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10 month old wakes every few hours

10 month olds are developing their personality, they are crawling and may be pulling up to stand. They should be eating a variety of solids and may be having one or two naps a day.  Many will be sleeping through the night, however it is very common for a 10 month old to still wake frequently.

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Community question: 10 month old wakes every few hours

I get upset when I hear other people’s babies sleeping through the night. My 10 month old still wakes every few hours. Any suggestions?

10 month old wakes every few hours

  • My 10 month old wakes frequently too, you are not alone
  • My one year old still wakes every few hours. All babies are different. Nikki
  • My 3 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night. Don’t stress, they are still babies. Other people may be lying to you lol. Lorna
  • Don’t! It’s pretty normal! My son is now 13 months and wakes anywhere from 1-3 times a night. This is a vast improvement from every 1-2 hours, which we had from about 4-10 months. I truly believe sleep (particularly self-settling) is a milestone just like any other, and each baby gets there in his/her own time. If it’s starting to really take its toll on you, I highly recommend The No Cry Sleep Solution for lots of gentle tips you can try to help baby get there a bit faster. Good luck – I know it’s really hard. Sally
  • My boy woke up to 6 times a night until he was 3, my girl slept 11-12 hours a night since 5 weeks old. Each baby is different and you shouldn’t compare them with each other. Tiffany
  • Mine woke every hour for the first year no matter what I tried. At 2, she now only wakes once as of the last 2 months or so. Most of my friends have multiple night wakers too. I think it is fairly normal x Lyn
  • My baby is 14 months now and is still waking. Was a pretty good sleeper until she started teething and wakes every couple of hours. Hoping she will get there in her own time I am slowly starting to lose it more and more haha i feel your pain but it wont be forever! Emma
  • Try to not get upset. Every baby is different. My eldest didn’t sleep through until 14 months and my youngest was 21 months. They are 5 and 3 now and I STILL get bad nights at least twice a week. You can try everything under the sun and sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. Rest assured, the day will come when your baby will sleep through! (You won’t, but they will!). Belinda
  • My daughter slept through for the 1st time at 18 months. Now at 23 months, she still very occasionally wakes and comes into my bed at night. Some babies sleep through and some don’t. It’ll pass. Annie
  • It doesn’t matter if you have routine or not. I’m all about routine and my 1st didn’t sleep though until he was almost one, second only 3.5 months old. Only one of my friends children slept though from 8 weeks. Hang in there it will happen 😴😴 Paige
  • When my Bub was 4 weeks old he started sleeping 8 hours, then at 4 months he was waking every 2 hours sometimes not even making it 2 hours. He is now 7 months old and only just getting better. Babies aren’t designed to sleep through and before too long he won’t be needing me as much so I’m tired but enjoying the extra cuddles. Don’t compare your baby to others. We all sleep differently to others so why should our babies all sleep the same way? I always tell myself that those people who gloat about their babies sleeping through are going to go through hell later on when we have a perfect baby. I never once gloated about my baby sleeping through for this very reason. There is always a mum out there struggling and we should be supporting each other!! Trish
  • My almost 3 yr old doesn’t sleep through. Gem
  • It’s healthy that your baby wakes through the night. Take with a pinch of salt people who tell you their baby sleep all night. All night to some really means 5 or so hours. Bernadette
  • Other people aren’t always telling the truth. Babies are supposed to wake. My gorgeous boy still wakes at least once a night at 19months. It’s not forever. Sally
  • I felt the exact same way as you. I tried everything to get my 18month old to sleep through the night but still to no prevail. I have come to realise he will eventually stop waking through the night in his own time. Keep your chin up mummy your doing an awesome job x Carly
  • My son is 14 months and only now will sleep most of the night and only wakes once. Up until he was 1yr he would wake 4-5 times a night . I never believed people who said he would grow out of it but he actually seems to be .
    Self soothing isn’t something he’s ever been able to do but still has been able to stop waking at night finally.  Gillian
  • Definitely don’t get upset! All bubbas are so different my 2 year old still wakes up at least once a night. Sleeping through is also actually any 6 hour sleep stint not all night which is what a couple of sleep consultants have told me, and no matter who I’ve spoken to its normal for young children to wake. Felicity
  • Don’t panic…every baby is different. Mine didn’t sleep through until she was 5 years old…. yours will get there. Rosemary
  • My 9 month old has never slept through, she still feeds 3-1000 times a night. (Last night at was about 6 but felt like 1000)
    It is perfectly normal as they are not biologically designed to sleep through this young.  (Still hard on your sanity but there is nothing wrong with your baby ). Colleen

Baby will sleep well eventually, do not worry

  • Don’t compare your baby to other babies! Your baby will sleep through the night eventually! Elizabeth

Ideas to help your 10 month old baby sleep longer over night

  • My little one is 1 in a week and she still doesn’t sleep through the night . She is up a good 4 hours at least through the night . There isn’t anything that u can do . They will eventually start sleeping through the night as they get much older . Tegan
  • Consider how baby falls asleep.  Try to remove any sleep aids such as bottle to sleep or breastfeeding to sleep. This can be done gradually and without crying.  Slowly wean with lots of cuddles and support. Sally
  • Since my baby girl could tell night from day I started a routine. She started sleeping through the night at 4 months once she got her thumb and her crib. However she will be 10 months this month and is popping teeth like popcorn so we have had many wakened nights this last whole month! Babies are just tuned to do their thing, its our duty to be there for them and not be selfish and want them to sleep all the time. I love waking up with her I miss her when she sleeps lol she’s my best friend:) its tiring but its mom duties! Kodi
  • Have you seen a sleep consultant? They may be able to help get them to only 1 wake up or sleep through. Zora
  • My second baby didn’t sleep through until 11 months. I changed his mattress protector & sheet to give the mattress a softer feeling, dream fed & changed his nappy at the same time. It takes time some don’t sleep through for a while. Jessica
  • If your baby is established on solids then there is no need for night waking for hunger etc, firstly try to work out if it’s from noises or hot or cold etc and if it doesn’t seem to be any of that then it is likely they are waking out of habit, you’ll just need to break the habit, I used the self soothing method, if they start to rely on you to go to sleep it just creates more bad habits, if you let them have their whinge they’ll soon work out how to self sooth and go back to sleep without any aid. Megan
  • Cut down her sleeps during the day. Cassandra
  • All babies are different and have different needs & wants. However I totally recommend going to a sleep school if you want to help bubs to sleep longer overnight. If it doesn’t bother you & bubs is getting enough sleep & is happy then just ignore them they’ll have times where bubs doesn’t sleep well or has some other sort of thing to deal with. Being a mum is not easy but is wonderful & exciting cause its so unique & different for everyone. I took both my boys to sleep school my first at 7 months my 2nd at 5.5months. And it was so awesome for us. They didn’t teach timed controlled crying they taught listening to your baby and what each cry meant & how to respond. My first got the hang of the routine within 3 days other then being sick sleeps through the night & has a 2-3 hr nap at 2 yrs old, my 2nd a little more stubborn & harder cause the toddler doesn’t want to follow his routine lol ! But he’s 7 months and sleeps through from 8pm-7am most nights has some nights he wakes up 1-2 times and others where he ends up sleeping with us. Its just gauging what works for you and going with the flow your & bubs health and happiness is the most important thing don’t let people get you down xxx Natasha

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