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Dealing with negative comments about your parenting decisions

Q&A: How have you dealt with negative comments made about the important decisions you as parents have made (eg circumcision, ear piercing or baptism) from family and friends who ‘know it all’?

Lessons in being a cool dad

Lessons in being a cool dad, as taught by The Simpsons.

Learning to read cursing before learning to write cursive

What do you do when your little one learns to read and starts asking about all those words you’d rather they didn’t know existed?

6 things being a teacher taught me about being a parent

“My first day as a teacher was a day I will never forget and I returned home to announce to my parents that teaching wasn’t the profession for me!  I knew that it wouldn’t be easy but I never really understood that my learning was only just beginning and that the four university years only gave me a foundation with which to start building on…The same can be said for parenting.”

Packing Man Bags: Creating a man space

Chris explains why his man-cave is an important part of finding time for himself now that he is a Dad.

Just one of those days

Today was one of those days. Where not yelling at the kids (again) seems like a huge achievement and by the time you get to sit down you feel so drained you just stare at the TV but forget to turn it on…

The Un-Pear Shaped Day

When you’re a parent, days that don’t go pear shaped can be few and far between.

How to Negotiate Parenting Disputes

“On television, divorce and separation is all about lawyers and their clients having dramatic confrontations in boardrooms, complete with ultimatums and walk-outs. The reality, not surprisingly, is somewhat different…” Family Lawyer Peter Curry provides some great tips on how to approach separation negotiations so the children come out the winners.

Relationship Survivor: Who has this week’s immunity?

What do you do when you are very pro-vaccination but the mother of your children is heavily against it? Darrell explains how this issue has affected his family and why he supports his wife’s decision.

Packing Man Bags: The House Economy

One of the biggest differences between families and childless couples is the household budget. Chris reflects on his experience while his wife gets ready to start a new job.

The Language of Parenting: The ‘Mine’ Field

When are your children ‘yours’, and when are they ‘ours’?

Celebrating Mother’s Day

With each new year comes renewed celebrations.  On our birthday, we celebrate the day we entered this world; on our anniversary, we remember our wedding or the day we met our partner; and on Mother’s Day, not only do we appreciate our mums for the sacrifices they made and the love they continue to give, but our own children remind us about the importance of being a parent…

Five Fab Family Holidays – That We’re Not Going On!

Seana Smith shares the top 5 holiday destinations on her holiday bucket list.

Packing Man Bags: The good side to food intolerances

Often a diagnosis of food intolerance in our children can be a cause of stress and worry, but as Chris reveals it isn’t all bad. Here he reflects on the positive ways it has impacted on their family.

Six Things Dad Should Do, and Mum Should Make (or Let) Them…

Darrell‘s list of the six things that he believes are the most important parts of being a good and hands-on Dad, and why Mum needs to let go sometimes.


by Sarah Some days just don’t go well. Some are so bad you just have to laugh. Then there are the ones that have people laughing when you tell them, only to exclaim, ‘”what, there’s more?!” when you are halfway through telling it. My girlfriends are still laughing.

Introducing Modern Cloth Nappies

When Chris’ wife convinced him that they should swap to cloth nappies, he had no idea that there was a thriving MCN community out there. Or that nappies could be called ‘pretty’.

Back to Work: One mum’s tale

“I recently returned to work, two days a week, after having my son almost 18 months ago. My return to work has been everything I expected it to be, and nothing like I expected it to be…”

Dads are Parents too

Fathers are often (unintentionally) forgotten when it comes to raising our children in today’s ‘mother’s world’ society, but they are equally as important in our little one’s lives. Darrell shares his thoughts and experiences as a hands-on Dad in today’s society, and why he thinks things need to change.

Packing Man Bags: The trip of a lifetime

Long distance travel is always hard with a toddler. Taking three planes and travelling halfway across the world is an accomplishment if you even consider it. In his latest blog, Chris shares how they did just that, and what he learned about his son and his parenting on the way.

Not now darling, mummy’s on facebook…

When did we start focusing more on our phones than our children?

10 things I have learned since having kids

10 things I was oblivious to in my child-free days

When I fell pregnant for the first time, I knew my life was going to change. When people told me that the change would be drastic I even believed them. Then the baby arrived and I realised that there was a whole new world of normal that I never knew existed. Here are ten of the things I had no idea about before having my kids.

Tips from a first time school mum

by Tanya
My eldest daughter Zoe started kindy in 2012, what a year!

Old before our time

I have recently discovered that the vast majority of my mummy friends and I are part of an oddly named club; one that suggests blue-rinsed hair-dos, zimmerframes, and dentures placed in glasses of water next to our beds at night…

What no-one tells you about being a first-time mum

It’s become a bit of a cliche, but it really is true that nothing prepares you for whirlwind that is motherhood, especially those first few months. Everything changes: your timetable, your identity, your hair… and it can come as a bit of a shock. Here are the five biggest lessons that I learnt.

The sound of speech – the ages and stages of children’s speech

Learning to communicate is a step by step process for all children, but many parents wonder if their children’s speech and language is developing normally. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, discusses the stages of speech development, the general pattern that most children follow, and when to seek help.

Baby Steps: Where is the Love?

When you are pregnant you can’t wait to meet the little bundle you have been carrying and nurturing and helping to grow, to fall in love at first sight… but what if it doesn’t happen?  describes how she struggled with her mummy-daughter bond and what it took to get it back.

Stages of Development by Age (12 months to 5 years)

Jan Jones lists the stages of development from 12 months to five years. She covers developmental milestones for skills such as fine, gross and social, as well as speech and language, and suggests ways to encourage development at home.

Hello 1

Learning to speak and listen – what to expect in the first five years

Many parents wonder if children’s language and listening skills are developing normally. While individual children develop their talking and listening skills at different rates, our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, reveals that there is a general pattern to children’s language development.

Essential skills for starting kindergarten

There are a number of skills that you child needs to have developed before they start school, and they might not be the ones you think! Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, discusses which skills you really should be working on (and worrying about).