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Christmas Healthy Eating – Yes It’s Possible!

Christmas Healthy Eating TipsChristmas is all about the food, and often the food is all about treating yourself – it can be hard to keep a balanced diet. These Christmas healthy eating tips by Lose Baby Weight will help keep you on track.

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If you are trying to lose weight, then the Christmas period may be starting to worry you as most of us tend to gain weight over this period as we are surrounding that high calorie foods that we find hard to say no to.

But being on a diet or monitoring your weight does not mean all enjoyable foods are out and it is very possible to make all the treats that are a normal part of Christmas festivities very healthy and not have you gain weight.

Also – healthy foods can be delicious and when you find out what you like you can have a great time knowing you eat well and not gain weight Here are some that ideas to get you on the right track this holiday season:

1. Christmas turkey is a great meat to consume – it is lean white meat is high in protein and very lean and is a great protein to include in all kinds of dishes

2. All the vegetables that go with the turkey can be delicious if you buy good quality and cook them well (i.e. don’t over cook them or drench them in oil if roasting). Why not set your mind on organic vegetables only for the holiday season? That may seem an indulgence cost wise, but better to indulge in that than junk foods.

3. Fresh salmon is great for Christmas if you want to try something different go for trout which has less calories and fat than salmon but the same goodness

4. Experiment with your own salad dressings, and try different olive oils and experiment with adding herbs, different vinegars and mustards.

5. Aim to have plenty of fruits around the house during the Christmas period. Want to indulge as it’s Christmas? What about your favourite fruits dipped into a bit of melted dark chocolate?

6. Nuts make fantastic healthy and tasty snacks. Keep a stash of unsalted and natural nuts in the cupboard and mix with some dried fruits.

7. Need a cheese fix – Choose a low fat cheese and steer clear full fat Brie (Ricotta is the best)

8. Choose a spritzer with 50% light white wine and 50% sparkling water not a straight white wine or champagne – more refreshing and less calories

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