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7 Month Old Routine – Sleep And Your Seven Month Old Baby


Your 7 month old baby has more energy which is awesome… and may mean dropping a nap!  Oh, is there anything so sad in a mum’s life as a dropped nap!  At seven months old, your baby has greater nutritional needs so may wake often if she’s not getting the fuel she needs.  She’s ready to take on the world… one less nap at a time.  We asked Baby Sleep Expert Tara Mitchell, to give us her expert tips on a 7 month old routine!

7 Month Old Baby Sleeping - Sleep Routines For 7 month old babies

What the experts say about the 7 month routine

If you haven’t introduced solids to your little one yet, it is recommended to begin to do so unless otherwise advised. It may take some time for your little one to get used to swallowing and tolerating different textures, so keep it experimental to begin with.

At 7 months old you may see your little one dropping their third or fourth nap of the day. When your little one begins to show signs they are ready to drop their later naps, I generally recommend adding 30 minutes more awake time prior to the last nap of the day to see if they will pick it back up. I am never in a rush to drop naps. If they then refuse it still or down the track begin to refuse it again, I would begin to work on spanning the first naps of the day out a little more.

You could try adding 15-20 minutes extra awake time to before their first nap and then 30 minutes before second nap, with an earlier bedtime for some time. Some down-time in the afternoon (e.g. a trip in the pram) where possible can also be a great way to help your little one get through to bedtime easier when they first drop their nap.

We asked advice from  mums of 7 month old babies

We asked our community of a quarter of a million mums what they can tell us about the 7 month old baby routine.  Here’s their insights into this stage!

  • If it helps, we have no set routine – it’s just generally what happens. No need for a routine in my opinion…babies aren’t robots Elana
  • My seven month old baby is wake at 8 am usually and down between 8-9pm, demand breastfeed and don’t count feeds but they are much more spaced now and he wakes 2-3 times a night; sometimes more if he is going through a wonder week period. Talk, play, sing, snuggles, He is on the go now and is quite the mischief maker haha we are always out and about and he loves that. Alana
  • Reading this makes me jealous … no matter how hard I try and establish a routine my daughter just does what ever she feels like in the day… I have only just started getting 3.5 hours sleep out of her during the day and she’s 8 months Kellie
  • I feel your pain- my daughter will sleep in the morning only 30 mins and about an hour and a half (if I’m lucky!) in the afternoon. She doesn’t like sleep at all- even at night! Tania
  • Our beautiful 7 month old wakes at 7am and has a bottle, breakfast around 7.45. By 9am he is back to be bed for an hour to 90 mins then up. Bottle at 10.30ish, lunch at 11.30 and back to bed around 12 for 2-3 hours. Has a bottle at 3 then sometimes a catnap around 4.30. Dinner at 5, bath at 6, bottle at 6.30 and bed by 7pm. My little man can only handle 2 hours up at a time so he usually goes back to bed at the 2 hour mark during the day so his routine gets adjusted according to what time he last woke (not usually by much) Julia
  • My 7 month old boy goes down at 6.30pm, wakes at 7.30am. He has a bottle at 7.30am, weet bix at 9am. Sleeps from 9.30-11.30am. Has another bottle at 11.30am & 2.30pm. Sleeps from 3-5pm. Eats apples or veggies pureed at 5pm. bath at 6pm, then last bottle and in beef at 6.30pm. I always put my kids down wide awake, and they fall of to sleep happily. If I cuddle and rock them to sleep, I find they wake when I lay them down, and cry and carry on. Self settling is ideal and he never cries! Sleeps 13 hours since 7 Weeks of age…yay, thank God Rhys
  • Our routine: 7am wake up and 200ml bottle, 8am brekky – cereal and fruit or yoghurt Play till 9am 9am sleep 10.30 am wake up and play 11am 150ml bottle 12pm lunch (veges and chicken, yoghurt) Play till 1pm 1pm sleep 2.30 wake up play3pm bottle Play till 5pm 5pm dinner (lamb and veg, fruit) 5.30 bath  6pm 150ml bottle 6.30 bed sleeps till morning.She is my second baby and she is so easy. I have followed “save our sleep” routine since she was born. So easy. Joanne
  • I have 7 month old twins! Our day sounds very much like Julie’s, just x2 lol!! Kylie
