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Which wrap?

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What did you use to wrap your bub and would you recommend it?

  • Cotton Wraps, Bree
  • Cotton wraps from big w. brilliant 🙂 Melissa
  • Muslin wraps, Tracy
  • Crocheted blanket handmade and yes I would recommend, Mary-Anne
  • Pure cotton wraps, Breana
  • Muslin wrap as it was summer, Prudence
  • Muslin wrap Lanie
  • Muslin cotton wrap and Yes. Alicia
  • Muslin wrap – yes I highly recommend it. Linsey
  • Muslin, and sleep suits. Libby
  • Used muslin wraps so bubs didn’t get too hot, Allison
  • Muslin wrap and bunny rug and yes i would recommend it, Cassandra
  • Cotton muslin, was good til bub decided to not like being wrapped. Michelle
  • Muslin, great in summer. Lisa
  • Home made muslin wrap. I would recommend for warmer climates (eg Cairns) Heidi Bunny Rug, definitely recommend. Prue
  • Cotton Wraps and Ergo Cocoon Baby Wrap, Yes would recommend. Melissa
  • Swaddle me baby wrap, and yes. Kirsty
  • I use a fleece blanket to wrap babies as it is a soft, comfortable material. Laura
  • I loved my stretch bunny rugs, Rebecca
  • A thin baby wrap/ soft cotton. Jayne
  • A 1 metre cut off of stretch material or a cot sheet. Megan
  • Cot sheet would recommend it. Deone
  • Homemade swaddle. Toni
  • Flannelette wraps, Dionne
  • Plain old muslin wrap and a “swaddle me wrap” once he was older and could move. Kirsty
  • Mei tai- yes, absolutely. Extremely comfortable and natural. Elizabeth
  • Swaddle wrap, I would recommend it! Ruth
  • Swaddle me, Kelly
  • I wrapped our baby in different wraps until my mother sent us a super soft blanket and it has become bubs favourite its so soft and warm she just loves rubbing her hands and face on it. Emma
  • Bubba moe muslin wrap, yes definitely recommend, Kristy
  • Wrap me up by Love me baby – absolutely loved it! Sharon
  • Kiddopottamus wrap was nice and snug.easy and fast, Coralie
  • cotton blanket then a cot sheet as they got older, Lisa
  • Grobag Wrap. Emma
  • Love me baby wrap me up swaddle – I would recommend this to everyone Sheree
  • target waddling sheets are gr8. Amanda
  • Wrap Me Up by Love me Baby. Olivia
  • Plain old muslin wrap and a “swaddle me wrap” once he was older and could move. Kirsty
  • wrap me up swaddle was far better than a muslin wrap. My baby stayed wrapped all night and felt secure. Sheree
Which wrap did you use? What did you like/dislike about it?
Add your tips below. 

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