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best double pram 2014I’m pregnant with my second child and I’m wondering of a good toddler/ baby pram. My little girl will be 1 yr and 4 months when the second is born. So something that will be good for both of them. Price doesn’t matter just looking for the best out there – not really to keen on the prams though where they sit side by side… I’d prefer the one under the other thanks everyone!

  •  Baby jogger city select is the best double pram. I’ve got two kids and its fabulous.   Lucy
  •  Strider plus.. I love them.. I asked Santa for one for christmas but didnt get one Maybe next year lol.  Melissa
  •  If price isn’t a concern I would get a baby jogger city select good luck.  Pru
  • City select is the best double pram, although i do love my strider plus! i have had it for 3 years and its still going strong! having no 3 in june so my youngest atm will be in the pram still (she wont even be 2.5 yet).  Zoe
  •  I love my baby smart beema duo. i can have bubs underneath and my toddler on top or the other way round. it can also have a steelcraft capsule. i paid a total of $600 coz i already had the capsule. and it is byfar the best investment baby thing i have bought.  Louisa
  •  Baby jogger city select – the best. My 4 year old still sits and sleeps in it!  Cherie
  •  I love my iCandy peach blossom but it’s a little exxy. Go try them and see what suits you.  Rebecca
  •  Steelcraft strider plus Hun or the compact.  Kristie
  •  I’ve only ever had a Phil & Teds and I find it great!  Stacey
  •  Baby jogger City select or bugaboo donkey.  Nicole
  •  I’m using city select jogger with bassinet for bubba.  Donna
  •  The compact is 7.5cm skinner than the plus.  Simone
  •  I have a 4 wheel strider plus. It’s a really good pram, if you have enough boot space, and are patient when it comes to not fitting through some doorways and checkouts. Other than that a great pram and good to push/walk with.  Terri
  •  Bugaboo donkey, coz u can convert it back to a single pram or baby jogger city select. Rachael
  •  I have the city select for my twinnies and its AWESOME! Got mine (’12 edition) on gumtree for $750 including the second seat and adapters!!  Nicola
  •  I have a First Wheels City Twin for my girls but I loved the City Mini double.  Laura
  •  I also have a 4 wheel stridor plus…love it. only downfall is it is wide and occasionally doesn’t fit through doors and checkouts. It is great though because the toddler and baby can go in the front or back and it won’t tip over. I still use it for my nearly 3yr old with her 13 month old sister. I believe they have recently released a slimmer version which would be perfect.  Emma
  •  Mine is the Baby Love focus elite, it is awesome everyone who sees it tells me they love it and wish they had gotten one.  Emily
  •  I have the same pram as Emma!! A strider plus!! As Emma said it is slightly bit to wide at the back but it’s a fantastic pram!!  Carly
  •  My babies are 17 months apart and I have owned a strider plus,Phil and teds ‘dash’ also a mountain buggy side by side but a few months ago purchased the baby jogger city select and it is absolutely awesome I wish I got this one first you will not be disappointed.  Emma
  •  I’m also pregnant 12 weeks and 1 day. It’ll be my third. I have strider plus. Ill have to buy the toddler seat that sits down the bottom.  Natalie
  •  Strider plus!! Awsome pram! Or the strider compact.  Chontae
  •  Strider plus are great but if u really want a WOW pram a bugaboo Donkey!!!!  Chloe
  •  I’ve been looking at prams with toddler seats as I will have a 2yr old and newborn shortly. If I had the money I would get the city select as it looks great. I have just got a 2nd hand Phil and teds sport to see if we like it, and then I may get a newer one if we do, or look at another one if we don’t. It’s so hard!! Haha  Melissa
  •  I had 3 kids under 4yo and have had no problems at all with my inline Phil & Teds.  Christie
  •  I know you said you prefer the one under the other but I got the baby jogger city select that way both kids can see out. Or bubs can face you and toddler can see out… I absolutely love the pram.. I found pramwarehouse.com had the cheapest prices and always have sales on. Teagan
  •  I have the new strider compact and it is fantastic!!!!! Highly recommended. I was going to get the baby jogger city select but changed my mind at the shop. After seeing the strider compact.  Alana
