1. My son is still cutting his teeth but no probs, they don’t bother him.  Jacqui
  •  Amber teething necklace definately. And frozen fruit in a handheld netted food sucker thingy for them to chew on.  Tamara
  •  Amber necklace helped a bit, nurofen worked wonders at night. Otherwise just teething toys to chew on.  Kylie
  •  I use amber jewellery from Custom Amber And Gemstone Jewellery with all my children and it works brilliantly.  Lyn
  •  Does any one know of retailers around hoppers crossing/ Geelong area that sell the amber necklaces?  Scarlett
  •  I swear by the amber teething necklace. Bonjela, frozen facewashers alternated with facewashers that have been run under warm water and her favorite chew toy is her rubber duck! Fruit in mesh bags (you can buy them from woolies and they are reasonably cheap), a knuckle to chew on, a lamb chop if your baby is having solids – they usually chew/gum on it and don’t actually eat much.  Skye
  •  Cold carrots, frozen peas (more of a healthy distraction) panadole, nurofen, amber necklace… Kathleen
  •  I use cold face washers, rusks, Vegemite was fantastic!! Nurofen have never tried the necklaces but at this I haven’t needed to either. Night time I coat my baby’s dummie in bongela and seems to soothe him while sleeping!!  Emma
  •  Chewing on wrung out washer, Brauer’s teething relief, sm33 teething gel, panadol, nurofen and lots of cuddles.  Vanessa
  •  Mine have both loved gnawing on frozen bread.  Robyn
  •  We use sm33 nurofen and lots of cuddles and noisy toys during the day to try an distract her (u would be surprised how good it works) and heaps of cuddles at night.  Leonie
  •  Sophie the giraffe.  Tamara
  •  If in Adelaide…..women’s and children’s hospital teething gel…it’s only available in the pharmacy there.  Kylie
  •  I have an 18 yr old son & wish I had thought of this sooner but alas I have just thought of this about a month ago for my then 11 month old….with the heat here now I thought hey why not put her dummys in the freezer as you do a teething ring & my daughter loves them day or night…she only has a dummy for teething issues (not often) or just for bed…I also get a tray with some baking paper on it & spoon small baby bite sized amounts of yoghurt (any kind) & then freeze & within half an hour you have frozen yoghurt drops…yum for mum too…lol yes I agree the women’s and children’s hospital teething gel is the best…shame its not available in pharmacies…. Handi
  •  We found frozen strawberries worked a treat.  Angela
  •  We would put abit of lemon juice on a damp flannel 4 bubs to suck, or chew on lemon pieces , even nice frozen2. it takes the pain away for my lil 1 anyway (old school remedy ) . we r on 2 teeth no. 7&8 atm. 4 up top already & 2 down bottom. 2 more up top coming thru & its brought a snotty nose, high temp, & puffy eyes.. poor thing hasnt suffered this badly b4. Wine usually helps too…!- 4 the parents that is! lol. im preggas tho so cant.  Rachael

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