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Health Tips: Losing the Baby Weight

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With summer nearly here, it is time to up the anti on your healthy eating and weight loss plans and increase the amount of weight bearing exercises you are doing to get the toned limbs showing through. This can be done with squats, mini push ups, core work and light weights – plus remember that you need to lose the excess fat to show off the muscles so make sure you are following a healthy eating plan to lose the excess weight.

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Start slowly if you have had a baby recently

Before exercising post baby, think about this list of exercises to avoid. 

Clear your cupboard of junk food to help with weight loss

When starting on any weight loss campaign always make sure you get off to a great start by clearing out your cupboards and fridge by throwing away any junk food – this includes all chocolate/biscuits, processed foods and fatty foods and replacing them with fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain breads, rices and pastas. This is imperative as when you have bad days there will only be good food to snack on and no junk food to throw your weight loss off track.

Focus on your nutrition

When you are ready to lose your baby weight and shape up focus on living a healthy lifestyle and getting the right nutrition in your diet as opposed to obsessing about losing weight. You will find by giving the cells in your body the right balance of vitamins and minerals this will stimulate your metabolism and digestion which are both key in weight loss and feeling fantastic. So stop worrying about calories and start thinking about nutrition and health – your body will thank you for it.

Chillies help increase energy production

Try including as many red chillies in your cooking as possible this winter. They contain a chemical called capsaicin which increases energy production in the body and stimulates the metabolism which is great for weight loss – it also reduces inflammation in the body so great for sore muscles.

Challenge yourself over winter to maintain weight

The average weight gain over winter is 4kg – do not let yourslef become part of this weight gain trend and instead challenge yourself to maintain your weight (or lose it if you have weight to lose) by eating the right foods, cutting out junk food and rugging up and going for a daily walk – you can do it!

Order healthy food when out

When you are out with friends in a cafe or restaurant be a leader not a follower. When you are about to order, get your order in first and order a healthy option rather than letting others order first and being tempted to eat what they order. Chances are that they will hear your healthy order and want to follow your lead too rather than go for a sugary or high fat option.

Stay motivated

Keep motivated by having clear goals, having an occasional reward and getting your friends involved in your plans. 

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