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Handmade Christmas Decorations – Budget Craft Fun!

I’d love to make some handmade Christmas decorations with my three year old. Any suggestions what we could make?

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  • Go to Riot art and craft shop if you have one, they have heaps of stuff     Saffron
  • Checkout Pinterest, Sooo many ideas!     Tamara
  • I made a hand and foot print reindeer, do the foot print in the middle of the page then the end where the toes are put the hand prints that end with the palm of the hands covering the toes then when it dries just add a nose and eyes. (if that doesn’t make sense your more than welcome to pm me and I can send you a pic)
    you could also make a made print xmas tree and to make it 3d do lots of hand prints cut them out over lap them so just the fingers are showing and just glue the palms to the cardboard, I have a whole folder of stuff to do good thing about working in childcare lol … could also go to the cheap shops and buy the little white balls and get him to decorate them with glitter etc and add some string to do         Rebekah
  • Buy a pack of baubles and write names on them and let him decorate with texta, glitter paint… Cut out a tree or stocking from felt and let him decorate it… Even those gingerbread house kits… He can decorate it for them (and help them eat it)     Teagan
  • Get some foam balls and sequence and beads and pins (with heads) and make bauble balls.     Sophia
  • A little different but why don’t you go somewhere where you can paint your own mugs & you can get you little one to put their hand print on the sides…certainly a one off that way     Gina
  • We have made all our Christmas paper – painting with red and green and finger print reindeer gift tags. Anything on a canvas is always a beautiful present.     Brooke

What are your favourite handmade Christmas decorations to make with the kids?

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