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The one month old baby sleep routine - what to expect at four weeks old

Baby Development Milestones

What can you expect as your baby grows?  Baby Hints and Tips brings you expert information on baby development, milestones and the challenges you may face as your baby gets older.  We bring you expert information on baby developmental phases as well as insights from a quarter of a million mums who’ve been there before.  At Baby Hints and Tips we never judge; we just bring you all the facts you need to help make the best decisions for your little person.  Stages are as unique as your baby, we’ll help you get the most from every month.

When and How did you start teaching your baby NO?

How to Start Teaching your Baby NO?

Q&A: When would you/did you start gently teaching your baby no and how?

Dealing with a baby who wont be put down

Q&A: My 8 week old son wont let me put him down throughout the day. Any tips/ideas on how to solve this problem?

separation anxiety

Coping with Separation Anxiety in 6 month old

Q&A: I think my 6 month old DD has separation anxiety, she cries if she can’t see me in the room and when I put her to bed she wakes up as soon as I put her down even if she is fast asleep. Has anyone gone through this/got any ideas to help with this?


When to start Tummy Time

Q&A: I was just wondering when mum’s started to do tummy time with their bubs?


Encouraging Tummy Time

Q&A: What did you do to help encourage your baby during tummy time?

Helping Baby with a flat spot on head

Q&A: My 15 week old keeps sleeping on his back with his head facing the same side. I try and face his head the other way so he doesn’t get a flat spot but each night he just positions himself back on his favourite side. He is facing the wall he is next to in the bassinet so it’s not like he’s facing me in bed. Anyone else with the same problem? What did you do?

should my baby be sitting

Should my baby be sitting?

Q&A: Should I be worried that my 6 month old is not sitting by himself yet?

When did your baby start to crawl?

Q&A: When did your baby start to crawl?

When did your baby start crawling and walking?

Q&A: When did your child start crawling and/or walking.

Tips for managing your infants biting

Q&A: What is everyone’s experience with biting? My 10 month old has bitten me twice now when he’s really over excited jumping around and bites my shoulder…not sure if he will even understand if I say “no”…?

Bath time tips

Q&A: Hi my son used to love his bath, in fact would scream at bath time until you put him in. But now the complete opposite for the past week as soon as you put him in he screams uncontrollably until you take him out, any suggestions on how to make him like a bath again?

fourth trimester

Your baby in the fourth trimester

The 4th Trimester is the name given to the first three months of a new baby’s life. It refers to the idea that in many ways a newborn human baby is not ready for the world. Thinking of a new baby still as a foetus and treating them as such, has it’s benefits.

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication Advice

Has anyone tried elimination communication with your baby? Did it work and was it worth it?’

tummy time for babies

Tummy Time In Babies Video

Tummy time is an important activity which helps babies develop vital skills and muscles.

what age did your child meet milestones

Baby Milestones

Q&A: What age did your baby reach milestones like rolling, crawling, walking, sleeping through the night, first tooth etc?

parents helping baby development

Toy of the millennium – you!

There are just so many toys nowadays it makes the mind boggle. Well, here’s a little secret: you are the best toy for your baby. Let me explain how you help develop your baby’s brain.