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Family Christmas Traditions – What Will Your Kids Remember?

Family Christmas traditionsDo you have any family Christmas traditions ? How does Santa visit your house? Does he leave sacks at the end of beds, under the tree, wrapped individually or all just in the sack, does Santa bring the 1 present & the rest from Mum & Dad or vice versa?

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  • With our kids they are all under the tree . 1 present. ( usually outfit to wear Xmas day & chocolate stocking ) from mum & dad and rest are from  Santa. We have a special Santa key u can purchase them on etsy.  Denise
  •  We have a special key that gets put at the front door for Santa to use to come in!   Jessica
  •  we never had a chimney as kids and we were told that mum left a key under the mat for him, and dad used to say he could slip under the door.    Libby
  •  We eat ‘crap on toast’ on Christmas eve-basically a open face toastie but only have it at Christmas and my brother and I now do it with our own families. It’s the little things.   Rebecca
  •  I saw a door hanger with a magic key for santa, you put it out Christmas eve for santa to use! I’ll see if I can find it!    Tahlia
  •  all presents under the tree 1 present from mum, 1 from and to Each sibling. the rest from Santa.   Lesley
  •  We wrap up a christmas themed storybook & pop it into the mailbox a day or two before Christmas with a card addressed to our kids with instructions of not to read until Christmas Eve, they both get so excited about Santa giving them an early present.    Kristy
  •  We have a magical key for Santa that gets left on our door our eldest daughter is 31/2 so this Christmas will b extra special We put rum out for Santa with cookies & carrots/water for the reindeers… As for tradition we alternate between each side of the family each year who we spend the main time with too & Christmas Eve I’ve always watch the Carol’s + we have been going a few years to local carols too.   Bianca
  •  Santa only ever brings 1 gift for each child in my house and its always left sitting on top of the fireplace unwrapped where the milk and cookies had been left, the rest is from mum and dad. They also get a new pair of pyjamas and a Christmas story which Santa posts from the North Pole so they can wear them Christmas Eve and read the story before bedtime. Everybody must be up and awake before anyone goes into the lounge room (we usually get up first and have to rouse the children out of bed lol).   Casey
  •  We leave mince pie n a drink for Santa and carrot for the reindeer we do a Santa sack full of wrapped pressies which kiddies open in the morning then 1 main pressie from mum n dad!:)   Liz

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  •  All presents go under the tree individually wrapped and all from Santa.   Jessica
  •  My children have one new decoration every year they choose themselves to go on the tree. When they have their own families these decorations will be given to them to start their own trees.   Debra
  •  We do a Santa sack at the end of the beds and those are for Christmas morning none are wrapped then after a family lunch/get together we give a few gifts maybe 2-3 from us and then family give there’s then to.   Marnie
  •  I started a tradition last year, was Xmas eve the elves leave new pjs under the pillow After bath time! We also make cookies for Santa Xmas eve.    Ashley
  •  We used to get little Santa’s elves presents in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We would get a surprise whenever we found one our bed after being out. Very exciting and special.   Kara
  •  Before our first child came along, hubby and I used to pick one present each and open it on Xmas eve! But our first son was born on Xmas eve so now it’s all about celebrating his birthday only!!We might go back to it one day once all 3 kids are a little older and understand the difference between birthday & Xmas!    Amy
  •  Christmas eve church followed by the tv carols and yummy food.   Kelly
  •  Santa only brings one present that theyve asked him for and puts little things in a stocking. Rest are from mum and dad. We leave a glass of milk and a fruit mince pie out for santa and a carrot for the reindeer. We make a gingerbread house on christmas eve and have lots of christmas sweets out that weve made. Our biggest tradition is our christmas lights, setup begins in november and turned on december 1st my partner spends a good few weeks of november setting them all up. We love our lights.   Sophie
  •  Santa’s magic enough to get in to our house without any help. We leave carrots and water for the reindeer and cookies for Santa. Pressies are all under the tree and rule is we all must be awake before any of them are to be touched. A couple pressies are from Santa, 1 to and from each sibling rest from us.    Sami
  •  We do one main present from mum and dad- something they want. Then fill the sack with wrapped presents from Santa and leave outside their bedroom door!!! I work on the theory- something to wear, something they want, something they need, something to read, something to eat! Will definitely have to get a key for Santa this year.    Dana