  • Awake between 7 and 8. Breakfast porridge with fruit breastfeed as drink. Down for nap about 2 hours later with a breastfeed. Wake up between 11 and 12 lunch of veggies with siblings. Nap around 130 with breastfeed. Wake up around 3 for school pick up breastfeed on return. Dinner of yoghurt and fruit around 530 , bath at 6 breastfeed after bath and bedtime around 7. We still have at least one night wake up if not 2 ! I do have 3 other children 2 of them at school. The eldest help entertain the baby by reading to him or giving him toys! Just watching the interactions between his siblings seems to be my bubba favourite activity! He goes shopping with me during school/childcare hours and watches me do my cooking and cleaning! Sandie
  • 7:30 wake up Bottle and a play 8:30 breakfast 9:00 nap/bottle 10:30-11 awake Play or go out 12:00 lunch 1-1:30 nap/bottle 3:30 wake Play 4:30-5 play outside snack 6:00 dinner 6:30 bath time 6:45 bottle 7:00 bed time 10:30 dream feed Bottle 240ml follow on formula Emily
  • My DD is bottle fed. 4x200ml a day. She is 6 months old.  She wakes at about  7:15 bottle 8:15 farex+Apple or pear. 8:35 poop( had to add that in there ha ha)  9:15Sleep 11:15 wakes and has bottle 12:15 solid feed A nap around 1:30. I normally have to wake her to pick up my school age children.  3:15 bottle Sometimes a nap in the afternoon. Depends on older children’s sport.  5:30 dinner 6:00 bath 6:30 bottle 7:00 bed for the night.Sometimes things are out 1/2 an hour here or there but we go with the flow. She loves a bit of time in the walker, the jolly jumper, not much tummy time because she has reflux. She has just started being interested in the tv. Most afternoons we are out so she plays with light chew toys in her pram. The kids are always entertaining her too. Hope this is helpful. Julie
  • My seven month old has a great routine. Wakes at 7am for 180ml bottle milk. Cuddles and bit of tv while I get his breaky ready and have mine . 8am he has porridge or muesli & yogurt and then half a piece of crustless vegemite toast. Then we change outa pjs and play or go for morning walk. Morning nap at 930am. Wake again at 11am for 180ml milk. Play, sing songs, practice clapping hands, run errands and lunch at 12. Yogurt or veggies and some fruit. Play, read a story, blowing bubbles, lots of tummy time (trying really hard to crawl!!), activity centre, lots of singing and dancing. 130pm sleep. Wake at 3pm and have mum mums biscuit and drink of juice. Play outside doing the washing or gardening, go in walker or jolly jumper for a few mins. Today we painted our hands and printed them on cards! We usually go out for afternoon tea or have visitors and 1 day a week we go grocery shopping. If he’s really tired ill pop him down at 430 for some quiet time, sometimes (but not very much) he’ll doze off for 15 mins. Dinner at 5pm which is usually what hubby n I had the night before. Usually carbs (like rice or pasta), veggie and chicken or turkey or pork. (Tonight he had mushroom , pumpkin and chicken risotto). Then we sit in the lounge and watch some peppa pig and do some sitting games like puzzles or story etc. then nudy time and have a bath at 6pm. Milk 180ml at 630pm. A story, lots of cuddles, round the round the garden on his hands, quiet talking in his ear about our day, a kiss and cuddle and I say (every night since he was born) ‘goodnight, sweet dreams, god bless, I love u and ill see u in the morning’ pop him down, wind his mobile and close the door. And I’m so blessed, he usually sleeps all night till 645-7am Candice
  • Glad to hear we are similar, I started reading earlier posts that their 7 month olds only have 3 bottles!! Katie
  • Our beautiful 7 month old has just gotten her first tooth so has been a bit more sooky than usual!  But generally: – 7am wake up, cuddles and a feed (breast milk), – 8am breaky  – 9.30am sleep– 11am wake up & have milk– 12noon lunch – 2pm sleep– 3.30pm wake up & have milk– 5pm dinner– after dinner is bath time, cuddles– 7pm milk and then bed.– occasionally there is an extra feed or 2 depending on what she wants.Playtime is getting really fun as she is on the move and loves playing with her toys. We lay down and play with her, read books, go for walks, have some time in activity centre, etc. Danielle
  • My DD has 4x 210ml bottles at 7, 11, 3 & 6:30 and 3 solids about an hour or so after. Awake at 6:30-7am and first nap between 8:30-9:30 for 2 hours then second nap in the arvo about 1 or 1:30pm for an hour and sometimes has a small 30 min nap about 4 depending and in bed by 7pmMichelle
