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Love to Dream Swaddle or Ergo Cocoon?

Are you trying to find the best sleeping bag for your baby?  Our community share their opinions on if they prefer the Love to Dream Swaddle or Ergo Cocoon.

About the Ergopouch Cocoon Ergopouch Cocoon

  • TOG rated fabric
  • Made from and filled with organic cotton, with a touch of elastane for stretchy movement to support healthy growth.
  • The soft, breathable organic cotton and bamboo is certified non-toxic, dyed with water based dyes, and gentle on newborn skin, and skin prone to eczema breakouts.
  • A zip enclosure your child’s skin
  • Arm poppers transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag
  • Certified hip healthy design
  • Two-way zipper for easy overnight nappy changes

About the Love to Dream Swaddle

love to dream swaddle

  • Patented wings allow natural upward arm position
  • TOG  rated fabric
  • Certified hip-healthy design
  • Two-way zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Available in 4 sizes: Newborn, Small, Medium & Large
  • Fabric content: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
  • Single layer of fabric to reduce risk of overheating
  • Easy care design: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly

Community question Love to Dream Swaddle or Ergo Cocoon:

I’m expecting soon and I’m wondering what people’s opinions on either the ergo cocoon or love to dream swaddle is best for a new born. Should I buy both? Thanks

  • Love to dream swaddle all the way! Jenny
  • I stick to the Halo swaddles as they are endorsed by the Hip Dysplasia Institute. Ergo Cocoon MAY be but I know a lot of the Love to Dream ones are terrible for hips Nat
  • I’m having my fourth and when I asked the pediatrician about these new swaddling bags and techniques he was very against them and said it is unnatural to pin arms up for extended amounts of time and can cause problems and that a bunny rug wrap is still the preferred method so I will be doing that as I did with the first three. Costs a lot less too Michelle
  • Please please please do not buy either swaddles…they aren’t hip friendly at all they force the legs together instead of the the legs falling out to the natural frog leg position. Yes, I’m sure plenty of babies are fine but that doesn’t negate the risk to your baby. My youngest has hip dysplasia, a journey I wouldn’t wish on any child. The Halo Sleep Sack and the Ergo Swaddler (not to be confused with the ergo cocoon/pouch) are much better options for you baby’s developing hips Vanessa
  • Neither. Get something like sleepy wings that allow full movement of the legs. Tight swaddling is not good for hips and can contribute to or exacerbate hip dysplasia Alicia
  • We use the Ergo cocoon. Our little girl loves it, I don’t no how I’m going to get her out of it! Alyce
  • I used the Ergo cocoon and it was great. From about 3 months I had to start letting my bubs arms out as he would roll in his cot and with the press studs I didn’t need to buy a new bag Beth
  • Ergo cocoon definitely! I tried both and the ergo cocoon gives you options when the time comes to unswaddle my daughter loved them Bree
  • I switch between the 2 as well! Although I do prefer the Ergo cocoon as the poppers make it easier for night feeds as I can just pop out my little mans arms yet he still stays covered! I find when I unzip the love to dream to get his arms out there’s more excess fabric to deal with when feeding! He sleeps well in both! Amanda
  • I’ve used both. My little man hated the Ergo cocoon as he likes sleeping with his hands up so we changed over to the love to swaddle. It makes it so hard to prepare in advance but it really depends on what they like. Alana
  • I used both. I began with the cocoon and then swapped over to the Love to Dream when she was 4 weeks old. She loved both. I stopped using Love to Dream at 8 weeks Laurise
  • I have only used the Ergo Cocoon but I love it. When I used to swaddle my now 5 month old with a wrap, he’d fight and cry. He likes to be able to move his arms around inside the wrap but doesn’t hit himself and wake himself up. When I put it on he knows it’s bed time, we have a cuddle and then he goes into his cot and settles himself usually. Anastasia
  • I loved the Ergo Cocoon they are great my daughter used them up until she was about 9 months Ellen
  • I’ve tried both. My daughter wasn’t a fan of the Love to Dream swaddle but loves her Ergo Cocoon. I have her sleeping with only one arm swaddled at the moment as she’s starting to roll. Liz
  • We have both but my 7 week old prefers the love to dream. He likes to have his arms up near his face. Kylie
  • We have both but much prefer the ergo cocoon as they come in different togs. We are currently using the 2.5tog and love it as we don’t need any blankets and it can be used as a sleeping bag once she is comfortable with her arms out. Jayde
  • I used the Ergo cocoon with my daughter and I loved it! Kept her swaddled but allowed her to move around and get comfy. Plus the double ended zipper was really handy for nappy changes. Jess
  • I personally recommend the love to dream swaddle as it’s better for baby’s shoulders. The ergo cocoon holds their arms close and they can’t stretch them and this isn’t the natural position for their arms. The Love To Dream swaddles ensure baby’s arms are in the natural sleeping position Love
  • I have both & prefer the love to dream swaddle, my newborn always managed to get her hands peaking out under her chin with the ergo cocoon, love the love to dream swaddle, my daughter stayed in it till she was about 7 months Tamarah
  • I have purchased both for bub due any day now. Just picked them up second hand on eBay rather than brand new. They are in awesome condition! Kylie
  • Love to dream swaddles are great and my son slept better in them as he liked his arms up. I buy all mine second hand as they do grow out of them quickly and u don’t want them too tight around the hips. Guess you could buy both ( second hand) and see. Emily
  • Love to swaddle. Sarah
  • My son loved the Ergo cocoon and it was the only thing that worked for us but my niece and nephews when they were babies and all my friends babies hated it. I think it depends on the baby as the ergo is definitely more restricting for movement. id buy one of each and see which one your baby likes best Steph
  • Love to dream are excellent. Reneez
  • I had both. LTD Swaddle is great if bub prefers to sleep with arms up. Cocoon is good for transitioning out of swaddling, can open one arm hole & keep the other in for a few nights/week or so, before letting the 2nd one out – it is also firmer around the body than the LTD Swaddle, which when transitioning allows bub to still feel swaddled, if that makes sense. Debbie
  • the ergo was my saviour! Used every day with both my boys and now little one is using the ergo bags, so warm and snug! Amazing quality! Melanie
  • I put my daughter in an Ergo sleeping bag (hybrid one with the arm poppers) when she was about 2 months old as she kept kicking her blanket off. She sleeps very well in it & easy for nappy changes too Kylie
  • My bub loves her love to dream swaddle! Ash
  • I had the ergo cocoon air and i found it hard to get baby in and out of, Paid about $40 and it was a waste. They now have one with a zip which would be much easier! (see below link) But for the above reason I gave up on mine and loved the love to dream swaddles. I think if I had the zip up ergo I would have preferred the ergo. Sheri
  • I used both started with the cocoon as they still tend to startle early when their arms are up then at about 4 or 5 weeks I swapped to the love to dream on cold nights I would put the Ergopouch on over top as the love to dream isn’t very thick Kirstan
  • Yep – depends on your baby but mine love love loves the love to dream swaddle. Horrible sleeper until I put her in that!! Saved my life lol. Get a second hand one of each so you can see what bub likes best. Stacey
  • It depends totally on the baby, some like to sleep with arms up so the love to dream is prefect, others like to be wrapped snuggle with arms down so ergo cocoon suits Emily
  • I’ve had my girls in love to dream as soon as they were big enough… They slept a lot better once I did. Emma
  • I’ve only used the Love to Dream swaddles… my 1st born boy loved his, so much he was in them until he was 7 months old. My second baby boy… 13 weeks old – loves his also. Jodie

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