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Christmas gift ideas for kids under 5! The ULTIMATE list!

Best Christmas gift ideas for kids – 225,000 mums share their tips!

We asked 225,000 Aussie mums to help us build the ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for kids under five.  What their little ones loved, what was the most successful Christmas present they’ve bought… we’ve put them together for new mums and mums stuck for Christmas gift ideas… you’re welcome!

Christmas present ideas by age group
0-6 month olds?
6-12 month olds?
2 year olds?
3 year olds?
4 year olds?

Our community tips for finding the best value Christmas presents

Best place/brand to buy trampolines, swing sets, slide/cubby houses, bikes and any other big ticket item?
Where to get decorations personalized with lo’s name etc
Where I can get a my first Christmas glass ball for the christmas tree?

Christmas gift ideas for 0 – 6 month olds

When it’s your baby’s first Christmas, it might feel like she’s totally confused about all the noise and lights and colours… not to mention that dude in the red suit.  We asked mums what they bought for their newborn to six month olds for Christmas and put together the ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for kids under 1!

The verdict:  Practical gifts that will be used for the next year and plenty of books!

New baby Christmas gifts

Kids books for Christmas

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  • Books. I love the sensory books.  Jade
  • Anything that helps with development.  Samantha
  • Toys they can grow into during the year once they hit the 6 month mark or are sitting up etc . Mine will be 6 months at xmas and i am going to get him a bike I can strap him into so I can push him when we take his brothers riding 🙂 Amanda
  • Activity mat. Haylee
  • Play gym, anything that lights up or plays music, rattles… Brooke
  • Last Xmas i bought my 9 week old ear muffs to do stuff with daddy and he got a pool floaty that he could sit in and had a roof to protect him from the sun – we used it a lot last summer! Eryn
  • My DD will be 3 1/2 months at xmas and we are getting her, her first dolly, xmas books and some pool toys as we will be spending the day beside the pool. Kate
  • I’m also a book fan…. I have bookcases and bookcases of them, my two even still like their first ones. Roddena
  • Bath toys, books. Stacey

Developmental Toys for Kids this CHristmas

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  • High chair, educational toys, lullaby CD’s, Clothes, teether toys (ie Sophie the giraffe), bumbo seat, bath toys, feeding equipment baby bowls and spoons, bouncer and baby swing. Kirsty
  • I got a night light this year. It is a Winnie the Pooh one. Sheree
  • My little boy will be going on 5 months so I got him a jumperoo, walker, pooh bear couch and heaps of wiggles and other kids music CD’s an DVD’s and books :). And a lot more lol.  I’ve gone overboard haha. Jayde
  • Just the wrapping paper lol! Eloise
  • The empty box’s wrapped in paper lol  Jolly jumper, walker, play mat, bouncer, bright rattle/ noise toys, books, swim suits pool/bath toys. Samii-Maree
  • Toys they can grow into over the next year!  Kate
  • My dd will be 6 months and we have got her a walker, learning table, bath toys, learning toys. Others are getting her a fold out lounge, books she loves books. Megan
  • For my sons first Christmas he was only 3 months old.  I knew everyone else would be spoiling him so I honestly did not see the need in getting him a billion things he couldn’t play with yet. So I just got him;  a tub called my first toy box, it has heaps of toys from newborn to around 18 months. That and a few pieces of clothing was more then enough!! Kate

Meaningful and nostalgic first Christmas gift ideas

  • My daughter well be 6 months old at Christmas and I have got a cabbage patch doll as I had one when I was a baby.  Sarah

First Christmas Dolls - Keepsakes For Life

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  • For my baby girl’s first Xmas I bought her a baby Pandora Bracelet with the charms A.V.A. (her name) on it 🙂 Tamara
  • ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ gifts, Christmas teddy with the year on it, personalised stocking. Brooke
  • In the first 6 months give something that they won’t use like a decorated letter or name or something arty because once they know all about presented and toys there is no going back. After 6 months I start with the educational stuff like blocks or puzzles. Love Entropy Online for those 🙂 Michelle
  • We bought my son his first Elf On The Shelf.  He’s going to spend childhood not being allowed to touch it so this year, we let him hold it, play with it and snuggle it.  Next year the real Elf Rules will kick in!

Elf on the shelf christmas gift idea

Highly recommended Christmas gifts for 6 month to 1 year olds

They’re getting old enough now to understand that there’s something good going on!  Nanna and pop are coming by.  There’s shiny stuff and everyone is giving them lovely wrapping paper to scrunch.  Here’s what 225,000 mums recommend as Christmas gift ideas for six month olds to one one year olds.