  • 7-7:30am wake up & bottle, 8:30am breakfast, 9:30 – 10:30am sleep, 11:30am bottle, 12:30pm lunch, 1:30 – 2:45ish sleep, 3pm bottle, 4:30pm dinner, 5:30pm bath, 7pm bed. Would love to hear others routinesKatie
  • My 7 month old daughter wakes at 7, bottle, one weetbix at 8. Sleep at 930 ish for 40 mins. Bottle at 11, sleep at 12 for approx 1-2.5 hours. Fruit when she wakes up. Bottle at 3.45, sleep at 5. Up at 545, bowl of veggies at 6. Bath 630, bed 7. May wake once in the night for dummy, sleeps through til 7.Christine
  • My just 6 month old, wakes around 5am, bf then straight back to sleep. Wakes again at 8am bf. Get up and have breakfast, puree atm (just started solids). A little play in a bean bag with some toys. Then back to sleep for about 45 mins. Usually in car or in pram. Then bfeeds every 3-4 hrly thru day. With 45 mins sleep between each feed. A few spoons of puree for lunch and a half piece of toast with marmite on. Another few spoons of veg puree for dinner. Bath time. last breast feed at approx 9pm. Into bed till 5am.Ursula
  • This one makes me laugh! Our babies are such cheeky little monkeys! My daughter is almost 8 months, and thinks day sleep is for the weak!! And I just decided to start a business… I’m truly insane! Enjoy ladies xxJacinta
  • 5-6am wakes then into bed with me Back to sleep til 7.30-8 then 210ml bottle Watches tv/plays while I make breakfast Eat breakfast 1 piece of toast and yoghurt Get dressed and play in room with toys 10am bottle 210ml then sleep Play with toys or go do chores out of house 1pm bottle 260ml then sleep Play sing read etc 4pm bottle 210ml sleep Tea at 5-5.30ish either fruit or veg Bath Read/play with daddy 7pm Sits with us while we eat tea, sometimes has some of what we do Put pjs on and book 7.30 bottle 310ml then bed Up between 3-4 times a night but doesn’t eat Natasha
  • If its any comfort ladies, my boy has only just started to do more than catnapping and he has only just stopped waking a lot during the night, Hannah
  • Dd is awake around 5.30am and we cuddle for 30min in bed till dad and son wake up. Breakfast 7am home made fruit puree/solid and a poop while we eat lol. Few ml of a bottle and 30 min nap around 9am fun and games/shopping then lunch at 12 of fruit and 1/2 a yoghurt and a poop lol. 1pm 1/2 bottle with 1 1/2 hrs nap wakes and plays with brother. 5pm 3veggie, pasta, a fruit mash with 1/2 a yoghurt, 6.30 bath bottle and sweet dreams at 7pm. Wakes around midnight for a small feed then at 3 for her dummy and wakes up singing with the next dayAsh
  • My son just made 7 mths last week. he eats around every 3hrs around 6am i nurse then give him an oatmeal fruit mix 9am he gets a 5oz bottle usually takes a small 30 min morning nap 11:30 he eats a meat & veggie with a 5oz bottle sleeps usually 12-2 2pm a 5oz bottle with cheerios snack  usually a small afternoon nap around 4pm 5:30 i nurse & then he has a meat & veggie 8pm bath & i nurse him he usually wakes 1-2 times to nurse at night the morning/evening changes a bit. sometimes he sleeps in till 8am & sometimes he takes another 5oz bottle at 5pm before i get hm from work. he enjoys sitting on his own, practising clapping, peek a boo, sing a longs, anything outside, water play, oatmeal art & loves cups. right now we do lots of tummy time to practice crawling & we practice the sippy cup after meals. Dionne
  • 7am Breastfeed then snooze until about 8am and walk do the school drop off 9am sleep for one hour 10am mashed banana and cereal then play time 11am breastfeed and then sleep until about 12.30pm 12.30pm yogurt or fruit for lunch and play until about 2pm 2pm breastfeed and sleep until about 3pm and then off for a walk to do school pick up and then more play time 5pm breastfeed and short nap for about 45 minutes 5.45pm Dinner..usually has whatever we’re having mashed up. Really good eater! 6.30pm Bath and then story time with his big brother followed by half an hour or so in the jolly jumper 8pm Breastfeed and then off to bed. Really, really easy happy baby!Dani
  • Wakes at 6ish usually. Brekky then free play on her big blanket with toys/balls around the place to choose: crawling everywhere & pulling herself to standing/trying to climb up on everything (spend the days trying to ensure she lands on something soft!). BF before back to sleep by around 8am. Wakes around 10 for a few hours of playing with big sissy, before they both have an early lunch + BF and back to sleep by 11.30 until they both wake around 1.30ish. More playing, crawling & climbing before another BF& sleep at 3 until around 4/4.30 – dinner (veges/some of what we’re having) shower or bath around 5.30/6ish then bf and straight to bed by 6.30/7. Wakes onces at 3am for a BF. She has 4 teeth and is just busting her 5th out – so wants to be cuddled the last 2 days.Kylie
