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When to stop sterilising Baby items

stop sterilisingJust wondering when everyone stops sterilising bottles? I have always done it till they stop having them but have heard that the health nurses are saying after 6months.

  •  I don’t see any point in sterilising once they start crawling.  Kirsty
  •  Never started hot soapy water is enough.   Jessica
  •  I sterilised until 12 months with my eldest two.   Zoe
  •  I never sterilised. The WA hospitals tell you not to. Hot soapy water wash, rinse and air dry. Did that from birth.   Bethanie
  •  Doesn’t really matter. Do it till you want to stop.    Bianca
  •  I stopped sterilising once he started putting everything off the floor into his mouth… But I do still steraliser once a week (sometimes more) to stop the bottles getting a foul smell.    Sheena
  •  No need to sterilise at all. Hot soapy water is enough.   Mardi
  •  I stopped at 6mths just did hot soapy water and then rinsed in fresh hot water and air dried. I still used boiled water till 12mths tho.   Bo
  •  I just recently stopped and my baby is 8 months and now I just put them all in the dishwasher.   Symone
  •  They just say to wash in warm/hot soapy water, rinse and drip dry. This is what I was told to do in the NICU unit and from birth.   M’leigh
  •  With my fist 3 I sterilised till they were off them at 14 months but stopped at 5 months with my son, I was only sterilising when pumping but he fed so much that didn’t pump after then, he started on formula at 8 months and didn’t sterilise, just washed in hot soapy water, rinsed and air dried but still used boiling water so guess that helped too. I might also add that he is the only one of my 4 kids, who hasn’t been sick from early on, maybe his body built up immunity.   Christine
  •  They are actually suggesting now to not worry about sterilising and to just wash and rinse. I sterillised with my first till he was 8mth with my second I stopped after 3mth as they put things in their mouth anyway and she had no problems.   Vanessa

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