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Why Is My Baby Crying?

Why Is My Baby Crying?

After a prolonged bout of crying, parents can sometimes find themselves at their wits end and asking “Why is my baby crying?” wondering whether it is serious and what might calm the baby.   As a parent, it can be distressing to watch our baby cry and not know the cause or how to help them.

If you are concerned about why your baby is screaming, Baby Hints and Tips would like to recommend you consult your healthcare professional. The following information is general and should only be considered as a guide. It should not take the place of qualified medical advice.

why is my baby crying

Why is my newborn baby crying and screaming?

Children, from newborn through until when they can communicate, may often scream for no discernible reason. It has long been the bane of parents who have run themselves ragged trying to figure out exactly what their child needs to feel soothed.

There are a list of common reasons why your baby is crying and some that are a little more complex in nature.

Common reasons your newborn baby is screaming and crying

Assessing why a baby is crying is often a process of elimination. Cycling through potential causes could serve to present you with a solution – but it might not.

I tried all of that and my baby is still crying

What you may be looking at is a more complicated reason behind your baby’s crying. This is where your visit to a healthcare professional is a vital step. You may begin testing for allergens and trying elimination diets (if you’re a breast-feeding mother). The cause behind your baby’s crying could be environmental so you may want to examine the washing detergents, perfumes and other assorted products you are using around the house.

If after this trial and error you are still dealing with a constantly crying and screaming baby, it may be time to seek medical advice for yourself. Crying and screaming can be incredibly draining, particularly if there is no relief. You must take care of yourself as well as your child and seeking professional support may be what you need the most.

Will it always be this way?

It may feel like it right now, but your baby will move past this stage. They will be able to communicate their distress to you in a way that will be easier for you to understand.

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