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There’s nothing more upsetting than a sick baby….

Our baby health section brings you practical, helpful information, hints and tips on raising a healthy baby.  We know there’s nothing worse than a sick baby so we offer the best information to help you get through common (and uncommon) childhood illnesses as well as putting lifetime healthy habits in place for your little person.

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Baby Hints and Tips Experts

Our team of experts include child health specialists from traditional, allied and alternative health fields – so we can give you the very best baby health information, without judgement.  A doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, sleep experts and more.

Constipation in babies: Community tips

Q&A: My daughter is 5 months and breastfed with one formula feed. She hasn’t pooed for a week (which is common) but she’s in pain with it.. What can i use to help her poo? Preferably natural as we’re on holiday with shops far away.

Baby Walkers and Jolly Jumpers

Q&A: Would love your opinions on walkers and jumpers. Good fun? Dangerous? Bad for feet and hips?

How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies

Dealing with Wind

How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies. Parents share their tips for relieving wind in babies. This baby is screaming and arching their back during feeds.

colds in babies

Colds in Babies

Parents tips: Tis the season to get a cold. Tra la la la, la da di da. What are your tips for helping babies with a cold?

baby reflux

Reflux in babies

Q&A: What are your best tips for other parents with babies with reflux, what worked for you, what doesn’t help?? How old was your baby when diagnosed and when did it resolve?

Nappy rash

Q&A: Does anyone have some tips for a really bad nappy rash that seems to come and go but when it comes out rather nasty (red all over, with red dots and can be nasty looking in some spots)

Baby Massage – More than just Relaxation

Mmm… Massage. The word instantly conjures up images of lying in a deeply relaxing state, surrounded by gentle music and the light smell of lavender, while being blissfully kneaded until all your worries melt away. Baby massage, however, is much more than that. It can both relax and stimulate. It’s a way of interacting and a way of providing relief.