  • My almost 7 month Olds (usual) routine 3:00am 180ml bottle Back asleep by 3:15am 8:00am wake up, older son (4yrs) wakes about this time as well 8:30am 120ml bottle  9:30am farex or baby porridge then Plays on floor with his brother, tummy time etc 10:30am 180ml bottle, swaddled, and sleeps. Between 12:00pm and 12:30pm wakes and has a 120ml bottle Then we play or he gets time in his jumperoo or jolly jumper 2:00pm fruit for lunch And he plays with his brother Between 4:00pm and 5:00pm he has another 120ml bottle and is ready for a nap, usually tries to fight this one but is too unsettled if he doesn’t have it so swaddled and I try to get him to nap. between 5:00pm and 6:00pm he’s awake and offered 120ml bottle but doesn’t always want this one. Bout 7:00pm dinner which is either veggies or meat and veg that I mash for him. 7:30 bath with his brother Between 8:00pm and 9:00pm he is put to bed and once he is asleep my eldest son gets a book and bed  How smoothly our afternoon/night time routiAnd wakes once or twice over night for his to be put back in his mouth. He needs a dummy and to be swaddled to sleep. His favorite activity is watching and playing with his brotherAshleigh
  • When my daughter was 7 months (she’s 8 months now) she woke at 8:30-9am everyday had a bottle them an hour later had breaky, she had a sleep at 10-10:30am for an hour and then another bottle lunch an hour later then back to bed at 1pm. She wakes at 3:30-4pm has a bottle then dinner at 5:30 and bed at 7 all bottles are 180ml She has a lot of time on the floor playing with toys and occasionally her brother or in her jumperoo which she loves!Ashley
  • Up until the last week, my 7mo has been on a 3 hourly cycle- up 8-8.30 (bottle, play, breakfast = toast w avocado / peanut butter / vegemite or weetbix & fruit or yoghurt & fruit or eggs or vegies, shower, nap at 1.5hr mark for 1.5 hours), this cycle was repeated all day around 5 x 180ml bottles, so would go to bed at night around 9.30. Lunch & dinner varies- bread, fruit, veg, pasta, cheese – always trying new things and introducing finger foods so he can touch, smell and figure out how to feed himself!! The last week I’ve tried to change his sleep patterns around so that he misses the nap after lunch, and the nap between 4&5 bottles, but put him down for the night after the last bottle &book (so down by 9pm at latest). Im not sure its working so well though…. Theyre at tge separation anxiety age now, but i thunk changing his sleeps has made it MUCH worse!! We do lots of things- play with toys (lights, sounds, mirrors, movement are faves), give him a basket of toys to pick through, picnics, walker style activity centre outside, play with dog, jolly jumper, feed bitds, swim lessons, tinies time at library, sing, bubbles, park, walk, read…. but i admit, when he’s coming up to 2 hrs awake, i start to run out of ideas if we’re at home!! He gets bored of the same old thing!Laurelin
  • My son is a week off 8 months Wakes up between 6:30-7, has breakfast at 7-7:30. Bottle at 10-10:30. Lunch at 12. Might have a bottle at 1 and if Im lucky will have a 30-60 minute sleep. Then bottle at 3:30-4. Bath at 5:30 dinner at 6 bottle at 7-7:30 then bed. (bottles are 250ml). Then the last 2months has been up n down every night..  When he’s awake he loves crawling climbing on everything. Playing with his brother and toys.Shyla
  • 5.30 wake up. 180ml bottle.  6-8.30 sleep. 9-9.30 fruit and multigrain Farex. Spoon fed.180ml bottle.  Play, read, get dressed. 11/11.30-12/12.30 sleep.  12.30 vegemite or lightly buttered toast she eats herself. Looking at introducing yoghurt as well. 180ml bottle. Gymboree, rhymes at the library, run errands. Depends on the day. 2/2.30-3.30 sleep 3.30 180ml bottle. Play. Nudie kick and tummy time. Have a splash in the blow up pool if it’s warm enough.  5.00 Daddy’s home!! 6.00 bath  6.30 Dinner. Still having a hard time with solids and her feeding herself. Spoon fed Farex with puréed meat and veg mixed in. 6.45-7 180ml bottle and sleep. Sarah-Jayne