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  •  Our kids have Santa sacks that go under the tree and presents are all individually wrapped. Most from Santa, but also a few from mum/dad/siblings. We started the elf on the shelf tradition last yr. My nearly 7yr old is asking when he will arrive. The kids also leave out something for Santa to eat/drink which varies each yr. Once it was a slice of cheese and water, next it was mudcake and beer.    Natasha
  •  I dont understand how people give ALL presents from santa. What about mum and dad?    Sophie
  •  When I was young we would leave water & carrot for the raindeers then a cookie & ginger beer for santa. This years my first christmas with my own daughter so ill be starting this with her.    Meghan
  •  Santa brings the “fun” presents and we bring the clothes, books stuff like that.    Bianca
  •  Oh dear, where to start? The kids choose a special decoration for the tree every year that they feel is ‘them’ that year (having Miss 20, Mr 13 and Miss 3 the tree is getting full now!), no matter what day of the week it is we all get together to put up the tree on the 1st of December always with Bing Crosby Christmas Carols playing in the background and Mr 13 spends that night sleeping in the lounge under the lights, early in the month hubby’s cousin does a family ‘tree raising’ which we love going to, Christmas pics of course, christmas carols at the local library, Miss 3 pretty much spends pretty much the whole of December in Christmas outfits, closer to the date (12 nights before) we start out ’12 movies of Christmas’ – one movie/tv show every night up to christmas eve, we attend our local library christmas carols and supper (sometimes the local carols by candlelight also), christmas eve is a family dinner with all the traditional food – turkey, ham, christmas pudding, 6 desserts (mostly for mum etc, bikkies and milk go out for santa, carrot for the reindeer, key for santa, stockings are put in the lounge room, special christmas pjs on, we read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ every year before bed. In the morning stockings first, then pressies from Mum and Dad, each other, other interstate family and then Santa. Lunch with family and then collapse…well, until I go to work Boxing Day as I work in retail so December is quite a busy month! We LOVE Christmas though so worth every minute.   Renee
  •  Church on Christmas Eve .i want my children to know that there is much much more to Christmas then just Santa.   Debbie
  •  Tree goes up 1 December, Santa brings one small present (as he has to buy/make so many toys for other boys and girls.) Then a couple of more expensive gifts from Mum and Dad. This way they ask us for the more expensive gift from us and if we can’t afford it then they don’t get it. Nice idea I borrowed from a friend.    Maree
  •  We go to so much work and expense to give our babies everything they want for Christmas and as my as I still want them to believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa I’m not letting him take all the credit for what we do lol, that’s why mine just get one gift from Santa, I figure they’ll be less upset too when they work out the truth too.    Casey

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  •  we read the night before christmas before bed. on christmas eve we have balls with our names on it and of loved ones past that we put on the tree, We put out the santa sack near the tree, and the milk and cookies and water & carrot then into bed. It’s what we did as kids and continued it on when I had my daughter. We don’t have a chimney and because we all loved the movies the santa clause we go by that where he comes through the vent.   Danielle
  •  When I was 10 I got a new bike, but my brothers and sisters 9,8,6 years older than me, did an awesome treasure hunt for me starting at the end of my bed going all over the house to finally end up outside to find my new bike. I still remember that 27 years on!    Tash
  •  I have a question! If you don’t have a ‘chimney’ (as we don’t) how does Santa get into the house?    Bronte
  •  Santa has a special key that opens the doors without chimneys Or you can buy special santa keys from big w to hang on the front door.   Janelle
  •  we have the special key now, but as kids after watching the movie the santa clause and seeing him come through the “vent” in the kitchen we always carried that on too, now my daughter loves that movie.   Danielle
  •  When I was young it was all Santa. Now there are gifts from Santa, Mum and Dad and from Grandma and Grandpa in Canada. The we go to Nana and Pa’s for family gifts, gifts, swimming and yet more family. Great day for everyone.   Francine
  •  Church in the evening on Christmas Eve and if we were well behaved in church we would get to pick a present to open when we got home from church my daughters first Christmas this year looking forward to some new traditions with her.    Natalie
  •  Every year, my daughters were allowed to open 1 Xmas gift on Christmas Eve. It was always a new pair of pyjamas. The first photo of Xmas, was them running to the Xmas tree in their new pj’s. They are now in their twenties & still get excited & they do the same with their little ones now.    Tania
  •  We have never officially had Santa in our house but he always gets a pic and I leave a sack of stuff in his bedroom and ask where it came from and he tells me Santa… I remind him I see him everyday so I know if he’s been good…Tnoi
  •  We watch the carols on tv.   Marybeth

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What are your family Christmas traditions?

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