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Unique and fun pregnancy announcement ideas

fun pregnancy announcement ideasI just found out I am pregnant with number 2 (YAY!!) I just am after different/unique ways to tell family members and friends that we are expecting again.

  •  My sister sent me a photo of a bun sitting inside her oven with a message saying ‘guess what?’!!    Laurelin
  •  How about a photo shoot? Hubby in a shirt with the number 1 on it, child with a number 2, and your shirt with ‘3+4’ written on it? You could make postcards with the pic and post them in the mail??    Nicole
  •  We got a white shirt for DS n printed “being promoted to big bro in march 2014” then took family pic. Sent it to family n friends saying we got DS a new shirt. Everyone loved it.    Lauralee
  •  Get #1 to hold an ultrasound and take a pic then put a caption on it … Or get #1 to hold ultrasound and have a little chalkboard with the due date and take a pic.   Kate-Aaron
  •  We bought my daughter a shirt that said “I’m going to be a big sister” and she wore it when we went visiting. It was so much fun watching and waiting for people to read it.   Penny
  •  When announcing my second I simply put a status up on FB saying “you know it’s 2013 when you spend weeks deciding how your going to announce your pregnancy on Facebook!”    Sammi
  •  write a eviction notice on baby 1 cot saying you will need to vacate these premises in so many months   Rebecca
  •  I saw a really cute announcement recently. The couple took a photo of their first baby holding a sign saying “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” and sent it to their family and friends.    Elise
  •  Take a photo with baby#1 (who is now maybe a toddler I’m guessing?) reading a book on how to be a big brother/sister!    Irene
  •  I saw an awesome one the other day. The mum-to-be was pretending to throw up in the toilet whilst her husband held up a hand written sign saying “guess who’s pregnant again?” And he took a selfie which captured the whole scene. Funny as.   Darrell
  •  Had mate who took a photo of them standing next to the oven, she was pulling out a bun and he had a sign saying “that’s not the only bun in the oven, ready in September”    Kylie
  •  a pick of little one holding a sign saying I’m going to be a big sister/brother.   Karen
  •  We got a photo sent to us a couple of years ago, they took the ultrasound photo to the the supermarket and put it on all the cabbages, took the photo and sent it out with the caption “guess what’s growing in our cabbage patch?” It was very cute.   Debbie
  •  When my daughter was having her second it was Christmas so we got a white bib and wrote,” I’m going to be a big brother” and put it on so as he walked around everyone read it on Christmas day.   Kerry
  •  I got a onesie made up with ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ printed on it and put it on my toddler (when we announced it he was 9months). Then he wore it to my patents house… Also took a pic of him & put on Facebook to announce to FB world. Congrats    Jade
  •  I casually gave my parents the ‘my family’ sticker of a pregnant lady (in the brown paper bag I bought it in) and told them it was a small gift for them to put on the car. Had the desired result.   Shoni
  •  my friend recently did a professional announcement shoot. Was very cute but you can do things similar at home. Writing on your belly, your first wearing a top or holding a sign etc….. My friends was a pic of her hubby holding their son with a plus sign and her in the next frame with an equals sign with the number 4 (2+2=4). Also a few funny vids on YouTube if you are really keen!    Megan
  •  I had my older son pose with chalk in hand saying, “I’m going to be a big brother in April” – took a picture and sent it to everyone.   Tracey
  •  get a shirt made, in going to be a big brother/sister and take your child visiting or post on social media.   Christine
  •  We took a photo of our daughter holding the ultrasound pic and also made a tshirt saying “big sis”    Emma
  •  Google birth announcements and look at images, loads of cute ideas.    Bec
  •  Got this idea from a friend. .. We bought a white Tshirt and wrote ‘BIG BROTHER’ on it. Took a while for the penny to do for some! Also added a wii character to our wii family and took a pic of ‘the four of us’ on the screen. And sent it to family we couldn’t tell in person.    Georgina
  •  Depending how old #1 is…I saw a cute pic of an eviction notice posted on the side of the cot with #1 standing in it (with the due date of #2)    Catherne
  •  I got a pair of neutral coloured booties for each of our parents & put them in a small gift box & tied it with ribbon & left it on their front doorstep to find when they got home from work. They loved it & it was a fun way to tell them!    Melissa
  •  We made a tshirt that said baby on board like one of the car stickers amd just waited fpr people to read it and realise. It was so much fun. 2nd ome we had our 2yr old running around telling people. The shirt was a bit easier. Lol    Melanie
  •  I had my older son pose with chalk in hand saying, “I’m going to be a big brother in April” – took a picture and sent it to everyone.   Tracey

 I’m pregnant with baby #2, and would like to make a cute announcement to friends and extended family around Halloween. I’m trying to incorporate the theme into the announcement.. any ideas?

  • There is a shirt u can wear with a skeleton baby. I found them on ebay    Cassie
  •  You could post a Halloween card that says something like Happy Halloween! There won’t be any tricking but just a treat!  And have a sticker to peel back with the announcement underneath. ??    Joanne

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