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All-In-One Melobaby Nappy Wallet – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

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About the All-In-One Melobaby Nappy Wallet

(I received the All-In-One Melobaby Nappy Wallet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $64.95

Style: Clutch / Nappy Wallet Insert

Size: 17cm (H) x 25.5cm (W) x 3.5cm (D). The soft fleece mat is 50cm x 30cm.

Available colours: Love Deep Blue, Chevron (different colours), Black.

Material: The Nappy Wallet is made from wax coated nylon. The included soft fleece mat is made from coral hair and nylon polyester.

Zippers: There is only one zipped (mesh) compartment on the inside of the nappy wallet. It is held closed with a magnetic clasp.

Pockets: This Nappy Wallet has a pocket on the back (with an included clear plastic wipes case). Once opened, it has 4 pockets (one of which is a mesh, zipped pocket).

Washability: The Soft Fleece mat (insert) can be machine washed. The Nappy Wallet can be wiped clean with soapy water.

Other Features: This Nappy Wallet includes a clear plastic wipes case, and overall opens up to become a change mat. The overall nappy wallet and the change mat are held together with magnetic clasps.

Where you can get it from: The Navy Chevron Melobaby Nappy Wallet can be ordered from the Fertile Mind Website (now available Amazon as of 2020).

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Review of the All-In-One Melobaby Nappy Wallet (Navy Chevron) Nappy Bag


The All-In-OneMelobaby Nappy Wallet has been designed with simplicity and convenience at the forefront. The Navy Chevron design is on-trend, spanning through the entire Nappy Wallet material. This wallet is compact in size, which makes it the perfect accessory for any handbag or tote you already have. This nappy Wallet was designed for mothers who don’t want to carry around a big nappy bag, but want to carry the essentials for their newborns with them.

This Nappy Wallet has 4 interior and 1 exterior pocket (which holds the clear plastic baby wipes case), and can hold 3 nappies, a newborn outfit, the baby wipes, a couple of disposable bags and a nappy cream. The All-In-One wallet folds out into a change mat (which is incredibly soft, my favourite by far!), making on-the-go changes a lot simpler.

Melobaby Nappy Wallet 2


TheMelobaby Nappy Wallet has a carry handle, making it easy to transport if you are going on a short outing and want to take the wallet by itself. However the All-In-One was designed to fit into a normal handbag, so does not come with extra handles or accessories. It is lightweight when carried by hand or as a clutch, and also doesn’t add extra weight to any bag it is carried in.

While it doesn’t come with stroller straps, it is of course extremely compact and will easily fit under the pram. The All-In-One would be a perfect edition for any short outing, even a walk to the local shops, when you want to take the essentials just in case they are needed.

This Nappy Wallet of course only packs the bare minimum of essentials – a couple of nappies, baby wipes, disposable bags, and a couple of creams/lotions if needed. It really is best for mothers who wish to use a different bag or only want to carry a minimal amount of items. In fact, the All-In-One is the perfect practical accessory for mums who want no-fuss when it comes to packing or changing their baby.

The best thing about the nappy wallet is the way it folds open into a change mat (with the beautiful soft fleece fabric). However, the pockets used for your items folds up under the mat, meaning any bulky items you may have in the wallet (a nappy cream or lotion, for example), would be sitting up under your baby as you’re changing them. This requires removing or shifting products, which can be a hassle. On a positive note, the change mat is easily removed via magnetic clasps, which is not only great for cleaning purposes, but allows for the mat to be moved up or down as your baby grows in size.

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Many mothers I know prefer not to have a Nappy Bag as they are expensive, and can be a lot more hassle than they’re worth. TheMelobaby Nappy Wallet provides the perfect solution to this problem, allowing mothers to carry around their essentials for changing their baby while using a different handbag (or no bag at all!). For what it is, the price might be a bit steep; however if you are looking for a practical and convenient option for baby care, this is your nappy bag (or wallet).

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Stand Out Features:

  • The Melobaby Nappy Wallet is convenient and practical in its design.
  • Folds out into a change mat, making it easy to use.
  • Soft, fleece change mat – simply stunning (by far my favourite), and easy to clean.
  • Easily fits into a previous handbag, taking the fuss out of Nappy Bags.
  • Magnetic clasps are used to hold the wallet closed, as well as to position the change mat.


  • Only fits the bare essentials in baby changing/care. If you’re wanting anything more than that, you may need to look into a Nappy Bag.
  • When the Melobaby Nappy Wallet folds open as a change mat, the pockets used are underneath – which may be uncomfortable for bub if they are lying on a tube of Sudocrem!

Melobaby Nappy Wallet

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