The Verdict – At this age, it’s great to get them that one special toy that will be the favourite for the whole year ahead.  Three in one smart trikes were by far the most popular Christmas gift for 6 month olds to one year olds.

Smart Trike is top gift for kids this christmas

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  • Walker. My daughter used hers every single day.  Haylee
  • Anything that makes noise!! And fridge-phonics magnets by leapfrog. Either the farm animals or alphabet. My now 19 month still loves them! Sherry
  • I’m buying my son a 3 in 1 smart trike and crazy coupe (he’s 11 months and walking). Kym
  • Cozy coupe definitely gets heaps of use!  Fisher price door or kitchen great for pulling up to stand on and for creativity. Books! Tanya
  • Jolly Jumper.  Oh the freedom of a little one who goes from sitting to jumping.  He LOVES IT. Every single day.  Bonus, it’s hilarious to watch.  Dana
  • My daughter loves nursery rhymes and other music at the moment. We listen to Pooh Bear sign along. It’s great. Jade
  • I got my son a walker, sand pit, table and chair set and the top of the table is a chalk board, mini quad bike, DVDs and pool toys and a life jacket. Eryn
  • My son was 8 months old last Christmas and we got him a smart trike that converts from 6 months old up, mega blocks, bath toys, lots of fisher price activity toys, books, cars, trains, ride to stride walker, activity table and a wadding pool. Brooke
  • We got our daughter the fisher price front door thing for Christmas. Sheree
  • We got our daughter a teddy that teaches her body parts some bath toys n a few musical noisey learning toys.  She will 11 months not getting her to much as 2 weeks later she turns one. Leonie
  • Learning toys I like most for my little ones 🙂 Beck
  •  I am getting Lex a 3 in 1 smart trike. Hollie
  • I have got Mia a shape sorting set, bath toys, dolls, a tea set, play dough set, books, jewellery and first Christmas keepsakes. She will be 10 months at Christmas. Nicole

Most recommended Christmas presents for one year olds to two year olds

The toddle has definitely set in and your little one is ready to start exploring the world.  We asked 225,000 mums what the best gifts for one to two year olds are this Christmas and they had some cool ideas!

The Verdict: Ride on toys and anything that helps with your little one’s new found mobility!

 Ride on Toys - Gift Ideas for one year olds this CHristmas
  • Ride on trike.   Cecilia
  • A baby doll, she will love it!   Tracy
  • Rocking horse.   Ruth
  • One of those red and yellow cars that he can move around himself.  Dana
  • Paddling pool, Duplo, ride on, pretend play eg. tea set.   Katrina
  • Educational toys but I say a few toys and clothes for a 1 yr old they will only care about the paper anyway lol.  Louise
  • My little one is only barely walking at 14 months old so we’re getting a few ride on toys that will help her catch up. Kelly
  • Trolley wagon thing to help her walk and lots of books and clothes.   Louise
  • Swimmers, pjs and books.   Rawinia
  • Trucks, ride on toys, books.    Melissa
  • Books, you can’t have enough.   Kaylah
  • Mega blocks play table.   Samantha
  • Ride on tractor. We live near farm land and are a bit tractor obsessed. Tilly
  • Fold out couch.   Chrissy
  • Sand pit, trike, sand and water table.   Sophie
  • Fisher price little people play sets.    Jennifer
  • A ride on digger that digs in a sandpit.  Both mobility and hand eye co-ordination – perfect for my little one who is nearing two years old and loves diggers. Elle

The best Christmas present ideas for two year olds

It’s onnnn.  Your child is catching onto this idea of the big dude in the red suit bringing him Christmas presents.  He’s two years old.  He’s adventure bound.  He is starting to learn to be excited by the idea of Christmas… and you know, destroying the Christmas tree one bauble at a time!  This is where Christmas gift ideas get a bit easier.  There is so much available for two year olds this Christmas, you’re probably trying to narrow down the list rather than come up with ideas!

The Verdict: The best gifts for two year olds this Christmas are toys that help them to explore their interests and the world they see around them.  From playing house to playing little explorer, two year olds love to learn about the world around them through play.

