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Size of family: Are people entitled to an Opinion

Baby Hints and Tips shared an article from CBC News this week about the public backlash American celebrities Chip and Joanna Gaines received when announcing their fifth pregnancy on television. The brunt of the criticism was fuelled by the impact that each human born into the world will have on the planet. We put it to you to see what your thoughts are on whether it’s acceptable to criticise parents for the size of the family or whether people should keep their opinions to themselves.

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Mind your own business

Lots of our followers agreed that people need to mind their own beeswax when it comes to family size.

“People need to mind their own business. Some people have no kids, some have lots, and some have one. People do what they think is right and have the consequences of their decision, positive and negative.” Peter

“This makes me so angry. My husband and I are having our forth (he has two, I have one so this is our first together) and everyone lost their minds saying, “don’t you have enough kids?” As long the parents have the means to support themselves and their family its no-one else’s business how many kids someone has!” Emily

“Good for them. If five kids are what they decide to have who is anyone to criticise them? They are the ones having them so mind your own damn business.” Tracy

Are people entitled to an opinion on the size of your family? Here are your thoughts.

But won’t someone please think of the planet?

There were a few in our community who felt passionate about the consequences of having larger families for the planet.

“The world has limited resources and yes, overpopulation is the biggest threat to mankind. Our government cannot even plan for our current population, let alone the future. There has to be a point where we must become responsible for our environmental footprint.” Sue

“Commenting on an aspect of someone’s lives that doesn’t affect you isn’t called for. But when it affects the planet then it’s not really ‘none of their business’.” Madison

Go forth and procreate – so long as you can afford it

A good percentage of commentators on the article said the issue isn’t climate change or over population but the strain on Government resources if you can’t afford a larger family.

“If you are a responsible parent with the money to afford them, sure go ahead.
But if you live in poverty or have no control over the ones you already have, maybe don’t add more.” Carla

“From my understanding they are financially able to afford five kids. Plus they have a small farm and live off that a lot.
What we should be up in arms about are people having five, six or seven kids and living off benefits. That pisses me off, not this.” Vicki

“How many children people have is no-one’s business but the parents. That said if you’re relying solely on the government to raise your children then society will take issue with it because children aren’t cheap to feed and clothe.” Deidre

“If they have mean to raise them all without asking for donation or welfare, that would be their own business.” Phirintra

Haters gonna hate…do what makes you happy

“I wonder if those people that are complaining are also the ones that think you’re selfish for having one child as well.” Shanelle

“People ask us if we’re done yet….my husband’s response is “not when my wife is that sexy”. The reactions are priceless. I love that man.” Becky

“I am currently pregnant with number six. The haters can hate all they like.” Patricia

Final thoughts

Even though everyone who commented on our original post had different reasons for their answer, the overwhelming consensus was that it’s nobody’s business but the parents how many children they have in their family.

We have to agree that it’s an entirely personal decision whether you decide to have one child or ten. And what did Chip and Joanna have to say about the influx of comments hurled at them on social media? Nothing. Because let’s face it – they don’t need to defend their decision to expand their family. Biggest congrats to Chip and Joanna on their wonderful news.

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