  • My boy is 7 months next week he wakes at about 6am and has a breast feed then has a solids breakfast at between 7 and 8am depending on when my toddler wakes and how quickly we manage showers. We don’t do much playing then he watches me and his brother get ready then has a nap at about 830-9am depending how tired he is. He wakes about 930-10 and has a breast feed then we have a play he often just joins in on stuff with his 3.5yr old brother shaking rattles or chewing on duplo or dinosaurs while we build and play. He then has lunch about 11-1130 with us then has another breast feed and a nap about lunchtime until 2pm. Breast feed after he wakes. We then have a play in the afternoon we are always busy with his brother. Then another breast feed and sleep about 4pm Till 5pm. He then has a solids dinner with us. We then do bath 2 books with him and his brother and then kiss his brother goodnight give him a breast feed and he goes to bed about 7-730. Over night he currently wakes 1-2hourly which we are trying to sort out and is proving hard. Activities include reading noisy toys just talking watching us smiling at him he loves watching me and his brother bake he also loves baths and water play.Marnie
  • 6am up 6.30 bottle (200-250mls) 7.30 breakfast (weetbix/fruit mostly) 9 nap (1.5-2hr) 11 bottle (200-250mls)12 lunch (yoghurt/fruit or veggies) 1.30 nap (1.5-2hrs) 3 bottle (150-200mls) 4.30 dinner (meat and veg) 5 outside play 5.30 bath 6 bottle (250mls) 6.30 bed (Wake 0 (unlikely) to 8 (likely) times a night) -no feeds -he vomits them up, just water, teething gel and nurofen if needed) Routine works with an 18 month old. When awake we do mostly free play but we change and limit toys weekly! He’s crawling and furniture surfing with two-three steps. Reading books and make music on anything is his favourite, and anything his sister has.Jemima
  • My DS wakes:7:30am bottle 10:00am – morning tea: 1/2 weetbix and 70ml yoghurt 10:30 Nap  12:30-1:00pm lunch: misc food inc veggies meat etc 3:00- nap 5:30- bath  6:00 Bottle 6.30- bed 10:00- bottle……BED **snacks during day and water offered with every meal***Claire
  • My baby girl wakes around 7am, bottle. Baby porridge with fruit an hr after bottle. Play with toys on her tummy, she’s commando crawling. Sleep 9.30am for approx 2 hrs. Bottle when wakes and play, jumperoo, outside play etc. Sleep again at 1.30pm wakes 3.30pm and bottle. Then playing again until dinner at 5pm vegies and meat. Bath bottle at 6.30pm bed 7pm.Erin
  • Breastfeed – 7am Breakfast – 8am Sleep – 9am for 30mins- 2hrs. Usually only 40mins Breastfeed – 10am Lunch – 11am Sleep – 12pm for 30mins-2hrs. Breastfeed – 1pm/2pm depending on how grumpy she is when she wakes Snack – 2pm/3pm Sleep – 3pm/4pm depending on how tired she is. Dinner – 5pm Bath – 5:30pm-5:45pm Breastfeed – 6pm Sleep – 7pm she still wakes 2-4 times a night. And doesn’t always sleep til 7am. She is teething atm too Between sleeps and feeds, we play lots together. She is crawling like a champ and pulling herself up on everything. Tayler
  • My dd wakes at around 6 ish plays until 8ish breast feed then sleep at 9 wakes around 10 ish play lots of floor time which she loves lunch 11.30 ish then breast feed and sleep 12 ish awake 1.30- 2 then school run home play then breast feed sleep 3 30 awake 4 ish dinner at 5- 5.30 bath breast feed bed 6 – 6.30 wakes approx every 2 to 3 hours for breast feed during the night (lucky me).Rebecca
  • My girl is up at 630-7am, has a bf and some no nappy floor time for about 45 min, after that its usualy into her jolly jumper for about an hour, then we check our chooks food and waterthwn another small bf around 10am play time in her activity centre untill 1130 then its puree fruit followed by another bf and a sleep usualy till about 2-230 then we have a bf and outside time playing on the grass with the dogs till about 330-4pm another small bf and a 1h nap, then its time for songs and nursery rhymes till around 6pm then its more floor time fohalf an hour or so dinner is at 7pm veg puree(takes about 20min) then she plays in her highchair for 10min to let her food settle…we read a book then 8pm shower 830 bf and bed around 9pm…usualy sleeps thru but if she dose wake (usualy around 4-5am) ill put her in bed with me to nurse till she wakes up properly, it givs me roughly another hour or two sleepCorin
  • 6-6.30am up porridge brekky bottle on top 10th sleep. Awake 12 lunch bottle. Snack later afternoon sleep. But plays and is very energetic. Dinner then from when he was sleeping through he’s been going to bed at the same time as his siblings 7.30pm. And still does never had any trouble getting him into his routine.Kimberley
  • Crawling everywhere stands up on everything, takes a few steps behind her walker, waves at me all the time. My DD has 5 x 200ml per day plus 3 meals.Ren’e
