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Infinity (Custom)by Amy from The Parent Patch

It’s funny how the infinity symbol has different meanings depending on what stage of life we are in.  As children, it represents the biggest number we know and as adults we understand its meaning as infinite possibilities and the limitlessness of life.

Considering the symbol has different meanings at different times, it is exciting to know that at one significant time of the year, we all come together and celebrate the symbolism in our own unique way.  This time is Christmas.

Irrespective of what Christmas means to us individually, there is no debating that Christmas morning and its magic is the biggest event on any child’s calendar.  Our children, for such a brief time in their upbringing, are able to believe, without question, that magic exists. In turn, we as parents are able to remember what it felt like to live in a world where you truly believed that anything was possible, simply by watching the day unfold through the eyes of our children.

At some point as we get older, the magic is slowly replaced by education, career, family, finances and life in general.  It’s sad, really, as life was so much simpler when all we had to do was believe in the idea that anything is possible.  Some might say that this isn’t reality, and for the most part that’s true, but it is also important to remember that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

It is easy to create a little magic at Christmas for our children – and it is impossible to know what the experience of joy and hope and togetherness on this one day will have on them as a person, or on the person that they will become. The magic of a single individual and its impact should never be underestimated.

“Infinity is a quality of being, a characteristic of never ending possibilities of manifesting yourself.

Consider every minute decision towards any choice of action you might encounter in any given 24 hour period;

Every instant brings with it innumerable choices from lifting a finger to moving a mountain and everything in between;

Taking that into consideration, how many possible versions of today could happen if one single decision throughout the day was done differently?

Multiply that change by every instant of the day and include all variations on this theme with all possible outcomes and endings;

Now multiply that day by all the days of your life and you will begin to sense the endless possibilities available during any given lifetime.

This is simple evidence of the infinite nature of a single individual.”

(Source unknown)

Christmas celebrates the potential in all of us – the Christmas Spirit gives us rose coloured glasses that allow us to see the good and joy in the world, and the good and joy in others. That is part of what the magic of Christmas is all about.

Choose to make one small change in your day today that develops the magic missing in our lives.

Amy provides practical resources and advice to everyday parents who are looking for simple, actionable ideas and strategies to manage young children and enjoy each day to its fullest through her website The Parent Patch. You can also find her on facebook. To see all of her articles, click here.


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