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Farm animal cupcakes

These farm animal cupcakes are great for birthday parties or even just for a special afternoon tea.  If your child has a farm animal theme for their birthday, this will be the perfect accompaniment.

Pig, chicken and frog are very simple cupcakes that will have your kids squealing with joy.  Your kids will get a thrill out of helping to make them.

Farm Animal Cupcakes

Make a simple cupcake

Farm animal cupcakes – Frog cupcakes


  • White choc buds
  • Mini black m&ms
  • Black gel icing pen
  • Green icing


Ice cup cake in green icing. Use a small drop of icing on white choc buds to attach black m&ms. Push white choc buds into cupcake. Draw smile using black gel pen.

Farm animal cupcakes – Chicken cupcakes


  • Black or brown mini m&ms
  • Orange starbursts
  • Yellow food colouring
  • Coconut
  • Yellow icing


Place coconut in snap lock freezer bag with a few drops of yellow food colouring, seal bag and mix/shake until coconut is an even yellow colour. Ice cupcake with yellow icing. Sprinkle coconut on cupcake. Cut a triangle shape from starburst for beak. Add eyes (m&ms) and beak to cupcakes.

Farm animal cupcakes – Pig cupcakes


  • Pink icing
  • Pink marshmallows
  • Pink starbursts
  • Black gel icing pen


Cut marshmallows in half to make 2 circles for snouts. Cut starbursts in half on a diagonal to make 2 ears. Ice cupcake with pink icing. Add marshmallow snout. Use icing pen to add mouth, eyes and nostrils (note practice with icing pen first).

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