  • My daughter will be 21 months and I’m getting her arts and craft things, CDs, rocking horse, dollies, books. Puzzles, ride on cars anything fun really. Nicole
  • Sand pit, black board, trike, slide, swings, books, instruments, wadding pool, tiny tikes car, wagon, blocks, bath toys, cars, trains, dolls, fisher price little people set, dress ups, play dough – heaps of ideas!!!! Brooke

Play Doh is a timeless xmas gift for kids under 5

  • My son just had his 2nd birthday, and out of all the wonderful things he got given, his favourite was a little plastic tool set! especially the drill, because its battery operated and the drill bit spins and makes a noise when you press the button. Just like mummy’s! We made a little tool box for them, and got a bob the builder hat too. he’s spent ages “fixing” everything! Sarah

Two year old CHristmas gift ideas - tool kits

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  • Enclosed trampoline, sandbox, beach toys (bucket and spade), ride on cars, drawing desk, tonka trucks.. The list is endless.. Katie
  • I’m getting my daughter a 4 wheeler little car. Hollie
  • No matter what you get your two year old they will like the box more my 5 kids did lol Anna
  • I really want to get my two year old daughter a plastic play house for the back yard.  She loves playing house. Chelsea
  • A ukulele. You can pick up a half decent one for around $25 at music/guitar stores.  My child loves music already.  Amy
  • I got one for my youngest when he was 2 (plastic playhouse) he’s nearly 12 now and my granddaughters now use it. I’d call that value for money. Anna
  • My daughter will be two at Christmas, so at the start of the year I bought a big plastic container, decorated it all girly, and have been adding dress up items to it. Its now chock full of costumes, tiaras, hats, jewellery, wigs, bags, shoes, feather boas, wings etc etc. she loves dressing up, so I can’t wait to see her face at Christmas when she opens her dress up chest 🙂 Tamara
  • My one year old will be 2 by xmas but she’s getting some wiggles DVDs, portable DVD player to keep her entertained on the trip for our Christmas holiday, a tea set (she loves hosting little events!), pillow pet, dolls, pram for her dolls, books and clothes. Jodie
  • I’ve got a son and he’s getting a sandpit, camera and iPad!  He is really into technology already. Christina
  • My little boy will be 20 months old at Christmas and because he has a 4 year old brother he tends to want to play with his toys more then his own so I got both the boys the same kind of toys just slightly different so my youngest is getting some trucks, planes, books, dinosaurs and together they are getting a swing set and slide. Casey
  • Our son will be 21 months at Christmas and is getting a trampoline. We figure it’s something that will last and the novelty won’t wear off. Cara
  • My 2 year old had her birthday on the 3rd. She loved her little shopping cart. I got it at a discount store for like $10. She loved the dry erase board too but for obvious reasons I don’t recommend it. Denise
  • My son (2 next week!) will be getting a big boy bed suite, anything Chuggington, or Bob the Builder. Tool set, puzzles books, cars etc. He is getting a bike and  scooter, from his aunts. At this age kids don’t need heaps cause they don’t remember it much anyway and as others said they will probably play with the box and wrapping paper  anyway. Kerry
  • My first doll.   Sophie
  • Doll and pram.   Samanatha
  • Cabbage patch doll, find a character books and also camp bed.   Amanda
  • Doctors set and tea set,  A balance bike.  Crystal
  • Cabbage patch doll and a pram.   Ruth
  • Water play table, toy food and play-doh. Play-doh is one of those toys that they keep coming back to, so it’s a good option  Sarah
  • D.I.Y kitchen, train set, books etc.  Holly
  • Craft stuff.   Emily
  • Wooden table and chairs, 8 cube bookcase, dinosaur quilt cover set, dinosaur hamper and dinosaur wall sticker. He really likes dinosaurs.  I figure it’s a good thing to encourage! Alicia
  • Water table, puzzles, books, ride on trikes.   Alysha
  •  Lightning McQueen, anything planes, Matchbox cars, puzzles, books, trikes, trucks or trains.   Casey
  •  Swing set, 12 volt car, cars, water play table, balls, books, DVDs, little cricket bat, 3 wheel scooter, cloths, dinner sets, sand pit, sand toys.   Emma
  • Drum kit!    Casie
  • 6 volt ride in car.  Cathy-lee
  • Tool set, A balance bike.   Crystal
  • 3 wheel scooter, a vinyl zoo map for a new set of Schleih animals.  Peta
  • Little Tikes coup ride in car.   Ruth

Best Christmas gift ideas for three year olds

By now your little one is ALL OVER this Christmas business.  This is peak time for Christmas magic.  Santa is the ultimate human being right now.  So, what do you get a three year old who wants everything?

