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50 True Blue Names for Girls

Australian Baby Girl Names - Aussie Baby NamesNot much says more about being an Aussie than true blue, Australian baby names that are a tribute to some of our most iconic treasures, people, places, flora and fauna.

With gorgeous state names, beautiful plant species and landscape and landmarks for inspiration there’s no shortage of patriotic names all around us.

Below you will find true blue Aussie girl’s names to give your little downunder bundle of joy a uniquely Australian start in life:
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  1. Acacia (tree)
  2. Adelaide (place)
  3. Adina (meaning: beautiful)
  4. Airlie (place)
  5. Alice (place)
  6. Alinta (meaning: flame)
  7. Allora
  8. Amelia
  9. Araleun (place)
  10. Aurora
  11. Autumn
  12. Bindi (prickly weed, meaning: little girl)
  13. Boronia (tree)
  14. Clancy
  15. Coral
  16. Dusty
  17. Elanora (meaning: from the shore)
  18. Flora
  19. Ivy
  20. Jarrah (tree)
  21. Jirakee (meaning: waterfall)
  22. Karalee (place)
  23. Karri (tree)
  24. Katherine (place)
  25. Kirra (meaning: leaf)
  26. Kolora (meaning: lake)
  27. Kylie (meaning: boomerang)
  28. Lakkari (meaning: homeysuckle tree)
  29. Lenah (meaning: kangaroo)
  30. Loila (meaning: sky)
  31. Margaret (river)
  32. Mary (McKillop)
  33. Matilda
  34. Mayra (meaning: spring wind)
  35. Melba (Dame Nellie Melba)
  36. Narelle (meaning: woman from the sea)
  37. Nellie
  38. Olivia
  39. Opal (precious gem)
  40. Pearl
  41. Seisia
  42. Sheila
  43. Summer
  44. Sydney (place)
  45. Talia (place)
  46. Tallara (meaning: rain)
  47. Tasman (place)
  48. Tilly
  49. Victoria (place)
  50. Wattle (tree)

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Do you know of any other Australian baby girl names that represent the things we love about Australia? Tell us below! 

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