  • Wakes at 8:30.has a quick cuddle and nappy change.has her breakfast then 180mls formula.gets dressed.1 hour play time,nap till 11:30. 260mls bottle,nappy change,sit up time,lunch 12:30,tummy time,nap until 3:30, 260mls bottle,nappy change,play time,nap until 5:00, tea at 5:30.play time,tummy time,260mls bottle at 7:30,bath at 8,followed by massage,pjs,cuddle time,bed then 260mls at 10:30 then bed and sleeps all night:) My now 2yo had the same routine,both sleep all night never waking.i swear by it:)Hayley
  • My daughter is 8 months old she wakes around 8 .. breakfast almost straight away bottle about 9.30 sleep 10ish for an hr lunch 12.30 then sleep again about 3 bottle just before bed.. dinner 6 bath 630 bed for the night any where from 730 til 9.. she has snacks through out the day and crawling all over the place.. she is also walking around the furnitureSara
  • Wakes at 8 am has breakfast then bfeed goes down at 930 up at 11 has a bfeed down at 1230 up at 230. Bf at 330 goes down at 5 sometimes stays up. Has tea at 6, bath, bf at 7 and bed at 8. Been sleeping through since 9 weeks.Anita
  • My bub wakes at 7. Feeds milk at 7:15 than breakfast farex and fruit at 8:00 sleep at 9 . Milk feed at 11. Verges at 12 nap at 1 till 2 ish than milk feed at 2:30. Fruit feed at 5. Bath at 6 bottle 6:30 and bed 7 ish.. During the day my bub loves going out for walks playing in her jumperoo and any interaction I give her with myself and the rest of the family..Krystal
  • Wakes around 8pm  Breast feed straight away 9am – breakfast 9:30/10am – bed 11/12 bottle (formula) 1ish – lunch 2ish – bed 4:30/5 – dinner  6pm – bottle (formula) 6:30 – bed 9/9:30 dream feed Jumperoo/jolly jumper/books/walks/drives/practicing skills (sitting etc)/explore outside.  Really relaxed with our times though. That’s a really rough look at our day but it’s sometimes completely different. Elyse
  • Wakes around 6 has a bottle goes back.down around 7 up at 9 has breaky and bath than playtime if we r home ( floor time with toys, jumperoo, read books, sing songs, sight cards etc) bottle at 1130 than sleep til about 2 wakes up has a bottle than playtime again dinner at 5 and bath than a short nap at 6 bottle at 8 down than bed for the night and do it all again the next day lolDonna
  • Wakes around 7am, has bottle, breakfast about an hour later. Down to sleep between 10-10.30, for about an hour. Lunch around 12, bottle around 1 or a bit later before next sleep around 2-2.30, usually for 1-2 hours. Dinner between 5.30-6. Bath. Bottle, bed around 7-7.30. Plays in activity thingy, loves the jolly jumper. She is crawling, so crawls around and discovers other toys we put out for her.Stacey
  • My now 13 mnth old barely slept still doesntneating was forced into his mouth still is on times just so i know he gets somethingRissa
  • Wakes 5am (180 ml) for a bottle the back to sleep. Porridge for breakie at 8ish, bottle 11.30 then lunch 12.30 -2. Snack around 4pm dinner 6pm and late bottle at 10.30. Sleeps at 9am – 11am, 1pm (after lunch) 1hour and 4pm 1 hour. We have just started arm crawling, lots of time on the mat playing, enjoys music time and instruments. Spend time at grandparents. Favourite toy is his jolly jumper and paper! We play peekaboo a lot, also likes to watch our pet parrotsLauren
  • oh my there are some lucky people out there!!! My 7mo daughter wakes about 6am… today was put down at 9 for a sleep- that lasted 20mins, again down at 1pm for an hour…. tonight we tried bed at 7 then at 8… finally at 1030 she sleeps! she doesnt like a large amount of milk- usually 120mls every 3-4 hours! she LOVES milk arrowroot biscuits. loves her solids and gives us a present in her nappy about four times a day She is just starting to crawl, trying to pull herself up and is the most adorable happy little miss on the planet with the happiest parents on the planetTania
  • Wakes at 6.30-bottle, beaky at 7.15, morning snooze at 8 till 9/9.30, play,morning tea and a bottle at 10.30,sleep 11-2.30, bottle and play, school pick up for older ones, afternoon tea at 3.30, afternoon snooze 4.15-5, play, dinner 5.45, bath 6.30, play/book ,bottle, sleeping bag and bed at 7.30Amy
  • Wakes up at 5/6 for a quick bf then back to bed till 8:30/9:30, bf then happily awake for just under 2 hours. A nap for 1-2 hours, bf and again awake for 1-2. Short nap and then it’s bf, ‘try’ to give solids, maybe a bath and definitely a breastfeed before his bedtime at 7-8pm. There’s usually one wake during the night for a feed but when that is varies alotElana
