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Old Wives’ Tales for having a Girl

old-wives-tale-for-girlI have 2 boys already and I wanted to know if anyone has some really good tried, tested or proven methods on how to conceive a girl?

  • The male determines the sex.. There is no “way” to conceive a girl.  Jackie
  •  I have 2 girls and apparently to conceive a boy you need to have sex the day of ovulation as boy sperm are quicker but the girl sperm last longer so if you’ve done it a few days before or after there is more of a chance of a girl. One old duck told me to check the moon because if your last born was on a change of moon then its change of sex but in reality it’s the male that determines the sex.  Michelle
  •  I don’t think there is any proven way just many “old wives tales”. We only wanted 2 children (tho ended up having a 3rd) and since our 1st was a boy we googled ways to have a girl. We read that the male sperm swim fast and due quick while girl sperm swim slow and last a few days…. So work out when you ovulate and no sex that day!! Wait a day or 2 after best of luck.  Lauren
  •  Sex of the baby is also determined by how acidic the female is (this affects how long the sperm can live). Men who work with computers and pilots have higher rates of girls.  Kirsty
  •  My aunty swears by a book called ‘ How to choose the sex of your baby’. Good Luck.  Rebecca
  •  Really I think it’s just luck of the draw. I have 3 girls no idea how i did it LOL.  Lisa
  •  Apparently male sperm swim faster but female sperm survive longer, so the theory is if you have sex often the fast male sperm WIN the race and if there is no egg they and die while the female sperm slowly keep making their way. By having lots of sex you’ll build up an army of female sperm that have a head start on the faster male sperm. But it depends when you ovulate; coz if the egg is already there then the male sperm will get there first.  Salleigh
  •  Sorry but it is luck of the draw. Any ‘methods’ you’ve heard of Don’t work. It’s the sperm that determines the sex (so blame your hubby lol)  Sam
  •  People say the male determines the sex as we were told that it is based on the father’s siblings etc but it does not ring true as my partner has sisters only and his dad has sisters only. I have 4 boys. An ultrasound technician told me it is determined on the time you have sex to when ovulation starts as she only wanted to have a girl so she followed the study and that is exactly what she had. Good luck.  Sonya
  •  Friends went to the naturopath; special diets etc. had 2 boys already and wanted a girl, ended up with twins, one of each!  Sharon

    Have you used any methods to conceive a girl? Any success? Comment below



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