Getting Ready For Baby

The arrival of your baby is imminent, time is running out to get ready for baby.  So it is time to pamper yourself, set up the nursery and prepare any siblings for the impending arrival of your newborn.

getting ready for baby Older siblings

Prepare the nursery

Getting ready for baby’s arrival

Labour choices

Pre-Birth Classes

Just wondering what useful things others got out of antenatal birth classes? I’m due with my first bub in nov and am tossing up to go them as I have a …

Storing Cord Blood and Tissue

Storing Cord Blood and Tissue

Q&A: I am looking at storing my babies cord blood and tissue and was wondering if anyone else has done this?


Hospital Bag for a C-Section

Q&A: Just wondering what people have found essential to pack in their hospital bags for a c section? What little things have you found that makes you most comfortable, heals quicker?

6 Top Gift Ideas for New Mums

Everybody buys for baby, but what about the new mum? Kari has a great list of gift suggestions to remind mum you are thinking of her too.

must have baby items

Top 10 must haves for you and baby

There are so many products out there in baby shops and on line that it is not surprising many new parents are confused and unsure what to buy for their baby and what not to bother with. Here are 10 things that will make life with a newborn so much easier.

heart rate of babies in the womb

Heart rates of babies in the womb

Heart rate of babies in the womb. Does the old wives tale accurately predict gender? High fetal heart rate for a girl and low fetal heart rate for a boy

Getting the house ready for a new baby

Getting the house ready for a new baby

Getting a house ready before a baby’s arrival can seem very daunting! Janell from Baby Button shares how she and her husband got their (very full) study/junk room ready for their new baby, and all without creating a new junk area or losing any storage space.

what should I pack in my hospital bag for baby

Hospital bag

Q&A: Hospital bag check list – for mum, partner and baby! What did you pack? What couldn’t you have lived without?

Baby names

Q&A: Hello all…just for a bit of fun, if you each had a new baby boy and girl tomorrow (completely hypothetical obviously lol) what would you name them? Looking for lots of different name ideas 🙂