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Choosing to have a Vasectomy

Dads, how do you decide if and when you should have a vasectomy?

how did you decide to have a vasectomy I’m not the father of a baby or toddler but I saw your link on a friend’s site so I thought I would comment. My wife and I had decided that we didn’t want any more kids after having our 2nd daughter so I looked into getting it done when she was about 2 but my wife wanted me to hold off until she was 100% sure that we were finished. 

Once she had started at school we talked about it again after seeing a story about it on TV. Even though if we had decided to have another child that baby would have been almost 6 years younger my wife wanted to hold off still and told me not to get one.

Eventually after our youngest had turned 10 we pretty much knew based on our circumstances (we bought a business) that having a baby would be out of the question. It was at that time we decided that it was the right time so I went ahead with it. For all the benefits that it brought I wish we had made the decision to do it back when our youngest daughter was 2.  Steve

I had mine three years ago two days after my wife have birth to our third. It was uncomfortable due to stitches and I had a reaction to the anaesthetic but not to bad and things have never been better in our relationship if you know what I mean. Anon

Haven’t had mine yet but the guys from golf gave me a “snip” present. It was a 1.25L bottle of bourbon, 10kgs of frozen peas and two boxes of Panadol. Apparently the day after is the worst. Fingers crossed it doesn’t hurt to bad booked in for a Thursday and want to play golf Saturday. Adrian

We/I chose to have it done because if my wife was to fall pregnant again… she had a high chance of dying (to go through another pregnancy)… I have three beautiful children.. and now we can shag and not have to worry.. its sweet… I did how ever have very sore balls and a black blue purple yellow red orange dick for several weeks.. but this is because the Dr thought it smart to take bot cuts through the one incision… hard to explain.. but pulling the second tube through the first hole was not how I would have done it…lol… but never fear.. it still works… you wouldn’t know the difference…. no long term problems…stop being a sooky mummy’s boy and do it. Anthony

My husband had a vasectomy a few weeks ago, his idea, we didn’t want any more children and he thought it was ‘fair’ this way. So, he had it done while I was still pregnancy with #3….his last stitch came out the day before our bub was born! He had very little pain, more discomfort than anything, no need for ice etc the worst part was, we have a preschooler and a toddler and he wasn’t allowed to pick them up at all for a few days, not fun when I was 38 weeks pregnant! Anon

It is costing us $450 for the private hospital bed and the specialist is covered under private health cover. We also have to pay an excess of $500. We worked out the cost of my fiancé taking the pill from now (she is 28) until 60 and we saved heaps. Adrian

Waste of time!!! My partner had a vasectomy in 2002…. Our 3rd child was born in 2011!!!!!! Since then we have heard it’s quite common. Wouldn’t change having our little one for the world though! Kelly

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