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When will my milk come in after a C section?

when will my milk come in after a c sectionWhen will my milk come in after having a C section?

  • Day 7 Liia
  • day 3 Katherine
  • Day 5 Shaedelle
  • day 3 for both Kristy-lee
  • ive had 2 c sections both times milk came in around day 3-4 Jessica
  • About day 3 Amy
  • Day 2 Sharon
  • 1st not at all and 2nd on day 3 after pumping inbetween feeding Jasmin
  • day 3 Renee
  • 3-4 days Rhiannon
  • Day 2 Marija
  • had baby tues morning milk by fri arvo Micki
  • day 4! Holly
  • Day 2 Karina
  • milk never came Penny
  • Day 3-4 but I was producing colostrum a few days before and purposely collected colostrum the day I was going in to be induced. But I was told to pump at every feed for 15 mins regardless of if I was getting anything. Rach
  • Day four, I was told after I should have started pumping the week before and freezing it… Had to give Bub 40ml of formula on the night before it came in as Bub was starving Marvin. My tip is have a serving of formula on hand just in case, we had to find some at 11pm on a Sunday night….Jen
  • Day 5. Had to supplement with formula for two feeds as she was hungry Teagan
  • Depends if it was an emergency or scheduled c section. I had 2 emergencies & milk came in about 2-3 days after, my 3rd was a scheduled c sec & it took probably 3-4 days for my milk to come in properly Rikki
  • Day 2. Andrea
  • Day 2 Sarah
  • Same day both times Amy
  • Mine came on on the third day. Daniela
  • day 8 Jenna
  • Day 7, after lots of help. On day 5 when there was no sign of milk, the hospital started me on the double electric breast pump every 2 hours, Motillium 4 times a day, Fenugreek twice a day, 1 liter of Tigers Milk a day, and bub was nursing as much as possible (on demand),¬†and was then having bottles of the colostrum I was pumping. After day 7, my milk came in beautifully and I breastfed for 2+ years (exclusively for 6 months) Kate
  • mine took about 6-7 days to come in I had nothing no colostrum or anything so Bub was on formula until it came in but I have had problems with low supply the whole time and runs in our family so have to supplement with formula for top ups which once ur milk comes in try not to do that unless told by childhealth nurse as my daughter had lost weight I had no choice most hospitals have a lactation consultant that u can book an appointment with which I would recommend just one though as all midwives and lc’s will tell u something different so just listen to one person Kirbie
  • Day 4 but that was from a lot of help from a lactation consultant in the hospital I was at. Took a good week after that for there to be adequate supply Rach
  • came in same time as a vaginal birth – day 2 or 3 Jo
  • It only took 48 hours to come in after my c-section and I didn’t get to see him until he was 4 hours old. My milk came in quick because I was being hand expressed every 2 hours. With my second which was an uncomplicated vaginal delivery it took 5 days. It was because I was only hand expressed 5 hourly stupid hospital and lack of staff but it was hiring a hospital grade pump that saved me so I could pump like crazy when I got home! Still feeding 6 months on and no plans to stop Lani
  • Day 2 after c section and day 4-5 after my natural birth! I think it all depends on the baby and how much they feed to get the milk in! My little boy was feeding 2-3 hourly from right after birth and therefore my milk production went into over drive!! Birgit
  • A few days. But the midwives gave me a pump and told me to pump every time after a feed. Made my milk come in much faster as I lost a lot of blood and required a blood transfusion which made my milk come in slower Alicia
  • i had my milk come though but i havent had any issues with feeding i could have easily fed 3 other babys with the amount i had. Everyone is different my sister couldn’t get any milk she tried for a week but wasnt getting enough. Shayna
  • Approx 18 hours after birth. She was born at 11:48pm and I had my milk in by tea time the next day. Was VERY quick. Mica
  • Day 2. My twins were in special care as they were born at 35 weeks, so I expressed every 3hrs & my milk came out quicker than expected. Hema
  • About day 8 or 9. After a few days of screaming and finding orange spots in his nappy which is a sign of dehydration (nappy crystals react with concentrated urates in urine, usually just boys get it as pee in one spot), finally gave in and topped him up with formula. Just get some sachets of formula (can get from supermarket) as a back up if u are worried milk will take ages to come in. So long as baby is fed, doesn’t matter if is boob or formula (I had to get over this thought myself) Lucinda

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