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Vanchi “Tuscan Bowler” – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

Vanchi Nappy Bag 5

About the Vanchi Nappy Bag

(I previously owned the Vanchi Nappy Bag, but included it in the review to provide more options for readers. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $189.95

Style: Handbag + Shoulder/Messenger Bag (Crossbody)

Size: 35cm (H) x 43cm (W) x19cm (D)

Available colours: Tan, Black

Material: Nu Leather Outer and water-resistant lining.

Zippers: There are 5 exterior zippers (3 for main compartments, 1 at the front and 1 at the back); and 1 interior zipper in the middle/main compartment.

Pockets: Altogether there are 11 pockets. There are 6 external pockets (there is a pouch on top of the 5 zipped sections), and internally there are 4 pouches in the main compartment as well as the zipped section. 

Washability: Unknown

Other Features: The Vanchi Tuscan Bowler bag comes with a range of inclusions including a change mat (with waterproof lining), insulated bottle holder, long shoulder strap/pram strap, a dummy/snack holder OR a plastic baby wipe container, a clear wet pack and the Vanchi Dummy Charm.

Where you can get it from: The Tuscan Bowlder Nappy Bag can be ordered from Vanchi Website.

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Review of the Vanchi “Tuscan Bowler” (Tan) Nappy Bag

I did not receive the Vanchi Tuscan Bowler Bag for the purpose of this review – I received it for my Baby Shower and it has served me well for the last 10 months. I wanted to include it in this review as another option of nappy bag that new mums should know about. I hope you enjoy my review below.


The “Tuscan Bowler” Nappy Bag from Vanchi is a gorgeous combination of style and class. It is a large, semi-circle shape and comes in a stunning tan colour (which is one of my favourites for handbags). It is the perfect Nappy Bag for new mums who are looking for a handbag style with a practical nature, which is exactly the guidance I gave to my cousin in choosing one for me for my baby shower.

This Vanchi Nappy Bag has the most compartments and pockets by far, with 11 sections in the bag altogether. It has 3 main compartments as well as 3 smaller pockets on the exterior (two of which are zipped, and I never used in 10 months of using it). Despite having 3 large compartments, I found that the main section is definitely the biggest; the back section is a lot thinner and suited more to the change mat and change of clothes.

Vanchi Nappy Bag 4Vanchi Nappy Bag 2


I have always used this Vanchi Nappy Bag as a handbag, and while I really did love this bag, at times it was difficult to carry this bag along with my (very heavy) son. Due to its size, I also couldn’t fit it underneath my pram until recently (when I got a bigger pram), and I didn’t realise I had stroller straps until writing this review!

What I did love about this Nappy Bag, and found hard to replicate with other bags in the review, is that the “Tuscan Bowler” had separate sections where I could organise and store my belongings. I had a system. The front main compartment had my valuables and easy-to-grab items, such as my son’s lunchbox, sunhat, toys, or sunglasses. The middle section had the majority of the nappy changing gear – nappies, baby wipes, disposable bags, and hand sanitizer. In the rear compartment I was able to keep the change mat and a spare change of clothes (and in the early days, a nursing cover). I really had my bag set up neatly and I liked having it organised. It fit everything I need it to due to its large size, and so culling back for other bags has proved a struggle.

Vanchi Nappy Bag 3


As my first Nappy Bag, which I used with my newborn son up until he was almost 1, I do love this Vanchi nappy bag. It helped me to feel organised and prepared on our outings, especially early on when I struggled with anxiety. However it was also difficult to carry around when it got extra bulky, and without stroller straps or large pram space, sometimes it was heavy and awkward to carry. Overall, if you’re looking for a practical, handbag (stylish) bag that will fit lots of your belongings, the Vanchi “Tuscan Bowler” is a great option.

Vanchi Nappy Bag 6

Stand Out Features:

  • Perfect blend of stylish handbag and practical Nappy Bag.
  • The Vanchi Nappy Bag has lots of pockets, pouches, and particularly large compartments to help you organise your bag.
  • Large enough to fit everything you would need to take out with you.
  • It comes with a large variety of extras to help with your baby including a changing mat (with waterproof lining), insulated bottle holder, snack holder (or plastic baby wipes case), clear wet pack, and a Vanchi Dummy Charm.


  • It is large and bulky – especially as a handbag – and can be awkward and difficult to carry at times (unless you have a pram with a large space underneath or stroller straps).

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