Baby Health

There’s nothing more upsetting than a sick baby….

Our baby health section brings you practical, helpful information, hints and tips on raising a healthy baby.  We know there’s nothing worse than a sick baby so we offer the best information to help you get through common (and uncommon) childhood illnesses as well as putting lifetime healthy habits in place for your little person.

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Baby Hints and Tips Experts

Our team of experts include child health specialists from traditional, allied and alternative health fields – so we can give you the very best baby health information, without judgement.  A doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, sleep experts and more.

Sunsmart baby

Sunsmart baby

With temperatures rocketing and the risk of sunburn high, find expert advice on making your baby a SUNSMART baby this summer.

NICU survival guide

NICU survial guide. Tips to cope when your child has a stay in a SCN, PICU or NICU

baby swimming

When did you first take your baby swimming?

Q&A: Just wondering how many weeks/months did you wait before taking your baby swimming in both public and private pools?

blocked tear duct

Blocked Tear Duct Experiences

Blocked tear duct – parents share their experiences with a blocked tear duct in their baby, what helped to relieve it and if surgery was required

Expert Advice For The Reflux Baby

Expert Advice For The Reflux Baby

Expert advice for the reflux baby – the condition, symptoms and tips to minimise the impacts.

colds in babies

Preventing colds in babies while breastfeeding

Q&A: Just looking for tips on how to prevent my 5 month breastfed baby getting a cold as I feel I’m about to get one.

Oral Thrush in Babies

Oral Thrush In Babies – causes of thrush, how lunch feels and how to treat thrush in babies. This can also lead to nipple thrush in breastfeeding mums

Dentist: My toddler has a chipped tooth – what now?

Dental Tips: Chipped tooth. Our dentist shares what to do when your child chips their tooth or knock a tooth out to have the best possible outcome

how to burp a sleeping baby

How To Burp A Sleeping Baby

How To Burp A Sleeping Baby

Experiences with Inguinal Hernia

Q&A: I’d love to hear the experiences with inguinal hernia from other parents who are familiar with this surgery or have had similar experiences.

Guilt After Baby Falls

Q&A: My question is has this happened to other mums and how long did it take for you to forgive yourself?

Prevent Your Baby Catching Your Cold

Q&A: Just looking for tips on how to prevent my 5 month breastfed baby getting a cold as I feel I’m about to get one.

Experience with Baby Umbilical Hernia’s

Q&A: Looking for other parents experiences with umbilical hernias. Did it resolve by itself over time and if so what age was your baby when it did?

whooping cough vaccination

Whooping cough vaccination Australia

Whooping cough vaccination update. The latest recommendations for whooping cough prevention in young children and pregnant women

circumcision in melbourne

Circumcision in Melbourne

Parenting Review – Parents share their experiences and recommendations on circumcision in Melbourne and greater Victoria

flat head baby

Helmets for flat spot on baby’s head

Q&A: Parents that have used a helmet to help the flat spot on their babies head, what are your experiences?

Midwife Tips: Nappy Rash Causes and Treatment

Nappy Rash Causes and Cures: Hints & Tips  As a midwife and mum one of the most common questions I am asked is how to deal with nappy rash. That …

tongue tie breastfeeding and speech issues

Tongue Tie Surgery

Learn all about tongue tie, the impact on breastfeeding, speech and the options for surgery. Parents share their experience with tongue tie surgery and how their child coped.

Baby head banging

Baby head banging against the wall

Q&A: My 11 month old DD has just got in to a habit of crawling over to a wall and start banging the back of her head on it.

4 Ways to Protect Baby from Mosquitoes

Protect baby from mosquitoes We all know how annoying red, itchy mosquito bites are. If you’re in the unlucky 20% who are absolute mozzie magnetsy ou’ll be an expert. With traditionally …

Keep kids cool at night

How do you keep your kids cool overnight?

Q&A: How do you keep the kids cool overnight?

6 week immunisation

6 Week Immunisation – Preparing for Babies Needles

Q&A: My DD is getting her 6 week needles this afternoon. Do any mums out there have any suggestions to make bubs more comfortable if she is unsettled after her needles?


Natural Cough Fighting Remedies

Q&A: Does anyone know any natural tricks or remedies for relieving a cough, specifically a long term cough in a little one?

experiences with croup

Experiences with Croup

Q&A: Just wondering if mums with experience have any other pointers on how to deal with Croup.

Experience with Chiropractors

Q&A: Have you used a chiropractor? If so, what did you use it for? Did it work? and would you recommend it? Was it a continuous treatment or a one off?

Where to get circumcised in Australia

Q&A: I’m looking for doctor recommendations around Australia for circumcision. My husband wants our new son circumcised but we live in a state that won’t do it until baby is 1. I don’t want people’s opinions on it, I’m looking for recommendations only, from people who have used a good doctor. Willing to travel anywhere to see a good doctor with a good procedure

Circumcision Custom

Circumcision Details

Q&A: Parents share their advice and thoughts on deciding should I circumcise my baby

circumcision in older babies

Circumcision in an older infant

Q&A: Parents share their experience with circumcision in older infants.

colds in babies

Experiences with infant lip tie

Q&A: What were peoples experiences with having an upper lip tie cut? Was it more traumatic for mum or bub? I hate the thought of bub’s next needles let alone anything else. How was their bubs recovery? What were they like once it was done regarding breastfeeding? Did you notice an improvement? I’m worried bub will find it really painful and be distraught for a long time.

In mothers hands

Cradle Cap

Q&A: Just wondering what is best to treat cradle cap?