The Verdict: Three year olds are right in the swing of Christmas and it’s a great time to buy that “one big gift” that will last throughout the next stage of childhood.

Big TIcket CHristmas Present Ideas for Kids

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  • Trampoline.  They’re so expensive that it’s pretty much all she’s getting! Amy
  • We’re getting my daughter her first “real bike”.  She’s too big for her balance bike now so it’s time to start teaching her to ride a proper bike! Kerry
  • We’re getting my daughter a pony.  For real.  We live in Western NSW and there are plenty of horses in our area. She’s obsessed.  Her older sister has a horse so we thought this would be a good time for her to learn to care for her pony.  I know she’s young but we do the rounds of the animals every morning and watch her sister ride every afternoon, never too young to learn to ride! Jodie
  • Wooden train set, duplo, baby dolls and prams, those bounce hopper thingies, crayons, textas, it’s summer so water play stuff I could go on lol. Tasheena
  • Leap pad sets and other educational stuff.  My son is just getting interested in learning the alphabet and reading.  I am really keen to encourage this so we’re splashing out on a few “fun learning” toys this year. Liz
  • Books go for all ages. Mel
  • An electric ride in car.  We’re lucky, we live near a big park with a perfect driving track! Sam

electric ride on car gift idea for kids under five this CHristmas

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  • Scooter, bike. Kristy
  • Scooter, bike, mini coupe, Leap Pads, toys they’re into eg toy story, Barbie, dolls or Spiderman etc. books, dress up items, kids camera. Beck
  • Dress ups, doll house, craft items, bike, scooter (mini micro one is great), Tanya
  • I was going to say a play kitchen, cubby & swing set as well 🙂 Beck
  • Duplo. Elisabeth
  • Trampoline…my son loved his for Christmas last year.  Best investment ever.  Ellika
  • Trampoline, bike, play kitchen.   Sophie
  • Craft stuff.   Amanda
  • Trampoline.   Toni
  • A scooter.   Cecilia
  • Cubby house.  We’re getting one of those wooden, built in ones that have a slide and sandpit and activity centre.  My niece and nephew have one and they’ve used it since they were three, they’re 12 and 9 now and still use it as a “club house” with their friends. Shelley
  • Jewellery box filled with (cheap) necklaces and brackets and a bed for her doll.   Ruth
  • Nabi, clothes, games for her LeapPad, some dress up jewelry and makeup.   Jamie
  • Trampoline, bike, play kitchen.   Sophie

Kids Bikes for Christmas - 3-5 year old Christmas gifts

  • Outside cubby house with slide. Art & craft stuff. Anything planes/ lightening McQueen. Books.    Yolande
  • Swing set, 12 volt car, cars, water play table, balls, books, DVDs, little cricket bat, 3 wheel scooter, cloths, dinner sets, sand pit, sand toys.   Emma
  • A scooter.   Cecilia

Top Christmas presents for 4 year olds up to 5 year olds

Christmas gift ideas for four year olds… there’s so much on the market for this age group, how do you decide what’s going to be a present that lasts and gets played with and which one will end up caste off to the toy box until it’s time to do next year’s Christmas clean out?  We asked our huge mum community for tips on buying presents for 4 year olds this festive season.

The Verdict:  As your four year old prepares for big school, the verdict is toys that make her feel like a big kid.  Anything that fosters independent play, outdoorsy stuff and of course, things to demonstrate what a big kid she’s becoming! 

Educational gift ideas for kids under 5

  • I’m getting my 4yo son the Leap Pad 2. Kristy
  • My daughter is a bit obsessed with her big brother’s Reading Eggs so we’re getting her a computer, desk and her own copy of Reading Eggs.  She’s heading to prep next year and is very, very excited.  Only my kid could want school stuff for Christmas LOL Cheree
  • Books, craft stuff, dress ups, money. Erin
  • Air dry clay is always a hit. Allie
  • Trampoline. Hannah
  • Lego, swing set, beach stuff, books, bike. Cassie
  • My 4 yo is getting a blackboard/whiteboard. Tameka
  • Scooter, new bag for kindy, fishing rod. Jas
  • We’re going the Ipad this year.  He will need one for school next year anyway so it’s win-win.  Kym
  • My four year old is getting some new Lego, art stuff, and outdoor toys for Christmas. I want him to be able to have fun with it all for ages not just on the day. Stacey-Leigh
  • iPad. Ive learnt with my older children don’t waste your money on childish stuff they always want what older siblings want if they have them. Also with things like leap pads pay the little extra and go a iPad they won’t out date.  Mishelle
  • My son has just discovered Minecraft so we’re getting him some stuff for collecting and polishing rocks.  Better that than more video gaming stuff! Robyn