  • My 7 month old loves normal porridge but I can’t get him to drink out of a sippy cup at all. Kylie
  • Bed at 9am till 11am, bottle 180mls formula milk, play time on floor or outside, midday lunch – sausages pieces, vegemite sandwich, steak pieces to start with and then some puree of the same thing. 1 pm bed time 3 pm 180 bottle. play time till 5 pm, either swing/outside/etc, dinner at 5pm same things as lunch and bath at 6 pm bottle and bed 180 mls at 630pm. he may have a bottle overnight, between 60mls and 180 mls. DS wakes at 7 am, play time – sitting near toy basket he attempts to pull himself up and plays with what he can get out of basket. 8 am breaky – baby cereal and puree fruits (paw paw/pear/mixed berries/apples/banana/prunes/mangoe etc) Susan
  • I have almost 10 month old twin boys but they have been on the same routine since 6 months. 7am wake 200ml bottle 8am brekky 8:30am nap  11am wake and 200ml bottle  12pm lunch  1pm nap  3pm dinner 4pm bath 4:30pm bottle  200ml 5pm bed  They sleep from 5pm til 7am every night with no feeds. Athena
  • 6.30 awake 7.00 bottle 240ml 8.00 solids – fruit and baby cereal 9.00 sleep for 45-60 mins 11.00 bottle 180ml 12.00 solids 12.30 sleep for 2-3 hours.  3.00 bottle 180 ml 5.00 solids 6.00 bath 6.30 bottle (240ml) then straight into bed. Lucky for me she goes straight to sleep and generally sleeps through. I don’t feed anymore overnight. Kym
  • My son is 7 months on thursday. This is our -average- day (No day is ever the same) 6:00/7:00- Wake up. 7:00- 180/240ml bottle. 8:00- Breakfast (Either porridge or rice cereal with fruit-also offer some water at this time) 8:15/8:30- Goes to bed around these times. Sleeps anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours (averaging 1 hour lately)
  • 11:00- Bottle (same amount as above). 12:00- Sometimes has lunch. Has finger food at this meal. 12:15/12:30- Goes to bed around these times. Usually sleeps 40min to 1 hour. 3:00 Bottle. 3:30/4:00- Has a 40minute nap sometimes.
  • 5:00/5:15 If he didn’t have a nap earlier, he might have a 40 minute one now. 5:30- Dinner (will have this earlier if I know he’ll be having a nap) 6:15- Bath. 6:30- Bottle Book 7:00- Bed around 3:00am he’s been waking up, so I give him a 120ml bottle. When he’s awake, we go for walks and on the way we stop at the park where he goes on the swing and slide. We sing and play with toys.  Read books (he loves the touch and feel ones). Jolly Jumper. Play on the floor. Mondays and Fridays are playgroup. Tiffany
  • Up at 6:30am bottle at 7am 200mls, porridge and fruit at 8am and water in sippy cup, back to bed 8:30/9am for 1 hour. Yoghurt and fruit at 10am bottle at 11am 200mls lunch at 12 back to bed for 1.5/2hrs, bottle at 3pm 200mls dinner at 5pm bath at 5:30pm, bottle 6:30pm 200mls bed at 7pm.  We play on the floor, read books, go for walks in the pram, play in her activity table, play outside and touch lots of big textures which is what she loves at the moment! Melissa
  • 6/6:30am: awake 7am: bottle (180mls) & play 8am: solids & play 8:30/9:30pm: sleep  11am: bottle (120mls) & play
  • 12pm: solids & play 1/2pm: sleep 3pm: bottle (120mls) & play 4/4:30pm: nap for 30mins – it depends on how long my daughter sleeps for arvo sleep 5/5:15pm: solids & play 6pm: bath 6:30pm: bottle (180mls) 6:45/7pm: sleep
  • No feeds during night, she sleeps through and playtime can be anything from; playing with toys in playpen, sitting, tummy time, rolling, playing in her car walker, walks in the pram, going out to visit friends/family or shopping etc. Forgot to mention my daughter has water after she has had her solids. Kylie
  • 8am wake up, wash bum & change nappy, 150ml formula & b/fast (porridge/farax with puréed apple or pear/mashed banana) 9am play in jungle gym and do poos 10am sleep between 45 – 90 mins 11am waje up, bath, play with mummy, nap 45 mins 12.30150ml formula, play  5pm 150ml formula & dinner (mashed potato,carrot,yogurt or cheese and a taste of our food if she likes) 6pm play with daddy, read books, tickle time, crawling around  7.15 bed 10.30 180ml dream feed Oh and for play: 3 different jungle gyms, play with dolls or teething rings, sit in high chair & watch mummy cook, watch the dog, go to the shops in pram, walking, play on the carpet with teddies grandmas house, mothers group weekly. I try change her toys and where she is playing so she doesn’t get bored of doing the same thing- and for me too : ) Jaenny