  •  As others have said Baby Jogger City Select. I only have 1 bub at the moment but have the 2 seats plus the bassinet. Its great as you can move the seats/bassinets to face forward or back, there are many ways to place bubs seat to suit the situation.  Annika
  •  Bugaboo donkey or baby jogger city select.  Bethanie
  •  Baby jogger city select, have had it for 2 and half years & LOVE IT! Still fits my 4 year old and 2 year old perfectly. Love that both kids can see whats going on around them & easy to handle.  Jodie
  •  Love our phil and ted sport, will be great when we have bub no.2. love it cause it isn’t bulky like a twin side by side and the inline makes it cruisy for the outdoors and walking.  Anne-Marie
  •  I have the strider plus with the second seat the 4 wheeler. ive never looked back after buying it. i had a phil and ted first hated it couldnt wait to get rid of it.  Diana
  •  Baby jogger city select!  Biannca
  •  Highly recommend any of the baby jogger range. They are excellent and easy to fold down. Check them out at baby bunting.  Bronwyn
  •  We will be in the same boat with bub due when out little one will be 13months. We have decided on the strider compact after a saleswoman showed us all the ins and outs. Great pram!  Stacey
  •  I have the iCandy and it, it can be used both ways with 1 or 2 children (seats) with a bassinet and the capsule!  Brooke
  •  Phil&Teds joggers, they’re great.  Kim
  •  Candy peach xx  Laura
  •  Bugaboo Donkey I love it! The basket, the single double single.  Meegan
  •  I would definitely recommend the strider compact – very narrow & lightweight for a double pram & so easy to use.  Tina
  •  The Baby Jogger City Select is awesome! You can have 16 different configurations with it, I would never have another sort if pram.  Rebecca
  •  The baby jogger city select! I have one and I only have the one child. Mother bought it for me hoping I’d go for a number 2 haha. But I love my pram!!  Jen
  •  I candy peach blossom is amazing.  Stella
  •  City select.  Megan
  •  Strider Plus is what we got, car capsule goes from car to pram with toddler seat beneath. When baby outgrows capsule regular seat fits on top instead. My older daughter (17.5mths when no 2 arrived) absolutely loves her seat underneath.  Catherine
  •  ICandy Peach!  Ana
  • I have the bugaboo donkey duo. It works awesomely. I have a 3 year old and a newbie. It’s easy to push and holds loads. I don’t drive, so I walk everywhere. It fits in the buses fine and goes good for long walks. It’s a dream to push Samantha
  • I have the icandy peach blossom. It’s a good looking pram that is easy to navigate on flat surfaces. If you are looking for a walking pram this wouldn’t be it as it is not very good on rough surfaces or getting over bumps and paths. It also has a few pieces to it that initially takes a while getting used to but you eventually get there Moyra
  • Donkey for the win! Big basket. Easy to push. Extra storage with side basket if older one walks. Icandys gave small seats. Bethanie
  • I have the icandy peach blossom. It is the best double pram I’ve had (and I’ve had a few) love that baby can go in capsule facing me on the bottom and love that its a single pram whenever I need just one seat on. I have had my small 5yr old and big 7mth old in it at same time and it was still easy to push. My 2yr old refused to sit in the old pram but asks to have her seat on now when going out and loves sitting in it Jodie
  • We have newborn & 3yo and just bought Mountain Buggy Duet as I like to walk rather than drive whenever I can. So far so good. No problems in shops. Very easy to push Jen
  • Definitely the iCandy peach blossom. I have one and love it. I have a 3year old and a 1 year and am pregnant again.
  • Both my kids fit great in it. I looked at the donkey as well but it’s too wide and the seats are very small. Bronwyn
  • I have the Icandy peach and I love it. I had a different pram withy first but than fell pregnant soon after so I had to change. Best dissension ever. It’s so easy to use and you can put a capsule on as well as a normal seat. Wish
  • I have the iCandy peach bloosom and love it. Way better then a side to side pram as you fit everywhere. I have a two year old and she fits fine but she is quite small as I have found longer kids don’t fit as well. Tina
  • My friend has the Donkey and hates it. Says it’s too wide. Good for walking but unless you plan to use a different pram for when shopping etc then it’s just frustrating Megan

 Which double pram do you suggest and why?

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