CHristmas gift ideas for minecraft loving kids

Image Credit

  • Trampoline ! Great fun and good excercise too. Kristy
  • My Christmas gift ideas for kids always revolve around the old saying, something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read! So books, clothes, school stuff and… one “want” present each!  Kirby
  • Plaster figurines to paint! lots of crafty stuff! Sarah
  • The best Christmas gifts for kids are ones that they’ll keep using. We don’t get stuff like Paw Patrol (despite my son’s obsession) because it expires.  We’d rather get Mobilo or Lego or even Play-doh because it can be used through every “phase”.  Paw Patrol, Minecraft… they’re all just phases really. Emma
  • A scooter, trampoline, Lego, craft, water slide. I don’t really know about boy’s things as I have girl’s.
    My daughters love My little pony’s, Littlest Pet Shop, baby born, Barbie, Polly pocket, Fur Real Friends & Squinkies 🙂 Justine
  • Definitely outdoor toys like a trampoline or swing set. bike/scooter. kids these days are way too dependent on technology its ridiculous. Kerrin
  • Swingset, trampoline, leapfrog leap pad. She is 3 nd a halft atm. Emma
  • Because I’m getting my 9yo a 3DS I figured I’d get one for 4yo as well but he’s also getting a kids camera, scooter, action figures, Lego, books and some clothes/shoes. Jodie
  • Anything that can prepare them for school to learn. Belinda
  • Wow I feel outdated now lol I waited til my children were 7 nearly 8 before they got DS & iPods haha but my 3.5yr old will be getting a bike & a Buzz Lightyear toy & a dress up Spiderman suit 🙂 Beck
  • Cute schools stuff.  Backpacks, cute stationery, educational games for the family PC. Sharron 

Cute Kids Back Pack - Gift Idea For Kids Starting School

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  • Lego. He ny son is also getting more tag books. Kirsty
  • My little boy is four and he loves anything to do with firetrucks, dinosaurs, planes, trucks ect, his right into puzzles and books too, for christmas he is getting a bike from his nanny and poppy and I know he is going to love that.  Casey
  • How many presents do you buy for each child? I have 4 children and have no idea how many to get them. We have a trampolines, swings, bikes, scooters etc already. I’m stuck for ideas. Don’t want to get them too many toys though because they will probably get left with all the other toys that don’t get played with much. Juanita
  • There are Android tablets on eBay from (covers mouth) China and my mum bought one several months ago and they are around the $50 mark with free postage. They are brilliant and compatible with all of the apps for tablets etc. These are great for this age. And look just like iPads !! Mishelle
  • Barbies, peppa pig play set, lalaloopsy doll. Sophie
  • Baby born with pram.   Elizabeth
  • Big girl bike and a 2 wheeler scooter! Barbie house, iPod Dock, furby.   Jo
  • Doll stuff Lego and a massive wooden kitchen.   Louise
  • Swing set, 12v car, cars, water play table, balls, books, DVDs, little cricket bat, 3 wheel scooter, cloths, dinner sets, sand pit, sand toys.   Emma
  • Lego and educational books.   Lousie
  • Cubby house and slide set.  Want them OUTSIDE! Sam
  • Toy story figures and camp bed.  Amanda
  • Superman and batman toys.   Elizabeth
  • Ninja turtles, bikes, lego, iPods, skate boards, remote control planes or cars.   Casey
  • Bike.   Jennifer
  • New bike, mouse trap game, book, shirt, Lego.   Peta
  • Stuff for the next 12 months, towel, water bottle, food container, clothes and tee pee for her room.   Peta
  • My not-so-little one is going to big school next year so we’re getting her a cool backpack and lunchbox set as well as swimming stuff and other “school needs”.  She’ll get a few toys too but we’re trying to show her how important going to school is…. maybe we’ll be the most hated parents on the block on Christmas morning though! Karen
  • Furby.   Sophie
  • Books and pyjamas.   Jennifer
  • Swing set.   Rawinia
  • Swimmers, pjs and books.    Rawinia
  • I feel like all these Christmas gift ideas for kids under school age are a bit “much”.  In our house, we make each other Christmas presents and we do a “secret santa” with the rest of the family.  It’s more about the spirit of Christmas for us.  We spend time at our church volunteering and we celebrate our family and our faith, rather than too many gifts! Marian

Best place/brand to buy trampolines, swing sets, slide/cubby houses, bikes and any other big ticket items

They’re a BIG BIG BIG investment so we asked our community of mums where to get good quality, good value big ticket Christmas gift ideas for kids.  The top recommendation? Springfree brand trampolines.