  • A good day goes like this: 7am – awake bottle usually play in high chair while mum organises for the day 830am  breakfast wheetbix and yoghurt – play on the floor/ nappy off time! 9-920 am – back to bed 11am wake bottle, pram outside play/ on the floor play 1230pm lunch vegetables and fruit then plays in walker/bouncer/jolly jumper/floor play 120pm back to bed  330pm awake bottle Walk in the pram  445-5pm dinner vegetables and fruit or custard! Sit in bumbo and play where mum is!  530-545 bath  630-645 bottle 7pm bed Jenna
  • Reading some of these, I think I might feed my little guy too much! He’s just turned 7 months and an average day is 7am – wake up breast feed. 8:30 – purée fruit & some toast or an arrowroot biscuit. 10am breast feed & nap for 1-2 hours. 12-12:30ish – small breastfeed. 1-1:30 – purée veg & a vegemite sandwich. 3pm – another breastfeed then a nap for around 45 minutes. 5pm – small breastfeed. 6pm- dinner, purée veg & a small taste of something we are having. 7:30- around 220ml bottle of EBM. Bed. Sleeps thru most nights, occasional wakes at 3am for a bf but not so much lately. I’ve tried to drop a breastfeed but he just loves his boobys too much! Lol. Playtime is floor time learning to crawl, being entertained by his 3 y/o brother (his favourite person) books, music & dancing with mummy, singing songs & nursery rhymes, tickles, a bit of tv while he sits in his bouncer if i’m trying to get some stuff done. Going to the park, visiting Nanny etc Amber
  • 6.30 wakes 7 bf 8-8.30 breakfast..porridge, rice cereal or/and fruit 9 sleep 11/11.30 bf 12/12.30 lunch – puréed veg, or toast, and something sweet like baby custard with fruit 1/1.30 sleep 3/3.30 bf 5 dinner 5.30/6 bath then story 6.30 bf
  • 7/7.30 bed (No feeds at night as he sleeps right through) Our play time usually consists of: -playtime in his activity centre, – toys, blocks etc on play mat. Sitting, lying down and tummy time -going to the shops -going to a park/beach when the weather is nice -walks in the pram -playing in the backyard and watching the dog run around – read books
  • – jolly jumper – visiting friends and mothers group Bee
  • Up at 6/6:30, breakfast (porridge or weetbix, some yogurt, & half piece if toast (Vegemite, peanut butter or avocado). Play until about 8am. Sleep until 9:30/10am. Play until 11, lunch (Vegemite sandwich, rice crackers, some banana, yogurt, ham, with water. 12/12:30pm sleep until 1:30/2pm, Bottle 200ml. Play until 3:30/4pm. Sleep 4-5pm. 5pm dinner, meat & veg, apples, pear & custard, milk arrowroot or plan biscuit, water. 5:45pm bath. 6:15pm, 200ml bottle. 6:45/7pm bed. Sometimes sleeps through or wakes once about 3/4am for a 200ml bottle. Elise
  • My 7mth old DD routine is: Wake @ 6am for 210ml bottle Straight back to bed for 1-1.5 hour sleep Wakes b/w 7.30-8.30am School run & play  Baby banana porridge or mashed banana for b/fast @ 9-9.30am Bottle 210mls at 10-10.30am Bed after for an hour or two depending! Wake & play on mat or bouncy car Lunch of yoghurt/fruit at 1.30pm Bottle 210mls at 2.30pm School run & back to bed at 4pm for an hour or two Dinner of veggies at 6pm
  • Bottle of 240mls at 7pm Straight to bed @ 7.30pm Kasey
  • 8.30 bottle 210mls 9.30 breakfast apple and oatmeal 11.30 bottle 210mls 1.30 lunch yoghurt and fruit 3.30 bottle 210mls 5.30 meat and vegies and he also has a custard 7.30 bottle between 150 and 240mls and he usually sleeps the morning half then plays in his jolly jumper or activity centre in the afternoon Sarah
  • Up at 7am: breastfeed 8am solids Play on mat/jolly jumper or head to the beach for bootcamp 9am sleep until 11am
  • 11am: breastfeed 12: solids Play or out & about 1-1.20pm: sleep until 3-3.30pm Breastfeed  Play & walk 5pm solids
  • Play Bath 6pm: Breastfeed Between 6.30 – 7pm BED!!Solids I’ve been giving is Organic Brown Rice cereal with pear & kiwi fruit, puréed veges (sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, beans, zucchini, squash), finger food – soft pear, rockmelon Alecia
  • Up at 6:30/700. Weet bix. Play by himself during this time after breakfast with his toys 8:30/900 bottle (180mls) Sleep after bottle for about 1.5-2hours 12/12:30 lunch sandwiches with a yoghurt and cheese or sultanas or something small like that  Sometimes another sleep after lunch, just a nap. (Not too often anymore) 2/2:30 – fruit or something small for a snack and a bottle and back to bed for 1.5-2hours 5/5:30 dinner (whatever we have) bath bottle and bed by 6:30/7.
  • We play with his toys, outside, go for walks, read books, sing songs, play chasey things like that. Symone

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