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FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children Review

This post is sponsored by Nurofen for Children. I was given a sample of the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

When a baby has a fever, it can be absolutely terrifying for a new parent. It can be difficult to know how to monitor an infant fever, particularly when your child is sleeping. Luckily, there is the new FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children to help parents monitor a fever while their child is sleeping. Please note that after applying the monitor your child’s arm needs to be lowered to cover the metal sensor during use at all times.

Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

Fever while child is sleeping: Increasing anxiety for parents

Three months ago, my boy got really sick with his first fever. It was absolutely awful. I had just returned to the workforce, and my 13-month-old son was being cared for by family members during my work days. One day I walked in the door after work to find my dad cuddling our boy on the balcony. He (my son) was wearing nothing but his singlet and nappy. His cheeks were flushed, he had a high temperature and he was hardly moving. I’d never seen him so sad before. He hardly ate and was unresponsive during his usual fun shower time.

As we got my son ready for bed, I became absolutely petrified about his fever. Do we put him to sleep? How do you monitor an infant’s fever while they are asleep? I’ve realised that I am not alone in these concerns. Research has shown that 83% of parents find it stressful
measuring a child’s temperature, while 79% of parents avoid measuring temperature so they don’t disrupt their child’s rest*.

During my son’s sickness I was constantly disturbing him to check his temperature because I was so worried about how he was. I wanted a way of knowing that he’d be okay; to monitor his fever while he was sleeping.

Introducing FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children

Nurofen for children

While we survived that onslaught of sickness three months ago, I wish we had the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor back then for peace of mind. The FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is a digital thermometer and app that continuously and accurately^ monitors your child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep. The digital thermometer attaches to your child’s armpit and continuously transmits their temperature to your phone, sending you notifications if their temperature is in the high range.

How the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children Works

I was excited at the prospect of trialling the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor because I knew it would alleviate my anxiety about my son’s health in the future. When we received it, I immediately downloaded the iPhone app and read the simple instructions that came with the box (and watched the video in the app as well). To use the FeverSmart, you simply:
1. Download the Nurofen for Children FeverSmart app from the app store.
2. Create an account in the app that sets up your child’s profile. You are also guided through pairing your phone with the monitor, with a short instructional video to explain the process.
3. Put batteries within the base station to help keep the monitor charged when it is not in use.
4. Remove the monitor from the base station, and follow the instructions to attach an adhesive patch to the back of the monitor.
5. Attach the monitor to your child’s armpit (again, the instructional video guides you through this process).
6. Allow up to 8 minutes of warm-up time for the app to sync with the monitor. Once it is ready to go, your Nurofen for Children FeverSmart app will display your child’s temperature, and the background of the app will display a colour depending on the temperature: black (warm up mode), green (normal range), yellow (moderate temperature), red (high temperature).

While the Nurofen for Children FeverSmart works to monitor your child’s temperature while they sleep, it also includes a symptom tracker and medication tracker, to keep an eye on your child’s symptoms and how much medication you have given them (and at what time) in case you need to follow up at the doctors or the hospital.

The app uses push notifications to notify you if your child’s temperature is in the high range throughout their sleep. For this to work properly, you will need to change your volume settings off “do not disturb”, however the volume may not be loud enough to wake a parent, so you should continue to regularly check on your child when they have a high temperature.

Nurofen Feversmart app

Our experience of the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

While our son did not have a fever when we trialled FeverSmart Temperature Monitor, I immediately felt reassured putting him down to sleep that I would be made aware if my son was to have a high temperature throughout the night. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the monitor was the set up and put onto my boy (he didn’t squirm or try to pull it off like I thought a 16-month-old might do!).
As the Nurofen for Children FeverSmart comes with 4 adhesive patches, we have saved the other 3 patches for the next time our son has a fever. I know that I will instantly feel more assured about monitoring my toddler’s fever while he is asleep.

Nurofen Feversmart

Monitor your infant’s fever with FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

The FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is out now in local Chemist Warehouses and Pricelines, so make sure you head out to grab one today for that much-needed reassurance during your child’s next fever. You can find out more information about the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by visiting their website or their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Feversmart does not replace continuous parental vigilance. When in doubt, always see your healthcare 
professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are concerned about your child’s fever see your doctor.

* Research: Colmar Brunton Study for RB, Australian parents, 2015. Sample size; 2016 parents
^ Accurate within +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius. Environmental factors and child’s position may result in greater variance.

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