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Breast Feeding Help For New Mums!

They tell you it’s the most natural thing in the world… and yet, so many mums have questions about breastfeeding their baby.  Not enough milk? Too much milk? Attachment, cluster feeding, expressing, mastitis weaning… breastfeeding can be a delight… and a challenge!

Baby Hints and Tips Approach To Breastfeeding Advice

We bring you expert advice and community tips from mums who’ve been there before.  We don’t judge and we totally understand what you’re going through.  Baby Hints and Tips is written by a team of experts and mums – led by a qualified, practising pharmacist.  We believe that the best advice for new mums is helpful and practical – not judgemental or sanctimonious.  We’re here to help.

Biting whilst Breastfeeding Help

Q&A: My lo is 9months and has started to bite me constantly. He has currently got an ear infection and is teething so he is VERY grumpy to say the least. he has been sleeping poorly at night so we are both exhausted! Its at the point now where I can’t hold him or bf without him biting me really hard (he will bite my arm, neck, shoulder etc anything he can get his mouth on). Was wondering if anyone could offer some tips on how to get through this difficult time as i am starting lose my patience especially when he is constantly hurting me. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated ladies!

Grandparents and Breastfeeding support

Are grandparents between a rock and a hard place when a baby arrives? Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC explains how they can be involved, without being in the way.

Partners – Can they help with breastfeeding?

Partners are keen to help but may be unsure of how to, especially if the mother is breastfeeding. If either or both the baby’s grandparents are helping with household chores and cooking, partners may feel further displaced about their role while at home. Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC provides some tips about how partners can be more involved with your newborn.

Multiple, Pre-term, Adoptive and Surrogate Babies and Relactating

It might surprise you to know that more women can breastfeed than those who are unable to (for whatever reason). We have the ability to produce enough breast milk for one or more babies at one time, adequately provide for a pre-term baby, potentially relactate after weaning and potentially induce lactation as an adoptive or surrogate mother.

Reasons to express breastmilk

Expressing breastmilk isn’t always easy, with many mums finding they can only express a small amount, or that it takes a long time to get the amount you need. Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC shares why expressing may be beneficial, and how you can tackle some of the common issues mums face.

Breastfeeding issues and the unexpected

Breastfeeding is the physiologically normal way to feed and nurture our babies. Without the opportunity to watch and learn at the fireside from our mothers and other women as our ancestors did, it’s understandable that unexpected outcomes and issues with breastfeeding and settling can bewilder many breastfeeding mothers.

Expressing breastmilk quicker

Q&A: I’m a ftm with 9 day old dd. I’m struggling with breast feeding, I’m expressing atm as she’s destroyed my nipples from not attaching properly. I find it takes me hrs to express. It’s an electric advent, I aim to get 70ml for her feeds, this can take from 45min to 2 hrs. My breasts seem very full, and have tried expressing at different times of the day, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Does any mums out there have n e suggestions on how to speed up the expressing process please as it’s all I seem to b doing atm, I’ve also got some formula as sometimes I just can’t keep up with her feeds.

Baby’s Arrival – How breastfeeding myths can affect you and your baby

The arrival of your new baby is an exciting and joyous event but it often comes with many people offering advice about breastfeeding. Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC explores two common myths about breastfeeding that are often offered as ‘advice’.

Lactation Cookie Recipe

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a good lactation cookie recipe and if they can be frozen (either cooked or uncooked). I’d like to make some …

Foods to avoid when Breastfeeding

Q&A: Were there any foods you had to avoid while breastfeeding? How did you handle the restrictions when you were out and about?

breastfeeding journey

Ria’s Breastfeeding Story

Ria shares her amazing breastfeeding story – infection, mastitis, abscess, and her son is only five months old!

I’m on empty! I need more milk!… Or do I?

Expert Tips: Lactation consultant shares tips on how to know if you have low milk supply and how to increase milk supply

When does breastfeeding become easier?

Q&A: Hi there, just wanted to know how long it takes for breastfeeding to feel ‘normal’? I have had so many issues including cracked and blistered nipples, thrush, vascospasm, red and inflamed nipples. I have fixed my bubs attachment. Bub will be 6 weeks on Monday and I just want it all to get better!!!

Dealing with low supply

Q&A: My son is 11 weeks old I’m breast feeding and in the last couple of days I haven’t been feeling my breasts fill up like normal, usually they noticeably fill up! He has been feeding more often since yesterday, I’m guessing that is just another growth spurt but it has been a couple of days that I have noticed them not filling up so I know it’s not due to him feeding more often. So what I’m wondering Is, is my milk supply getting low? Has this happened to anyone else?

preventing mastitis

Preventing mastitis

Q&A: Tips to avoid mastitis with my second baby?

Helpful Tips for Breastfeeding

Parent Tips: Helpful Hints for Breastfeeding

Best tips for Feeding your baby

Parent Tips: Describe the best tip you have for feeding your baby.

drying up milk supply

Drying up milk supply

Q&A: Help!! I have decided to stop breast feeding. Now im really sore I have been expressing when I can but I had to go out today so it hasnt been done much! My question is what can I do to help with the pain and to stop my milk production?

Exposing the myths behind breastfeeding

There is so much talk about breastfeeding and its benefits, and there is just as much said against it. It’s easy to become confused and not know what’s true and what’s not. Here are 5 breastfeeding myths exposed.

Breastfeeding tips

Breastfeeding is natural so it should be easy right? For some women it does come very naturally but for the majority it is a skill that needs to be learned. Not so much by the baby as it is instinctive to them, but by the mother.