Big ticket gifts for kids under 5

  • Grays Online have some great delas on this stuff. Eryn
  • Best value trampoline is at Kmart! We bought a 10 foot trampoline for 170 dollars! And it’s awesome!!! Jessica
  • Ive got 14 foot trampoline on with my lay-by for $209 from Kmart. Tracey-lee
  • Great trampoline brand – Vuly. Elisabeth
  • Got a swing set on special for $69 from Kmart – missed out on the trampoline 🙁 Kim
  • Purchased our swing set from Hills Clearance Centre, Melbourne.  Lots of good quality Christmas gifts for kids at “clearance centre” prices! Larisa
  • Toyworld for swing sets and slides, they just seem to be the safest and best quality. Casey
  • Spring free trampolines – they’re pricey but worth the extra money. So safe and my boys love it and use it every day! Alysia
  • We got a 16 foot springless trampoline for about $500 from KMate (KMate rather then KMart) online, its awesome, with a 180kg weight rating the whole family can get on it.   Mish
  • Spring free trampoline!! I was so embarrassed by how much we spent on it… But almost a year later it gets used just about every afternoon and all weekend!! Worth the extra $$ for sure!! Kahlia
  • Springfree trampolines are the best/safest you can buy, medium size is about $1500 so yeah a bit pricey but it will last!!you get what you pay for 🙂 Chevawn
  • Bunnings. Brooke
  • We got our trampoline from Kmart. It was $220-230 for a 14ft fully enclosed. It’s great! Kerry
  • Hip Kids has some pretty amazing Christmas presents for kids under five.  They do lots of really lovely stuff you can’t find at your local shops.  Sarah
  • I got the girls a outdoor playland and trampoline from target. If you get them when the toy sale is on and lay-by them no need for storage 🙂 Michelle
  • Same as Michelle.  Kylee

Where to get decorations personalised with child’s name

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under 5 - Personalised present options

  • ZippyZippy do fantastic Santa Sacks. Jodie
  • Yayme! Geelong do! Meagan
  • The Little Chicken make Santa Sacks Nicole
  • I and my sister will be doing Christmassy things including deccies and clothing 🙂 on ph so can’t tag but search for cutie Hooties removable wall decals and other cute crafts 🙂 Alison
  • http://www.identitydirect.com.au/ It’s not a fb page but they are great. Katie
  • If u want a letter from santa. Its called letters from santa. (they are based in perth) they have a special atm 9 dollars instead of 11. Check them out cause it looks really cool 🙂 They are on fb. I can’t tag it.. 🙁 Narelle
  • Identity direct is great! Chelsea
  • My Teddy does really cute Christmas teddies! Toni
  • http://www.facebook.com/2011.FamilyLove – amazing 🙂 Katie
  • Little Pretties for Personalised christmas baubles … there is an album with some from last year. Claire
  • Larabella designs does custom words and Christmas deco’s. Michelle
  • My page is called little lovelies (can’t tag cause I’m on phone). I have an album of cute Christmas gear and anything can be custom embroidered with child’s name or anything else. Professional embroidery service. Thanks xx Melissa
  • I make baby headbands and girls hair clips @little angels clothing and accessories. Sam


Best place to get “My First Christmas” baubles?

Christmas bauble

  • I got a really beautiful one from Myer last year. Alysha
  • Myer does personalized ones and they are really nice 🙂 Nikki
  • You usually find them set up in major shopping centers. If ur Sydney go to parra westfields. Lina
  • I make my own i buy them from spotlight paint them and decorate them for my kids. I need to make a few more especially for my little man who is 2. Sometimes near chrissy they sell them at the shopping centres. Kylie
  • MYER has them, so do most shopping centres closer to Christmas in stalls in the middle of the shopping centre, they’re usually cheaper than MYER too – Kristin
  • Big w sell all 1st christmas stuff. Khesanh
  • Not 100% of they have glass balls, but there are certainly other options similar @ identity direct. Gina

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What are your best Christmas gift ideas for kids under 5?

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