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Breastfed vs Formula: Mums Advice

Breast vs BottleBreastfed vs formula has been long debated, what’s your thoughts? In this day and age is one really better than the other?

  •  FED IS BEST!!!!!!!   Danielle
  •  Yes breast is better. Breast milk is a living substance that constantly adapts to what the baby needs (more for thirst of hunger?) just by thew ay the baby is suckling. It contains antibodies, and the right bacteria to keep the gut imbalance. None of this can be replicated by formula,and until it can be breast milk will always be best.   Leah-Marie
  •  I am passionate about breastfeeding, and wished that i could have breast fed my babies. I didnt lactate at all for my first child, and with my second, i mix fed til 17 weeks when my right breast decided to no longer make anything. The fact is, both my babies were predominantly formula fed. I dont feel as though i missed out on any bonding experiences. My children have never had any major illnesses. They have reached their milestones at the right ages. They are happy, healthy, well developed little kids, and if it wasnt for formula, they would have starved. It doesnt matter what they get fed, as long as they get fed with love.   Jodi
  •  Yes, one is better than the other, but it doesn’t make it more ‘right’ than the other option.   Kelly
  •  Statuses like this make me want to unlike this page. It is inviting judgement, criticism and argument. This should not be a debate. A simple scientific fact that breast milk better than formula. There is not “best”, it is biologically normal. Don’t want to breastfeed? Fine, don’t. Can’t breastfeed? Search for support in the right places, exhaust all options, use formula, do whatever works for you. But make peace with your own choice, own your decision and don’t push it on others. Whether you chose to breastfeed or formula feed, you dont need to justify it to everyone you come across. And if you are a formula feeding mum, it’s not fair to tell every breastfeeding mum who is struggling that switching to formula fixed all your problems. I am a breastfeeding mother and have been judged and criticised for not giving my babies formula or a dummy, but if I was to pass a comment to a formula feeding mother I would be completely hated on. In the early days with my first baby when she was unsettled the only advice anyone gave me was they I should put her on formula. She didn’t take a bottle and it left me devastated that I must have been doing the wrong thing by breastfeeding her. Luckily I found the right support and discovered that breast milk and breast feeding was perfect for my baby. The argument of “I was formula fed/ I formula fed my kids and they turned out fine” is completely ridiculous. It’s great that they did. But let’s look at the long term health benefits for mother and baby, and also for society as a whole. If you are feeling pressured to breastfeed and don’t want to, seek support in other places, there’s plenty of people who are more supportive of formula, including doctors and health professionals. But leave mums who want to breastfeed alone, because we feel just as judged as formula feeding mothers.   Emma
  •  Formula is best for MY babies, both of them    Kimberley
  •  Is your baby fed and happy! That’s all that matters!   Suzan
  •  To the person who posted breastfeeding should be done in appropriate areas and time. Seriously? Women who formula feed are entitled to feed anywhere any time. Just as those who chose to breastfeed. There is no judgement from me either way for women who BF Or use formula, it is dependant on the mother and baby, happy Mumma happy baby. Anon

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