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Wrong gender during an ultrasound?

Can gender be wrong on ultrasound?

Many people want to know the sex of their baby during pregnancy and look to the ultrasound to find out.   While old wives tales such as Chinese Gender Chart can be fun the best way to determine the sex of baby during pregnancy is through ultrasound.  

Ultrasounds before 14 weeks gestation have a high chance of incorrect identification of the sex of the baby.  At less than 12 weeks, the accuracy of gender prediction is approximately 50%, before 14 weeks is around 75% and after 14 weeks the accuracy is much higher. 

Errors on ultrasound can occur due to the size of the uterus, position of the baby and the testicles not having descended.  

Remember if you do not want to know the sex of your baby, tell the technician early.

Reasons for wanting to know baby’s sex

  • Avoiding gender disappointment by allowing time to process
  • Allowing more purchases of gender specific clothing

Community question

Hi, has anyone had an ultrasound where the technician has said boy then changed to girl? What did your baby end up being?

Wrong gender during an ultrasound

  • Yep, my first. They said we were having a boy from the ultrasound, right up until 16weeks.My princess is now 3yo lol.  Mia
  • I  would love to know the answer to this too. At 15weeks it was a boy, but at 16weeks a girl. I have my ultrasound on Thursday for my 18week scan. should be interesting what they say next time.  Nancy
  • I’d get them to check again, but a different tech if possible, we got 2 people check the sex of our bub both said girl n that’s what we got, I hear 3d scans r great to find out sex good luck!  Melissa
  • I was told boy!! I have a 2 yo girl!  Meg
  • I was told a girl first then a few weeks later they said boy, I went on to have a beautiful little boy.  Shelley
  • Depends on what week your ultrasounds were. The tech who has done mine so far wouldn’t even hint as to what we are having, she said i have to wait until 20 week scan for it to be most accurate.  Laura 

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